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WE have become radical. Sanders has stayed the same. DirkGently Nov 2015 #1
heh heh -- you're being too kind -- i told that James Madison Institute jackass that nashville_brook Nov 2015 #15
reform vs revolutionary -- it's what the RW has wrought nashville_brook Nov 2015 #23
I can tell by the vitriol from people not supporting Sanders how scared they really Fawke Em Nov 2015 #2
yep, it's beyond just him being a primary threat - he threatens the status quo nashville_brook Nov 2015 #4
+1 daleanime Nov 2015 #7
Insecurity is as important as inequality starroute Nov 2015 #3
Add to that the hyper-partisanship used to distract us and get us pointing the finger at Dustlawyer Nov 2015 #5
Very well stated, starroute FlatBaroque Nov 2015 #13
Most people are asleep starroute Nov 2015 #18
i have to respond to this tomorrow nashville_brook Nov 2015 #20
we must stop replacing the interests of people with the interests of money nashville_brook Nov 2015 #27
Thanks for this great post Nashville_brook, and great article! sorechasm Nov 2015 #54
^ This is a critical point! n/t DirkGently Nov 2015 #28
"Heís signaling that the social contract has been broken, and itís our responsibility to fix it." Luminous Animal Nov 2015 #6
Indeed, it cannot be done any other way Demeter Nov 2015 #9
+1 nashville_brook Nov 2015 #21
it's called a social contract for a reason :) nashville_brook Nov 2015 #10
We thought we were being called into service in 2008.. FlatBaroque Nov 2015 #14
yeppers. such a missed opportunity. nashville_brook Nov 2015 #16
Such a critical point. Neither Sanders nor anyone else DirkGently Nov 2015 #11
The only way it can be done, LWolf Nov 2015 #24
BTW if you Google man in the high castle pdf you can read it for free Doctor_J Nov 2015 #8
people might not know if you have Prime Amazon, Man in the High Castle is Free streaming nashville_brook Nov 2015 #22
Amazon's streaming video of The Man In the High Castle is remarkable. hedda_foil Nov 2015 #26
I have Amazon Prime Spirochete Nov 2015 #35
Thank you so much reading it now Ichingcarpenter Nov 2015 #30
Youtube The Man in the High Castle by Philip K Dick Audiobook Full Ichingcarpenter Nov 2015 #45
every one should read w0nderer Nov 2015 #12
it' a thought that's always in the back of my mind nashville_brook Nov 2015 #25
Long time ago w0nderer Nov 2015 #34
thankyou for this! gosh, i wonder if civics is taught anymore. nashville_brook Nov 2015 #39
sad isn't it w0nderer Nov 2015 #41
HUGE K & R !!! - Thank You !!! WillyT Nov 2015 #17
Kicked and recommended to the Max! Enthusiast Nov 2015 #19
K&R Babel_17 Nov 2015 #29
totally checking this out! nashville_brook Nov 2015 #31
Ask me again after Mercerism/Dudeism becomes a thing. :) Babel_17 Nov 2015 #32
DURec. bvar22 Nov 2015 #33
A better world is not unimaginable Babel_17 Nov 2015 #36
"the ideal could be made real." DirkGently Nov 2015 #38
That's the second most important thing! Utopian Leftist Nov 2015 #37
Is that satire...? AOR Nov 2015 #40
Not satire, fact. Utopian Leftist Nov 2015 #43
That's very sad that it's not satire... AOR Nov 2015 #44
You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. Utopian Leftist Nov 2015 #46
I think you already know what's incorrect in your thinking... AOR Nov 2015 #49
Wow. Great article. I hope we can fix this mess. jwirr Nov 2015 #42
me too. thanks! nashville_brook Nov 2015 #48
Thank you silenttigersong Nov 2015 #47
Thank you! burrowowl Nov 2015 #50
i'm simply fascinating by him. i love scifi, and especially love his take on it... nashville_brook Nov 2015 #52
Me too. P K Dick showed incredible foresight as he unraveled his deep neurotic tales. sorechasm Nov 2015 #53
Bookmarking for later, thanks! n/t slipslidingaway Nov 2015 #51
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