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47. telling us that an article about lead pollution from bullets is not something to control
Sun Mar 31, 2013, 02:52 PM
Mar 2013

and posts elsewhere discouraging it mean that you aren't posting in this group in good faith.

this group is for advocacy of gun control, not concern trolling documented problems, in this instance, pollution from lead shot.

and don't throw around that "significant" term. that's playing with words.

you were attempting to say that a "significant" use of lead shot is for self defense --but you know, and we all know that 5% of use can be significant, 50% of use can be significant --as a word saying one thing is significant doesn't even mean the remainder of the uses aren't significant themselves.

stop playing games.

and stop posting the same crap that got the other low count posters blocked from this group --the exact same message!

I agree, how many youtube videos do you see of some random knucklehead Arctic Dave Mar 2013 #1
gun lovers are really causing a lot of problems everywhere it seems samsingh Mar 2013 #2
Any suggestion on what to use for non-shotguns, that isn't copper-jacketed lead? AtheistCrusader Mar 2013 #3
This message was self-deleted by its author Paul E Ester Mar 2013 #52
I posted on this on the other thread, and will answer more here and there: freshwest Mar 2013 #4
Hunting waterfowl with lead shot is already illegal. N/T bobclark86 Mar 2013 #18
really? what US laws apply in Canada? CreekDog Mar 2013 #32
Title says Washington... bobclark86 Mar 2013 #34
It says British Columbia too. CreekDog Mar 2013 #35
Anyone know what the ballistic differences are ManiacJoe Mar 2013 #5
Lead shotgun shot shedevil69taz Mar 2013 #7
are you saying that's the only use of lead shot? CreekDog Mar 2013 #8
nope shedevil69taz Mar 2013 #14
can you cite the regulation that bans it as you say, so that everyone can look at the regulation? CreekDog Mar 2013 #15
you cant fire up google? shedevil69taz Mar 2013 #16
wait, you're talking about a regulation and you don't know what it's called or how to find it? CreekDog Mar 2013 #17
no I haven't read it word for word shedevil69taz Mar 2013 #20
you can't quote the regulation, but you trust a right wing source that is against the minimum wage? CreekDog Mar 2013 #21
holy crap shedevil69taz Mar 2013 #22
an improvement from the right wing link you just posted a moment ago CreekDog Mar 2013 #23
I was just about to post that one for you. n/t Wait Wut Mar 2013 #25
what is the title and author/agency of the regulation you're referring to? CreekDog Mar 2013 #19
The law is federal, so from Congress. AtheistCrusader Mar 2013 #26
You make good points, though a regulation is from a gov't agency, not congress CreekDog Mar 2013 #27
I think you are right. AtheistCrusader Mar 2013 #28
You did it! HA! You found the reg. CreekDog Mar 2013 #29
That was WAY too hard to discover. AtheistCrusader Mar 2013 #30
yeah for such a big rule it's damned hard to find CreekDog Mar 2013 #31
Not true. AtheistCrusader Mar 2013 #24
thank you for coming back to post here that there's no need to do anything else about lead shot CreekDog Mar 2013 #33
How much of the 3000 tons is recovered? Remmah2 Mar 2013 #6
apparently not enough is recovered or there wouldn't be the pollution problems would there? CreekDog Mar 2013 #9
Cigarettes, used condums, plastic, oil, balloons, fishing line, empty beer cans. Remmah2 Mar 2013 #10
^^^^ ellisonz Mar 2013 #11
thank you. your work is really critical here. CreekDog Mar 2013 #13
right, so since litter on the beaches is illegal, sounds like you're saying this should also be CreekDog Mar 2013 #12
none of these things are legal to littler the environment with CreekDog Mar 2013 #51
I didn't realize that lead from hunting was such a problem. premium Mar 2013 #36
there are plenty of solutions, just more opposition to actually doing the solutions CreekDog Mar 2013 #37
one has to wonder markeybrown Mar 2013 #38
Birds dying from poisoning or from toxic chemicals is a good thing then? CreekDog Mar 2013 #39
I never said such a thing markeybrown Mar 2013 #40
since when has "nature adapted" to 20 million less birds? CreekDog Mar 2013 #41
A significant portion of ammunition is designed for self-defense rather than hunting Peter cotton Mar 2013 #42
If it has polluted the environment and has the potential to pollute again, it needs to be regulated CreekDog Mar 2013 #43
Sure such bullets have polluted the environment....but so has the lead in #2 pencils. Peter cotton Mar 2013 #45
hey, #2 pencils aren't lead, they are graphite, stop posting BS to downplay environmental problems CreekDog Mar 2013 #48
OMG: you aren't helping your cause with this. #2 pencils (or any pencils) have never contained lead hlthe2b Mar 2013 #49
the thing to know about NRA and pro-gun propaganda is they'll use a lie if it works for them CreekDog Mar 2013 #50
by the way, you need to leave the group if you are going to post here to discourage gun control CreekDog Mar 2013 #44
How are my posts in this group discouraging gun control? Peter cotton Mar 2013 #46
telling us that an article about lead pollution from bullets is not something to control CreekDog Mar 2013 #47
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