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56. Stepping in gently
Tue Dec 22, 2015, 10:34 AM
Dec 2015

Those black DUers who have been indentified as house 'n-words' by a member at Jackpine Radical on twitter -

We aren't anti semites. You can find quite a few of my posts giving my heritage where I make clear that I have direct relations who are/were Jewish. As well - I'm counted on by a few folks to stand up and clearly call b.s. on blatant anti-semitism posts that survive juries at DU.

SOME - SOME of us - black folks - found Manny to be a 'pat the negro on the head and tell them what they are supposed to be concerned about' type of person. This goes back a few years ago this February (black history month).

Doesn't make him a blatant bigot - just . . . it's not anti semitism in some quarters. He earned being not liked or dislike - just - dismissed as an 'online persona'. Not too this, not too that.

He offended in a big way, never apologized, and so a lot of folks had him in their personal trash pile for a few years (predating the Hillary Clinton Supporters site). Just not someone we'd ever have in our homes because he would be expecting fried chicken and watermelon and be upset at grilled chilean sea bass and arugula salad. No point in inviting him. Right?

I just want to make clear - my personal dismissal of him - had nothing to do with his religion. I don't have it in me to think like that - let alone make jokes about someone's race or religion with snide, vicious little stereotype and 'don't be such ninnies' type language.

Is it possible there IS some anti semitism involved?

You betcha.

There are some sick blatant anti-semites on this site - but if I point them out . . . not good. I put that in the same bucket as accusing someone of being a racist. For the record - bravenak said someone's words were racist, got a hide, and Skinner supported it (the hide) and the person she justly accused of this language survived here for a few more years.

I just don't think blaming it on a spinoff site when juries at DU have allowed it to occur and stand - is something I agree with.

oy - k/r 840high Dec 2015 #1
This message was self-deleted by its author NuclearDem Dec 2015 #2
Saw a post from that site where... NCTraveler Dec 2015 #3
1 post referring to 1 Clinton supporter - in early a.m. - removed by mods within a few hours Divernan Dec 2015 #4
You saw it also. NCTraveler Dec 2015 #5
I saw that you just lied. Divernan Dec 2015 #7
Yes. "It", not "them". One, not more than one. Divernan Dec 2015 #8
Glad you saw it. NCTraveler Dec 2015 #30
Of course you didn't find it rpannier Dec 2015 #6
Dan Brown, is that you? merrily Dec 2015 #31
Batman TV Series rpannier Dec 2015 #46
Still sounds like the DaVinci Code series to me! merrily Dec 2015 #47
Actually, the rule there is to "take it to PM." joshcryer Dec 2015 #9
It is a suggestion - not a rule. Divernan Dec 2015 #10
I'm sure the PMs are flying about. joshcryer Dec 2015 #11
How can you possibly be sure? I doubt it. Too much else is going on at that board. merrily Dec 2015 #32
Has the owner of that site changed the rule to restrict anti-Semitism to pms? beam me up scottie Dec 2015 #12
I'm not "friends with" the HCS people. joshcryer Dec 2015 #14
Really? Then how can you claim "HCS actually changed their callout rule"? beam me up scottie Dec 2015 #16
Um, the rules are publicly posted? joshcryer Dec 2015 #20
So you don't know that for a fact? Interesting. beam me up scottie Dec 2015 #21
Mighty big coincidence. joshcryer Dec 2015 #22
HCS' owner encouraged and applauded alert stalking and bigotry towards a Jewish candidate. beam me up scottie Dec 2015 #23
Erm. joshcryer Dec 2015 #24
And the anti-Semitism? I notice you keep ignoring the real problem with that site. beam me up scottie Dec 2015 #25
Both sites are deleting posts like that. joshcryer Dec 2015 #26
I'm talking about the owner and what he actively participated in and encouraged. beam me up scottie Dec 2015 #27
You do understand, do you not, that the admin at JackpineRadicals.org was not suggesting merrily Dec 2015 #36
Results are in. Hey Alerter.... Bwahahahahah!!!!!!! Katashi_itto Dec 2015 #53
Justification? NCTraveler Dec 2015 #33
Did I rec that op or did I object to it? beam me up scottie Dec 2015 #34
I never said you did either of those. NCTraveler Dec 2015 #35
You rec'd this one from a racist tea party website: beam me up scottie Dec 2015 #37
Seriously. NCTraveler Dec 2015 #40
You're comparing reccing a HuffPo article to one from progressivestoday? beam me up scottie Dec 2015 #42
I clicked a couple and they were hidden by jury. NCTraveler Dec 2015 #38
There you go with the conspiracy theories again. beam me up scottie Dec 2015 #39
I'm not persecuted. NCTraveler Dec 2015 #43
I didn't say you were persecuted, what a strange comment. beam me up scottie Dec 2015 #44
Love agreeing with you. NCTraveler Dec 2015 #45
Ugly, ugly. And then echoes of that showed up on this board merrily Dec 2015 #48
Stepping in gently JustAnotherGen Dec 2015 #56
Very well said, JAG. Bobbie Jo Dec 2015 #60
I am glad you agree that at least some of the animosity to Manny was likely due to anti-Semitism. merrily Dec 2015 #69
All true n/t JustAnotherGen Dec 2015 #82
"All true" Number23 Dec 2015 #86
Im tryi g to SwampG8r Dec 2015 #80
Of course a lot of it is anti-Semitism. beam me up scottie Dec 2015 #58
Yawn ismnotwasm Dec 2015 #55
The screenshots don't lie, you may not approve of the bigotry but the site's owner did. beam me up scottie Dec 2015 #57
Brilliant post, ism.. thank you so much! Cha Dec 2015 #59
Well written JustAnotherGen Dec 2015 #68
Perfectly said BainsBane Dec 2015 #79
Some sites have standards, some don't. senz Dec 2015 #66
Great catch, josh. And I'm sure that you are are surprised by this as everone else Number23 Dec 2015 #84
Saw a post with this screen shot Autumn Dec 2015 #54
The company I keep is here at DU. I think I have two posts at another board. NCTraveler Dec 2015 #73
Reagan is dead and I can assure you he doesn't hang around with McCain/Palin Autumn Dec 2015 #76
I'll take his words over your assurance any day thank you. NCTraveler Dec 2015 #78
Good old TWM. joshcryer Dec 2015 #13
Jury results jfern Dec 2015 #15
An alert? What a shock! beam me up scottie Dec 2015 #17
Manny didn't actually have any hidden posts, right? jfern Dec 2015 #18
Yes he did, they stalked him mercilessly. beam me up scottie Dec 2015 #19
Links to another site are not appropriate? LOLOLOL. DU posts are full of links to other sites. merrily Dec 2015 #41
I don't use am emoji - but some I have seen remind me of a little guy in overalls - who is happy to djean111 Dec 2015 #28
It is strange that earlier this morning, while perusing JPR, edgineered Dec 2015 #29
Not sure, but I may have replied to one of your DU posts, pointing you to a link to JPR? merrily Dec 2015 #49
Nice to speak with you merrily. edgineered Dec 2015 #65
Nice to speak with you as well. merrily Dec 2015 #74
k+r Attorney in Texas Dec 2015 #50
Didn't the person you are linking to... NCTraveler Dec 2015 #51
No................. Ichingcarpenter Dec 2015 #61
Yeah, pretty sure they did. NCTraveler Dec 2015 #62
LOL.......... you're so funny Ichingcarpenter Dec 2015 #63
Thank you. Though I go longer than thirty minutes a night for a couple of seasons. NCTraveler Dec 2015 #64
No, and no. ^^^THE TEXT YOU SEE ABOVE IS NOT ACTUALLY, YOU KNOW, TRUE^^^ nt DisgustipatedinCA Dec 2015 #70
Yeah they did. I'm really happy they no longer get to support others here. NCTraveler Dec 2015 #72
It's all extremely well documented. NCTraveler Dec 2015 #77
No, you're not wrong Number23 Dec 2015 #85
Whoa - first I've seen that JustAnotherGen Dec 2015 #87
Shines a WHOLE 'nother light on all of the wailing and gnashing over that persons' dismissal Number23 Dec 2015 #89
Merry Christmas to you and your family JustAnotherGen Dec 2015 #90
+1 nt NCTraveler Dec 2015 #88
K&R JackInGreen Dec 2015 #52
K&R Tierra_y_Libertad Dec 2015 #67
Oh yes: checking in and appreciating every syllable. eom Betty Karlson Dec 2015 #71
kicking frylock Dec 2015 #81
He DOES have a way with words doesn't he? sibelian Dec 2015 #83
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