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When you have constant police surveillance and then it just stops, isn't that at all weird? ck4829 May 2012 #1
I don;t know why anyone should be surprised at this zeemike May 2012 #2
If you let it happen, it's going to happen.You indicated it was obvious that the "leaders" were fake saras May 2012 #3
Plenty of people tried to stop them but the vandals threatened them with baseball bats Luminous Animal May 2012 #4
Smells.... AnneD May 2012 #5
kick HiPointDem May 2012 #6
We need video and lots of it... Bennyboy May 2012 #7
Like I said, livestreamers were threatened with physical violence by the vandals. Luminous Animal May 2012 #8
ok so why didn't real occupy scatter? like in NYC? StarsInHerHair May 2012 #20
They did. Some hung back and cleaned up the trash from tipped over cans... Luminous Animal May 2012 #23
Not surprised but this is just un-freakin'-believable behavior Roland99 May 2012 #9
Agent Provocateurs. nt Javaman May 2012 #10
Sure. It's always AP's. greytdemocrat May 2012 #13
Who do you think they were? backscatter712 May 2012 #27
Why do you come here to hate on Occupy? U4ikLefty May 2012 #28
Awww... Javaman May 2012 #30
Somewhere there should be a cop who's brave enough to blow the whistle. 20score May 2012 #11
Spread the word--BIG, LOUD, and OFTEN (endlessly, really). tblue37 May 2012 #12
One vandalized business tweets in support of OWS... Luminous Animal May 2012 #14
k&r. .. n/t annabanana May 2012 #15
Sounds identical to what happened in Seattle Generic Other May 2012 #16
That is why it is so important to videotape all of the GAs. Every minute of them. JDPriestly May 2012 #17
A lot of people are unhappy. joshcryer May 2012 #18
How do you know those commenters live in the Mission? Luminous Animal May 2012 #21
They sound like they do. joshcryer May 2012 #24
That is a powerful report from someone who really knows all about this and has been working so hard. freshwest May 2012 #19
You're welcome, freshwest. There is a lot of rebuilding to be done. Luminous Animal May 2012 #22
Yeah they always do this. We need a strategy that works even in the face of this. limpyhobbler May 2012 #25
They do this because it works, G_j May 2012 #26
sorry, don't buy it..... crazyjoe May 2012 #29
Maybe not so much limpyhobbler May 2012 #31
Your not convincing me by a long shot. We can't just say crazyjoe May 2012 #34
Some people are planted to make trouble. It's been proven in the past at various protests. limpyhobbler May 2012 #35
Thank for not tarring the "anarchists" with this trouble-making. U4ikLefty May 2012 #36
+1 joshcryer May 2012 #37
Thom Hartmann video just posted agrees with the OP account: freshwest May 2012 #32
"one restaurant owner said officers even appeared to be "escorting" the group" Luminous Animal May 2012 #33
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