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And here's another thing: SheilaT Jan 2016 #1
What makes you think they've lost donations? OilemFirchen Jan 2016 #4
Well, I keep on seeing reports of how many people SheilaT Jan 2016 #13
Aren't you assuming that those saying they are cancelling donations ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #35
Yup... Agschmid Jan 2016 #141
I suspect these are the same folks that ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #163
I just sent them $100 million. OilemFirchen Jan 2016 #81
Spot on SheilaT Android3.14 Jan 2016 #157
Go look at the comments. 840high Jan 2016 #184
Big deal. OilemFirchen Jan 2016 #220
they should at least drown the detractors out stupidicus Jan 2016 #25
Why? ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #40
(Psst...they don't. It's one of those imagination thingys) libdem4life Jan 2016 #160
I can tell you ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #164
I'm still searching for "unsubscribe" buttons...Should have told me sooner...LOL. libdem4life Jan 2016 #169
Except part of the reason that unscientific internet polls aren't valid mythology Jan 2016 #117
Disagree with you. 840high Jan 2016 #185
They should stop Kalidurga Jan 2016 #2
I'll agree with that stupidicus Jan 2016 #29
I am disappointed jberryhill Jan 2016 #113
me too stupidicus Jan 2016 #118
Nice post. one_voice Jan 2016 #83
Yes they should stop, but this was PP shooting itself in the foot Tom Rinaldo Jan 2016 #110
I agree with what you are saying Kalidurga Jan 2016 #116
AGREED... However Insider Cronyism And Corruption Are Carrying The Day W/ PP! CorporatistNation Jan 2016 #168
I disagree. Politicians and Organizations need to be held accountable. It is a liberal_at_heart Jan 2016 #182
+1 840high Jan 2016 #186
+2 Art_from_Ark Jan 2016 #197
I Agree NikolaC Jan 2016 #206
How much do you want to bet.... FarPoint Jan 2016 #3
+100 applegrove Jan 2016 #12
YUP ... some of them are probably here on DU too. JoePhilly Jan 2016 #20
No doubt about it.nt sufrommich Jan 2016 #26
If you have no doubt RoccoR5955 Jan 2016 #33
Right. I'd say anyone who's OK with anti choice bullshit on DU sufrommich Jan 2016 #36
Interesting RoccoR5955 Jan 2016 #42
Exactly. JTFrog Jan 2016 #139
This message was self-deleted by its author Armstead Jan 2016 #183
Sure, after Sanders tells use which bankers he'd have arrested. KittyWampus Jan 2016 #149
You gotta vote for him to find out... kjones Jan 2016 #188
nothing stupidicus Jan 2016 #31
I would guess ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #49
Yup. The same old organized spamfest aimed at Hillary endorsers. oasis Jan 2016 #134
You'd lose that bet. Fawke Em Jan 2016 #67
you can have multiple facebook accounts. I know people that have as many... one_voice Jan 2016 #91
Oh, so all the people who follow/endorse Hillary on media are fake... kjones Jan 2016 #190
yep. divide and conquer. one_voice Jan 2016 #84
Trolls...good answer. Beep (with an X) One behind every tree, I mean, libdem4life Jan 2016 #159
Why would PP be in trouble if Single Payer Health Care comes to be? pangaia Jan 2016 #5
what would they be needed for stupidicus Jan 2016 #34
Am I wrong in assuming that most of their services pangaia Jan 2016 #45
So you think those doctors are just going to disappear? tammywammy Jan 2016 #88
I didn't know. That is why I asked, tammywammy. pangaia Jan 2016 #121
Didn't mean to sound curt tammywammy Jan 2016 #124
Thanks. pangaia Jan 2016 #125
exactly stupidicus Jan 2016 #108
Didn't they start as more of a counselling service? NorthCarolina Jan 2016 #73
Of course, and still be a healthcare provider as well. emulatorloo Jan 2016 #115
No they did not start out as a counseling service,whatever that means. PP has always offered medical Hekate Jan 2016 #174
+1000 Kentonio Jan 2016 #194
The GOP would not allow federal dollars to pay for abortion. JoePhilly Jan 2016 #199
Ah yes, the Hyde Amendment. Thanks for bringing that up. Not one cent of federal money, ever. nt Hekate Jan 2016 #208
I don't play that way, I might complain but wouldn't stop supporting something hollysmom Jan 2016 #6
So? wyldwolf Jan 2016 #7
hardly stupidicus Jan 2016 #37
But before you spend years "ridiculing the other Clinton" wyldwolf Jan 2016 #43
This is a terrible right wing source. DawgHouse Jan 2016 #8
worse than that, it is a rabid anti-abortion site. This is a riot still_one Jan 2016 #136
Yeah, but it's a Sanders thread so that's okay. Amimnoch Jan 2016 #226
Some more headlines from Live Action News: OilemFirchen Jan 2016 #9
so none of this is found on their FP page? stupidicus Jan 2016 #41
What the fuck is an "FP page"? OilemFirchen Jan 2016 #66
You are promoting a virulently >>ANTI-CHOICE<< source to score cheap political points emulatorloo Jan 2016 #10
What a mess PP created by endorsing one prochoice candidate against another one. senz Jan 2016 #22
There are several articles on "liveactionnews" that smear and vilify Bernie Sanders emulatorloo Jan 2016 #30
I am not defending the source. It was a mistake to use that source. senz Jan 2016 #39
I do see you've expressed yr distaste for the source below, and I am glad to see that. emulatorloo Jan 2016 #95
no, I am merely promoting the facts stupidicus Jan 2016 #44
You're sending web traffic to liveactionnews. That's promoting the website emulatorloo Jan 2016 #104
cry me another river stupidicus Jan 2016 #114
Facts ... which facts might those be? etherealtruth Jan 2016 #142
You're doing no such thing. Bobbie Jo Jan 2016 #162
What things? The little legs kicking, the little heart beating? WTF. That site LIES. Hekate Jan 2016 #176
Unfortunately, like many of your fellow Bernie supporters, this one operate under the stevenleser Jan 2016 #99
Christ on a trailer hitch, a jury has voted 3-4 to let this stand, despite the lying source. Hekate Jan 2016 #11
Yep. Same fucking people involved in the fake PP "sting" videos. JTFrog Jan 2016 #151
A just response. I suggest suspending donations for a short period of time senz Jan 2016 #14
I will not donate to them until the primary has been decided. pennylane100 Jan 2016 #144
War on women Democratic angle. Lovely. Something for each Sanders supporter to be proud of. seabeyond Jan 2016 #15
Political decisions have consequences, that includes PP. sadoldgirl Jan 2016 #23
Precisely. Slapping half your supporters in the face is not wise. senz Jan 2016 #60
Ah, so if they don't do what you want then war on women is justified. Got it seabeyond Jan 2016 #80
Yup. See my #99. Any person or group that supports Hillary is to be destroyed stevenleser Jan 2016 #100
Confirmation to every time we questioned Sanders capabilities with social justice issues. seabeyond Jan 2016 #128
Now that is a cogent point that becomes starker and starker. nt Hekate Jan 2016 #178
No, but if they choose to go into the sadoldgirl Jan 2016 #133
There should be NO risk with fellow Dems. Womens lives matter. You and others say no, Sanders is seabeyond Jan 2016 #147
Perhaps ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #148
like a hate for SP, love of clusterbombs and needless wars? stupidicus Jan 2016 #47
Wtf, right? Because women issues are just that insignificant to you, time to redirect conversation. seabeyond Jan 2016 #94
Time to find a REAL Democrat to replace Bernie in 2018. Dawson Leery Jan 2016 #96
I think so. I think he broke the pact selling his vote to not have a viable Dem to run against. Nt seabeyond Jan 2016 #126
Sanders is for SP Healthcare. that would benefit women Doctor_J Jan 2016 #173
while you and other dream on about single payer, doctors are being stalked, some murdered.... Hekate Jan 2016 #180
+1 nt. NCTraveler Jan 2016 #211
stupidicus, I'm sure you can find another source & edit your OP. senz Jan 2016 #16
Maybe Drudge has something on it. JoePhilly Jan 2016 #21
Joe, this is becoming predictable. senz Jan 2016 #28
Get a sense of humor. JoePhilly Jan 2016 #32
Yesterday someone posted a link to the PP FB page with many angry comments senz Jan 2016 #51
CLICKY-CLICKY! onehandle Jan 2016 #17
the difference between 'freeping' and 'berning' a poll/discussion? wyldwolf Jan 2016 #27
This one includes a special bonus: OilemFirchen Jan 2016 #93
Does anyone have the jury results for this disgusting OP? sufrommich Jan 2016 #18
Jury results DawgHouse Jan 2016 #61
Interesting that no one who voted to leave chose to give a reason.Thanks. sufrommich Jan 2016 #70
What could they possibly say? etherealtruth Jan 2016 #103
Their silence says it all. DawgHouse Jan 2016 #106
They could be honest and say ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #152
Or... OilemFirchen Jan 2016 #167
Not true. One of them said, "Meh." senz Jan 2016 #172
SOMETIMES, Endorsements Aren't Really Helping THEIR Candidate ChiciB1 Jan 2016 #19
"Is PP really who they say they are?" sufrommich Jan 2016 #24
I found it a bit mind boggling stupidicus Jan 2016 #54
We dont disagree with the story, necessarily ... Trajan Jan 2016 #64
to be honest stupidicus Jan 2016 #75
oh Boo hoo etherealtruth Jan 2016 #123
Why do people assume that Facebook and other social media accurately reflect public opinion? Empowerer Jan 2016 #38
true stupidicus Jan 2016 #56
Yeah? Well, my wife and I just mailed PP MineralMan Jan 2016 #46
Thanks,I'm a monthly donor and sent an extra sufrommich Jan 2016 #52
Well, if some are going to withhold support, it's MineralMan Jan 2016 #59
I doubt they'll take a hit,as you said,it's most likely sufrommich Jan 2016 #65
thank goodness stupidicus Jan 2016 #57
Not sure why going and shitting in someone's (digital) living room is anything to brag about. Starry Messenger Jan 2016 #48
not sure who's bragging stupidicus Jan 2016 #58
"So PP is getting some much deserved bizness eh?" Starry Messenger Jan 2016 #179
People need to knock it off Prism Jan 2016 #50
i agree. nt DesertFlower Jan 2016 #62
I'm a tad torn myself stupidicus Jan 2016 #63
Why are you linking to a horrific right wing anti-abortion web site? etherealtruth Jan 2016 #53
Not just linked to but survived a jury. sufrommich Jan 2016 #55
How the F*** does a post linking to a site as vile as this one survive a jury? etherealtruth Jan 2016 #69
I saw it. It would be impossible to mistake it for sufrommich Jan 2016 #82
I have actually NEVER clicked on one of these sites before ... etherealtruth Jan 2016 #89
Yeah,I think it's time for me to take sufrommich Jan 2016 #92
I'm not surprised... one_voice Jan 2016 #105
the truth doesn't care who utters it stupidicus Jan 2016 #68
This is revolting, here is what we are "treated to" at your link: etherealtruth Jan 2016 #71
you're the one posting it stupidicus Jan 2016 #77
uh yeah .... I am simply explaining to others what YOU have posted in your OP etherealtruth Jan 2016 #86
Post removed Post removed Jan 2016 #111
That is sickening. Number23 Jan 2016 #161
40. OilemFirchen Jan 2016 #170
Unless it's Planned Parenthood, apparently. OilemFirchen Jan 2016 #76
It's pretty low, isn't it Dem2 Jan 2016 #72
This is straight-up right wing ANTI-ABORTION horse sh*t etherealtruth Jan 2016 #74
Yeah, pretty disgusting Dem2 Jan 2016 #78
Sad isn't it... BooScout Jan 2016 #200
Not sad, disgusting etherealtruth Jan 2016 #202
I did....I have been seeing lots of similar links for awhile now... BooScout Jan 2016 #204
Live action news??? tammywammy Jan 2016 #79
It survived a jury,a jury who knew what it was as sufrommich Jan 2016 #85
It's fucking disgusting tammywammy Jan 2016 #90
Another OP did not survive an alert. MineralMan Jan 2016 #212
Using anti-choice zealots to further your cause. VILE! Dawson Leery Jan 2016 #87
No. OilemFirchen Jan 2016 #98
No! The OP is not Bernie! emulatorloo Jan 2016 #120
This isn't Bernie, it's a so-called supporter. tammywammy Jan 2016 #127
No, I didn't assume it was , I will garantee Sanders does not support the vile sh*t the poster does etherealtruth Jan 2016 #129
Some other truthiness from this.. one_voice Jan 2016 #97
I don't think bernie cares one wit about women's issues leftofcool Jan 2016 #102
No one is owed an endorsement KingFlorez Jan 2016 #101
Links to right wing anti-choice organizations notwithstanding, huh? LuvLoogie Jan 2016 #107
I can only assume you frequent that site. It suits you. nt LexVegas Jan 2016 #109
Bernie supporters swarming yet another bb Sheepshank Jan 2016 #112
Endorse Hillary and expect an "organized" outcry by the swarm. oasis Jan 2016 #119
Live Action News as a source????? azureblue Jan 2016 #122
For you. In honor of your source... one_voice Jan 2016 #130
^^^^^THIS^^^^^ n/t JTFrog Jan 2016 #154
so a group of folks decided to spam the PP site, aledgedly withdrawing their support for PP still_one Jan 2016 #131
brillant. You posted from a rabid anti-abortion source. That will really help your cause still_one Jan 2016 #132
i call bullshit KentuckyWoman Jan 2016 #135
The site is a right wing anti-abortion site, with supposedly 58000 twiter followers, and over still_one Jan 2016 #138
Yeah I caught that after I posted....... WHY did the OP use such a horrible source? KentuckyWoman Jan 2016 #140
If the OP was smart, he would lock this thread by self-deleting as fast as possible still_one Jan 2016 #143
Post removed Post removed Jan 2016 #137
The fucking anti-abortion site founded by Lila Rose who made fake videos with James O'Keefe? JTFrog Jan 2016 #145
Hmmm Bobbie Jo Jan 2016 #146
Live Action is a rabid anti-abortion organization. Sure they're going to be "objective". George II Jan 2016 #150
Hey OP, are you really a Sanders' supporter? I am really starting to wonder if you are trying to still_one Jan 2016 #153
I can't believe that any Sanders supporter would stoop this low. JTFrog Jan 2016 #155
I agree still_one Jan 2016 #158
+1 one_voice Jan 2016 #165
I just increased my donations to them ronnykmarshall Jan 2016 #156
Well this thread was certainly an eye opener Bobbie Jo Jan 2016 #166
Either they agree with the anti-abortion stand of the OP's link, or they are blindly selecting still_one Jan 2016 #171
42 people rec'ing an anti-choice bullshit link. tammywammy Jan 2016 #175
Similar comments were posted 840high Jan 2016 #187
Yes, it's RW garbage. Bobbie Jo Jan 2016 #198
. RandySF Jan 2016 #177
44 recs for an anti-abortion OP Beaverhausen Jan 2016 #181
anti-abortion, anti-choice, and anti-Democratic party site. Wow still_one Jan 2016 #192
you should delete this thread, liveactionnews is a right wing anti choice site JI7 Jan 2016 #189
Oh boy, I feel for the more reasonable and discerning Bernie supporters. kjones Jan 2016 #191
I agree still_one Jan 2016 #193
It is obvious that most of these so-called posts on PP's facebook page are coming from right wing still_one Jan 2016 #195
I would self delete this OP, just sayin nt steve2470 Jan 2016 #196
And another new low for DU. MeNMyVolt Jan 2016 #201
No shit. RoccoR5955 Jan 2016 #203
What is even worse, is that despite being shown in responses to the OP, still_one Jan 2016 #205
You mean Sanders Supporters are swarming another Social Media page? Sheepshank Jan 2016 #207
Here's something really disgusting from the link you provided: MineralMan Jan 2016 #209
That and all the pictures of the dead fetuses BainsBane Jan 2016 #210
The OP of this thread cannot respond. MineralMan Jan 2016 #213
Thanks for that piece of good news Hekate Jan 2016 #214
That's some consolation anyway BainsBane Jan 2016 #216
I'm really weary of right-wing site links MineralMan Jan 2016 #217
I agree BainsBane Jan 2016 #218
At one time, they would not have stood on DU. MineralMan Jan 2016 #219
Bernie and Trump supporters have no ethics. Dawson Leery Jan 2016 #221
OP is on a time out. One too many right wing anti-choice links. NCTraveler Jan 2016 #215
you straightened the context that was getting mixed up in that thread, and that is good still_one Jan 2016 #222
Do you realize what sort of a site LiveActionNews is? LeftishBrit Jan 2016 #223
To those recommending this thread (59 at this time): etherealtruth Jan 2016 #224
Thank you. Very telling indeed. Amimnoch Jan 2016 #225
Kicking for visibility. stevenleser Jan 2016 #227
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