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2016 Postmortem

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Wow... Hepburn Dec 2015 #1
I would seriously question being on Trump's side. JaneyVee Dec 2015 #2
Thanks, just won my bet with myself. msrizzo Dec 2015 #3
It's the obvious conclusion from your post... Hepburn Dec 2015 #5
Is snark against the law? nt msrizzo Dec 2015 #11
Only if you support Bernie and not Hillary. Hepburn Dec 2015 #17
Who is HRH? msrizzo Dec 2015 #21
Seems like a lot of things are incomprehensible to you. Hepburn Dec 2015 #24
This is true. msrizzo Dec 2015 #27
No one said you were bad...however, have you considered evolving? n/t Hepburn Dec 2015 #30
I'm not a Lamarckian. msrizzo Dec 2015 #34
May be able to influence the genetic disposition within some limits, but pass on the changes? Hepburn Dec 2015 #35
It's not my goal to change into a Bernie supporter at the moment. msrizzo Dec 2015 #36
Not my goal to ever for any reason support a DINO. Hepburn Dec 2015 #40
All kidding aside. msrizzo Dec 2015 #42
Thanks and same to you! Hepburn Dec 2015 #50
So you think Hillary would treestar Dec 2015 #49
If she thought it would help her win, of course she would AgingAmerican Dec 2015 #63
Now you're getting absurd treestar Dec 2015 #72
And thank you for proving my point re: pride > winning :) LettuceSea Dec 2015 #20
If "the Donald" (retch) tells me the sky is blue I'm putting on my rainboots. Codeine Dec 2015 #55
Truth hurts even if it comes from an asshole like tRump. Hepburn Dec 2015 #56
amazing, isn't it? nt restorefreedom Dec 2015 #60
And that means what? last1standing Dec 2015 #4
It means whatever you want it to mean. msrizzo Dec 2015 #7
So you're just using a vague innuendo to smear a progressive. last1standing Dec 2015 #13
Look, have it your way. msrizzo Dec 2015 #18
Geez, what an ingrate - after Hillary went to his wedding, too! CharlotteVale Dec 2015 #6
Nice, that wasn't a reply I was expecting. msrizzo Dec 2015 #8
People who have actual lives FlatBaroque Dec 2015 #25
Whenever Trump and Clinton go after each other... CharlotteVale Dec 2015 #41
I bet Bernie UglyGreed Dec 2015 #12
but only one of his weddings rurallib Dec 2015 #15
She didn't get him anything..... Historic NY Dec 2015 #19
That picture disgusts me. She's got this look of admiration LettuceSea Dec 2015 #26
It's the quintessential Hillary portrait. CharlotteVale Dec 2015 #33
Oooooh--an invitation by a prominent NYer to a sitting senator and spouse to that person's wedding! MADem Dec 2015 #51
You can't spin away this photo. But your efforts are amusing. CharlotteVale Dec 2015 #52
I just did. Thanks for playing, nt MADem Dec 2015 #53
Nah. You just protested too much because that adoring look speaks for itself. CharlotteVale Dec 2015 #54
I think protesting too much is what you're doing, right now. nt MADem Dec 2015 #57
You didn't have to "spin" it.. you laid out the facts and they can agree.. hey that makes sense.. Or Cha Dec 2015 #70
Birds of a feather mwrguy Dec 2015 #9
Trump breathes air as well, and so does Bernie NightWatcher Dec 2015 #10
OMG!! reformist2 Dec 2015 #14
No way. Color me surprised. Lol. Priceless. Nt. seabeyond Dec 2015 #16
Even a blind pig can recognize a truffle Proserpina Dec 2015 #22
Post removed Post removed Dec 2015 #71
Of course he does! workinclasszero Dec 2015 #23
Yep. +1 grossproffit Dec 2015 #28
Very workinclasszero Dec 2015 #47
Post removed Post removed Dec 2015 #29
I was just on a jury for this post. Quackers Dec 2015 #69
rnc statement elana i am Dec 2015 #31
Either the RNC is reading Bernie Underground LuvLoogie Dec 2015 #38
Trump must REALLY be afraid of going up against Hillary. NurseJackie Dec 2015 #32
He's peacock feathers are just a shakin'.. here with his mutual admiration society.. Cha Dec 2015 #68
He also believes ejbr Dec 2015 #37
I can see it now, Trump v Sanders for president MohRokTah Dec 2015 #39
What should be most disturbing is that neither is from the traditional 2-party system. libdem4life Dec 2015 #59
The ony way to have a parliamentary form of government would be to remove the electoral college. MohRokTah Dec 2015 #61
Yes, I know. But that was then. The Constitution has been amended. The people still have libdem4life Dec 2015 #62
I disagree with your assessment of the parties MohRokTah Dec 2015 #64
Well I hope not but the political parties are losing infuence libdem4life Dec 2015 #73
Putins lap dog has spoken. Lol. Nt NCTraveler Dec 2015 #43
He's stirring the pot. And people are foolish enough to fall for it Fearless Dec 2015 #44
Well thats one way to UNITE the Democratic Party Iliyah Dec 2015 #45
and lookee here: FOX headline parrots the prevailing DU defense bigtree Dec 2015 #46
What does the Trumpenfuerhrer even mean? treestar Dec 2015 #48
Trump likes Putin and Sanders, it seems... Gloria Dec 2015 #58
Oh, trump is proud as gd peacock that putin complimented him.. aren't they adorable? Cha Dec 2015 #67
Oh God, this just keeps getting worse... Number23 Dec 2015 #65
Brawaaaa .. trump hates Hillary and creates a stupid scenario that bc bernie's team Sabotaged Cha Dec 2015 #66
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