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Yep, but she's afraid to participate in the moveon.org forum. Not very presidential. rhett o rick Nov 2015 #1
Too busy. She has so much to do to prepare for the general election. bravenak Nov 2015 #3
Yep, hide from her opponents. One has to admire the audacity. nm rhett o rick Nov 2015 #15
She will go after our REAL ENEMIES. bravenak Nov 2015 #17
Our real enemies are those in the 1% that are corrupting our government by buying politicians. rhett o rick Nov 2015 #20
No my enemies. bravenak Nov 2015 #21
" I am not interested in punishing the rich through a tax war." DonCoquixote Nov 2015 #35
For 40 years they have been systematically changing laws to make them imune from paying rhett o rick Nov 2015 #40
She is hiding from the voters AgingAmerican Nov 2015 #52
Out of the three candidates two are Democrats, one is a converted independent Thinkingabout Nov 2015 #54
He handed them the MIC in Seattle AgingAmerican Nov 2015 #60
The general election is a year out AgingAmerican Nov 2015 #51
Afraid? And you know this how? Sure she didn't have a better offer? I suspect that was the case. MADem Nov 2015 #27
Kim Kardashian and 50 Cent. You know--intellectuals! nt Romulox Nov 2015 #2
And many MORE. I see you left them out. bravenak Nov 2015 #4
They're almost all flakes. Kanye is the only you listed that I respect. nt Romulox Nov 2015 #5
I like Pharell. bravenak Nov 2015 #6
Pop lightweight. Also a plagiarizer. nt Romulox Nov 2015 #7
True. Awesome dancer. bravenak Nov 2015 #9
I'll take Bette's endorsement of Puglover Nov 2015 #8
Celebrities. Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 840high Nov 2015 #42
And Cher ... don't forget Cher! <3 NurseJackie Nov 2015 #10
! bravenak Nov 2015 #11
Can't forget Cher! Cha Nov 2015 #34
She also kills it in the phony supporter endorsement game. bobbobbins01 Nov 2015 #12
Real vote tho. That vote is real as yours. bravenak Nov 2015 #13
Phony endorsments is too kind SwampG8r Nov 2015 #36
She needs them. Wall Street alone won't do it. immoderate Nov 2015 #14
She also has the endorsements from the executives (and spouses) at Citigroup, Goldman-Sachs, rhett o rick Nov 2015 #19
And scores upon scores of Congressional Democrats and other elected officials. oasis Nov 2015 #25
And Unions ismnotwasm Nov 2015 #38
Yes, that are afraid to take a chance on freedom. Afraid that the Establishment will punish them. rhett o rick Nov 2015 #39
Beats fifteen year olds on the internet...they can write all kinds of stuff online, but they're just MADem Nov 2015 #30
"Game" and "Killing" Ron Green Nov 2015 #16
Also "Winning" bravenak Nov 2015 #18
Pharell and Snoop bravenak Nov 2015 #22
Pharell and Snoop are Happy and they support Hillary! John Lewis Dancin' to Happy! Cha Nov 2015 #43
Robert DeNiro.. Going for the substance! Cha Nov 2015 #23
I'm not finished.. Padma got on board early.. Cha Nov 2015 #24
Jeffrey Wright.. Cha Nov 2015 #26
meaningless. nt grasswire Nov 2015 #28
America Ferrera Cha Nov 2015 #29
Don't forget Magic! BootinUp Nov 2015 #31
Yeah, Magic, baby! Cha Nov 2015 #33
ah, The Magic. thanks riversedge Nov 2015 #46
Not "meaningless".. yeah, it's only worthy if someone endorses BS. Jesse Tyler Ferguson4Hill! Cha Nov 2015 #32
Damn there's some tension going on in this thread ismnotwasm Nov 2015 #37
Geez, no kidding. lovemydog Nov 2015 #41
Or get it on like John Lewis.. another Hillary supporter dancin' to Pharell's Happy~ Cha Nov 2015 #44
Thank you Cha. lovemydog Nov 2015 #48
They need to get with it.. like John Lewis.. Cha Nov 2015 #45
Oh I love that one! ismnotwasm Nov 2015 #49
Did You Catch THIS: WillyT Nov 2015 #47
REC riversedge Nov 2015 #50
Endorsements by celebrities dont matter moobu2 Nov 2015 #53
Thatīs all Clinton supports have, endorsements. coyote Nov 2015 #55
Why don't you argue with Bernie Sanders instead? BootinUp Nov 2015 #58
Excellent response. Very nice, indeed! NurseJackie Nov 2015 #59
Crickets? There are several replies! lunamagica Nov 2015 #61
Don't forget George Clooney lunamagica Nov 2015 #56
These are nice endorsements Gothmog Nov 2015 #57
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