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I agree, how many youtube videos do you see of some random knucklehead Arctic Dave Mar 2013 #1
gun lovers are really causing a lot of problems everywhere it seems samsingh Mar 2013 #2
Any suggestion on what to use for non-shotguns, that isn't copper-jacketed lead? AtheistCrusader Mar 2013 #3
This message was self-deleted by its author Paul E Ester Mar 2013 #52
I posted on this on the other thread, and will answer more here and there: freshwest Mar 2013 #4
Hunting waterfowl with lead shot is already illegal. N/T bobclark86 Mar 2013 #18
really? what US laws apply in Canada? CreekDog Mar 2013 #32
Title says Washington... bobclark86 Mar 2013 #34
It says British Columbia too. CreekDog Mar 2013 #35
Anyone know what the ballistic differences are ManiacJoe Mar 2013 #5
Lead shotgun shot shedevil69taz Mar 2013 #7
are you saying that's the only use of lead shot? CreekDog Mar 2013 #8
nope shedevil69taz Mar 2013 #14
can you cite the regulation that bans it as you say, so that everyone can look at the regulation? CreekDog Mar 2013 #15
you cant fire up google? shedevil69taz Mar 2013 #16
wait, you're talking about a regulation and you don't know what it's called or how to find it? CreekDog Mar 2013 #17
no I haven't read it word for word shedevil69taz Mar 2013 #20
you can't quote the regulation, but you trust a right wing source that is against the minimum wage? CreekDog Mar 2013 #21
holy crap shedevil69taz Mar 2013 #22
an improvement from the right wing link you just posted a moment ago CreekDog Mar 2013 #23
I was just about to post that one for you. n/t Wait Wut Mar 2013 #25
what is the title and author/agency of the regulation you're referring to? CreekDog Mar 2013 #19
The law is federal, so from Congress. AtheistCrusader Mar 2013 #26
You make good points, though a regulation is from a gov't agency, not congress CreekDog Mar 2013 #27
I think you are right. AtheistCrusader Mar 2013 #28
You did it! HA! You found the reg. CreekDog Mar 2013 #29
That was WAY too hard to discover. AtheistCrusader Mar 2013 #30
yeah for such a big rule it's damned hard to find CreekDog Mar 2013 #31
Not true. AtheistCrusader Mar 2013 #24
thank you for coming back to post here that there's no need to do anything else about lead shot CreekDog Mar 2013 #33
How much of the 3000 tons is recovered? Remmah2 Mar 2013 #6
apparently not enough is recovered or there wouldn't be the pollution problems would there? CreekDog Mar 2013 #9
Cigarettes, used condums, plastic, oil, balloons, fishing line, empty beer cans. Remmah2 Mar 2013 #10
^^^^ ellisonz Mar 2013 #11
thank you. your work is really critical here. CreekDog Mar 2013 #13
right, so since litter on the beaches is illegal, sounds like you're saying this should also be CreekDog Mar 2013 #12
none of these things are legal to littler the environment with CreekDog Mar 2013 #51
I didn't realize that lead from hunting was such a problem. premium Mar 2013 #36
there are plenty of solutions, just more opposition to actually doing the solutions CreekDog Mar 2013 #37
one has to wonder markeybrown Mar 2013 #38
Birds dying from poisoning or from toxic chemicals is a good thing then? CreekDog Mar 2013 #39
I never said such a thing markeybrown Mar 2013 #40
since when has "nature adapted" to 20 million less birds? CreekDog Mar 2013 #41
A significant portion of ammunition is designed for self-defense rather than hunting Peter cotton Mar 2013 #42
If it has polluted the environment and has the potential to pollute again, it needs to be regulated CreekDog Mar 2013 #43
Sure such bullets have polluted the environment....but so has the lead in #2 pencils. Peter cotton Mar 2013 #45
hey, #2 pencils aren't lead, they are graphite, stop posting BS to downplay environmental problems CreekDog Mar 2013 #48
OMG: you aren't helping your cause with this. #2 pencils (or any pencils) have never contained lead hlthe2b Mar 2013 #49
the thing to know about NRA and pro-gun propaganda is they'll use a lie if it works for them CreekDog Mar 2013 #50
by the way, you need to leave the group if you are going to post here to discourage gun control CreekDog Mar 2013 #44
How are my posts in this group discouraging gun control? Peter cotton Mar 2013 #46
telling us that an article about lead pollution from bullets is not something to control CreekDog Mar 2013 #47
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