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87. I am 72. I have had an amazing life. Just unbelievable.
Fri Jan 8, 2016, 11:27 PM
Jan 2016

And I never, ever say "never."

I was 9 and in the fifth grade. My teacher presented a little homemade model of the Parthenon and told us that was the birthplace of democracy. Now I was a poor kid living in the Midwest in the early 1950s. But I said to myself right then and there, "I'm going to go there and see that Parthenon." And close to 15 years later, that is precisely what I did. It was thanks to the man I married. But what I said I would do, I did.

That is only one amazing example from my life. Be positive in your thoughts and actions.

If you never dare to want something that everyone says is impossible, you probably won't get it or do it or have it. You have to keep focused on your cosmic wish list.

It isn't magic. I just don't know what it is. But if you, from the get-go say "That is impossible. We can never do that. Forget it," you will never get what you know is right for you and for the country.

One of the things I greatly dislike about Hillary and her campaign is the negativity of it and of her supporters.

We are the country of people who achieve the impossible.

Of course, Bernie can get Congress to enact the legislation he wants if we strongly support his request for it, his campaign for it. Of course, we can.

Remember the Obama slogan: "Yes, we can."

That's what I believe about Sanders. Yes, we can.

In this you are right. It isn't "Yes, he can."

Rather it is "Yes. We can."

I like the fact that Bernie is so determined and so positive in his belief that he will achieve what is right for America.

Why would anyone doubt her sincerity vis a vis Wall Street? Scuba Jan 2016 #1
Apparently, she didn't say "cut that out!" when they were writing her checks. n/t winter is coming Jan 2016 #3
She said "cut that check"! JonLeibowitz Jan 2016 #7
DUZY demwing Jan 2016 #10
LOL!.. Segami Jan 2016 #20
and they happily obliged... CoffeeCat Jan 2016 #21
Appreciate The Transparency!!!! The More Hillary et al Doeth Protest.. CorporatistNation Jan 2016 #92
But where's that famously wealthy, Maserati driving 1%er on that list? Divernan Jan 2016 #100
Nice! Bubzer Jan 2016 #30
... CharlotteVale Jan 2016 #36
LOL azmom Jan 2016 #73
Winner!!!! 840high Jan 2016 #81
lmfao... you get my vote for post of the week! InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2016 #102
LOL...that she did, many times n/t Oilwellian Jan 2016 #113
+1K! Plucketeer Jan 2016 #57
OMG....just look at that! Punkingal Jan 2016 #8
Post removed Post removed Jan 2016 #22
Recommend you edit your post. The "shrills" piece will get your post hidden. Scuba Jan 2016 #25
Her plan is better in regulating Wall Street, BTW, her plan is attacked Thinkingabout Jan 2016 #2
Her plan may be fine. Her sincerity about implementing it is the question. Scuba Jan 2016 #5
Exactly. Why would anyone trust her? Dawgs Jan 2016 #29
Her plan is half hearted kenfrequed Jan 2016 #71
Yeppers. nt SusanCalvin Jan 2016 #88
Precisely Scuba! Her plan, her plan... there IS no plan, except the one where Hillary will say ANYTHING to get elected President. InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2016 #103
Yep. bvf Jan 2016 #110
You haven't sen those ads Plucketeer Jan 2016 #58
Yeah, a vulture fund backing Marco Rubio. Fuddnik Jan 2016 #59
got a link to support that claim? questionseverything Jan 2016 #80
Clinton isn't credible, when it comes to finance, economic, foreign policy and trade policies Tennis Magnet Jan 2016 #4
+ Eighty Gazillion Scuba Jan 2016 #6
I certainly agree. Welcome to DU. nt Live and Learn Jan 2016 #66
Hi, Tennis Magnet! I agree. And when it Duval Jan 2016 #70
++1 840high Jan 2016 #82
What Hillary Clinton proposes isn't a Fantasy. Amimnoch Jan 2016 #9
So, our choices are to vote for someone who will undoubtedly try to accomplish winter is coming Jan 2016 #13
So, no rebuttal or refute.. just acceptance that Sanders is either lying or clueless? Amimnoch Jan 2016 #16
. Perogie Jan 2016 #18
Just so I understand... Bubzer Jan 2016 #41
You know, most people didn't think we could go to space either. Fawke Em Jan 2016 #68
With the emphasis on doing the work! We all have the responsibility to Duval Jan 2016 #72
You're not one of those who believe we actually jonno99 Jan 2016 #77
Of course we landed on the moon. We needed to know what we'd be bombing! n/t winter is coming Jan 2016 #79
Despite what you've been told... Fawke Em Jan 2016 #91
Cool. Hopefully, it was understood that my comment was tongue-in-cheek. jonno99 Jan 2016 #114
Excellent post! Enthusiast Jan 2016 #97
Huge +1! Enthusiast Jan 2016 #96
You pretty much summed up my views Winter... Bernie is "The One" who can finally lead us to the Promised Land. InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2016 #104
Republicans hate Clintons more than they hate black people shawn703 Jan 2016 #27
doubtful that they hate her more. I've read some pretty awful things they've written about our Amimnoch Jan 2016 #32
I think their hatred for Black skin is greater than their hatred for her, but either way randys1 Jan 2016 #76
in other words, you can't rebutt the TPed material in any way stupidicus Jan 2016 #37
What Sanders proposes has been tried and tested: in the 1930-ies. Betty Karlson Jan 2016 #47
Do you actually think anyone read that? CoffeeCat Jan 2016 #52
This message was self-deleted by its author Amimnoch Jan 2016 #53
I support Sanders... thesquanderer Jan 2016 #60
Much respect to you and your response. Amimnoch Jan 2016 #64
You clearly didn't read the whole HuffPo article ymetca Jan 2016 #61
+1, thank you dreamnightwind Jan 2016 #69
I am 72. I have had an amazing life. Just unbelievable. JDPriestly Jan 2016 #87
Simply beautiful, JD. Thank you. Enthusiast Jan 2016 #98
Couldn't agree more JD... great post! InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2016 #106
*Very* nicely said. n/t bvf Jan 2016 #111
People should read the whole article. Very well mmonk Jan 2016 #11
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Jan 2016 #12
HUGE K & R !!! - THANK YOU !!! WillyT Jan 2016 #14
Translation: Bernie offers pie in the sky that can't be had leftofcool Jan 2016 #15
Like? Katashi_itto Jan 2016 #49
"I'm going to break up all the big banks" leftofcool Jan 2016 #62
Thats your argument? You Think Hillary will have an easier time then? Katashi_itto Jan 2016 #65
Ever heard of executive action?! InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2016 #107
Sanders will win and the historically gerrymandered GOP congress will complete his agenda.. uponit7771 Jan 2016 #84
Why are Sanders supporters so hung up on Wall St and income inequality? tk2kewl Jan 2016 #17
It seems that Hill supporters are either ignorant U of M Dem Jan 2016 #24
Charming. NurseJackie Jan 2016 #34
It's taken awhile. floriduck Jan 2016 #38
Oh, my! (Among other things, that's very amusing.) NurseJackie Jan 2016 #44
What will be even more amusing is when she's the nominee ConservativeDemocrat Jan 2016 #48
It won't be long now. (Still ... waiting is the hardest part.) NurseJackie Jan 2016 #51
LOL. Yep. SunSeeker Jan 2016 #93
LOL! bvf Jan 2016 #112
Wealth extraction... which of the two candidates has mastered that technique?... hmmm InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2016 #108
... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #28
Why are Clinton supporters so attached to Wall Street and income inequality? eom Betty Karlson Jan 2016 #46
A lot of them are republicans. JRLeft Jan 2016 #55
DINOs, maybe. But not Republicans. Betty Karlson Jan 2016 #56
I wouldn't say she has ZERO crossover appeal Art_from_Ark Jan 2016 #86
Because the middle class is shrinking and has been since Duval Jan 2016 #74
I assumed the sarcasm tag was self evident tk2kewl Jan 2016 #75
Her credibility is unchanged with her gullible supporters Android3.14 Jan 2016 #19
The headline says it all. GoneOffShore Jan 2016 #23
Clinton is spot on and a breath of fresh air. NCTraveler Jan 2016 #26
Seriously? Explain her rejection of Glass Stegall. Has she something better? Katashi_itto Jan 2016 #33
in other words you can't dispute the dishonesty noted in the TP stupidicus Jan 2016 #40
I made the point a day or two ago that I thought Hillary was more rounded than Sanders cause uponit7771 Jan 2016 #85
Aww I trust Hillary a little more than...umm...thinking....how about Ted Cruz? Katashi_itto Jan 2016 #31
Now that's just unfair. I trust her more than Trump too. hedda_foil Jan 2016 #43
I don't trust her. On anything. She's out for herself CharlotteVale Jan 2016 #35
I wish I couldn't agree. Enthusiast Jan 2016 #99
self-inflicted injuries are the worst kind. Let's hope she gets better at it, no? stupidicus Jan 2016 #39
And Yet . . . Gamecock Lefty Jan 2016 #42
and gladly so when it's negative stuff like this stupidicus Jan 2016 #50
After all the dishonest attacks from Clinton, DWS, and the rest of her cronies, Betty Karlson Jan 2016 #45
Bernie Will be Tougher gordyfl Jan 2016 #54
Asking why Clinton campaigns lie... 99Forever Jan 2016 #63
K&R nt Live and Learn Jan 2016 #67
It's politics. If she wins Iowa big, it was a smart move Babel_17 Jan 2016 #78
I just heard Bill throw out the "...1-3 Supreme Court appointments" thing silvershadow Jan 2016 #83
Hillary Criticizes Bernie's Plan to Break Up Her Friends' Banks LS_Editor Jan 2016 #89
K&R nt 99th_Monkey Jan 2016 #90
Silly me for being so neive that Barney Frank would... Duckfan Jan 2016 #94
K&R for accuracy! This post should have hundreds of recommendations! Enthusiast Jan 2016 #95
Wall Street is people, my friend. merrily Jan 2016 #101
Remember that time EdwardBernays Jan 2016 #105
Hillary and honesty mix like oil and water. She lies as easily as she breathes... InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2016 #109
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