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2. Neoliberal economics will lead to the death of mankind
Thu Dec 3, 2015, 12:39 PM
Dec 2015

Clintonian economics must be stopped, arrested, and reversed if there is any chance for our civilization to respond to the coming crisis'.

Clinton emails include telling exchanges about coup that toppled leftist President Manuel Zeylaya Cheese Sandwich Dec 2015 #1
Neoliberal economics will lead to the death of mankind FlatBaroque Dec 2015 #2
We still treat Central America like we did 100 years ago... shameful. reformist2 Dec 2015 #11
Bill did exactly the same thing to Aristide in '96. leveymg Dec 2015 #27
More baseless smears MaggieD Dec 2015 #3
Wow you're just like denying reality and evidence that is right in front of you Cheese Sandwich Dec 2015 #4
The overall pro-Kissinger tone of her very own book should cause truedelphi Dec 2015 #29
Kicking to piss off the right people. n/t hootinholler Dec 2015 #5
Here, let me show you how much difference this will make Godhumor Dec 2015 #6
Yes. Cheese Sandwich Dec 2015 #36
So, she asked a question moobu2 Dec 2015 #7
It was a lot more than that Cheese Sandwich Dec 2015 #12
Fox News always refers to her as "Mrs. Clinton." yardwork Dec 2015 #8
You should consider watching less Fox News FlatBaroque Dec 2015 #13
But then I wouldn't recognize the source of so much posted on DU. yardwork Dec 2015 #17
and? nt restorefreedom Dec 2015 #30
Clinton's pant suits are apparently enough eliminate her nomination. Sheepshank Dec 2015 #9
.. Cheese Sandwich Dec 2015 #14
K & R AzDar Dec 2015 #15
Add to that reason: mylye2222 Dec 2015 #16
Interesting that Hillary & Obama were so far apart on this issue. senz Dec 2015 #18
No madokie Dec 2015 #25
The number of people who care about this MineralMan Dec 2015 #19
That's not exactly a great metric. Wilms Dec 2015 #20
In terms of the campaign, it is a MineralMan Dec 2015 #21
And of morality? Wilms Dec 2015 #22
I didn't follow that situation at all. MineralMan Dec 2015 #23
Then the OP is for you! Wilms Dec 2015 #24
Tacit dismissal due to American ignorance of foreign policy? Come on..... think Dec 2015 #26
No. Dismissal because it will have no effect on the MineralMan Dec 2015 #33
It gets a little tricky down there Cheese Sandwich Dec 2015 #35
It's one of many reasons she's unfit for the office. K&R Tierra_y_Libertad Dec 2015 #28
K and R (nt) bigwillq Dec 2015 #31
sweatshops, child labor and sexual slavery reddread Dec 2015 #32
Meh. the supporters have blocked out her similarities to Kissinger Doctor_J Dec 2015 #34
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