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51. Third Way Dems are colonists from the Rockefeller wing of the GOP
Mon May 4, 2015, 10:40 AM
May 2015

They arrived with Reagan and enough money to take over the Democratic Party for two decades. Like the Republicans, they remain essentially dynastic and protective of property rights - according to the iron law of inheritance, the Presidency now belongs to Hillary.

They know that some of us can now see them for what they are, but remain confident in their mission of planetary conquest.

K & R whereisjustice Mar 2015 #1
K&R LiberalElite Mar 2015 #30
K&R.... daleanime Mar 2015 #2
Thank you, there is nothing even remotely liberal about conservative economics Warpy Mar 2015 #3
Agree with your post, but there hasn't even been a recovery from the last crash for most. stillwaiting Mar 2015 #21
K & R RufusTFirefly Mar 2015 #4
This is what I come to Democratic Underground for. NBachers Mar 2015 #5
DLC = Third Way = "New Democrats" blkmusclmachine Mar 2015 #6
Progressive Policy Institute, Third Way, Center for American Progress, and No Labels. All DLC-ish merrily Mar 2015 #27
Corporatism and People Populism aspirant Mar 2015 #7
Well said. nt mother earth May 2015 #49
New Democrats, The DLC, Thirdway ReRe Mar 2015 #8
K&R. Keep it real Populist_Prole Mar 2015 #9
Bravo, Dragonfli, superb explanation of the mess of pottage the neolibs have served up. hedda_foil Mar 2015 #10
K&R. JDPriestly Mar 2015 #11
Yes please. cui bono Mar 2015 #12
K&R DeSwiss Mar 2015 #13
Great image! peacebird Mar 2015 #39
Agree, its time to dump third way, and neo-liberalsim, but Joe Shlabotnik Mar 2015 #14
ANd how many Americans are willing to be radically socialist? Or even willing to act humanely, truedelphi Mar 2015 #19
I'm with you on all that. Enthusiast Mar 2015 #24
This is what Democrats right here at DU have been taken in by: djean111 Mar 2015 #15
Hear! Hear! Especially the very last sentence: truedelphi Mar 2015 #18
PLUS ONE, a huge bunch! Enthusiast Mar 2015 #23
....but she has a great voting record on Women's Issues!!!! bvar22 Mar 2015 #34
Well, to be fair, that means the TPP and fracking and war will affect everyone equally. djean111 Mar 2015 #36
....x10 840high Apr 2015 #44
pretending to be morally pure. stonecutter357 Mar 2015 #16
Enjoy your banksters. L0oniX Mar 2015 #26
way would i not enjoy banksters. stonecutter357 Mar 2015 #29
The Third Way has forsaken their morality for money and power. No thanks. nm rhett o rick Mar 2015 #32
Is that supposed to mean something or do you have trouble with the English language? Dragonfli Mar 2015 #33
personal insults to go with your perfection. stonecutter357 Mar 2015 #37
That was not meant as an insult, I simply have no idea what you are trying to say. Dragonfli Mar 2015 #40
Kick and R. Great post. BeanMusical Mar 2015 #17
Great post, Dragonfli. Thank you so much! Scuba Mar 2015 #20
Kicked and recommended a whole bunch! Enthusiast Mar 2015 #22
K & R L0oniX Mar 2015 #25
K & R GoneFishin Mar 2015 #28
Instead of us saying "They Live" any more, we should be saying "They're GONE!" now! cascadiance Mar 2015 #31
DURec. bvar22 Mar 2015 #35
Agree totally. peacebird Mar 2015 #38
Fuckin A! TheKentuckian Mar 2015 #41
K&R. nt antigop Mar 2015 #42
DLC Not Good Khaotic Apr 2015 #43
Kick LondonReign2 Apr 2015 #45
k&r/nt rbnyc Apr 2015 #46
Thanks, Dragonfli. merrily May 2015 #47
YW /nt Dragonfli May 2015 #48
K&R Thanks for the "reminder" Cosmic Kitten May 2015 #50
Third Way Dems are colonists from the Rockefeller wing of the GOP leveymg May 2015 #51
I agree, they are ideologically the old Republicans that no longer fit into the new party Dragonfli May 2015 #52
The Third Way Democrats and their money machine will simply migrate back to the GOP leveymg May 2015 #53
Bravo! polichick May 2015 #54
Mine too. The third way leads to more inequality & poverty, it is unconscionable for any dem or mother earth May 2015 #55
kick cui bono May 2015 #56
K&R! woo me with science May 2015 #57
Excellent OP and thread! K&R n/t Catherina Aug 2015 #58
It seems like a good time to reread this. nt LWolf Aug 2015 #59
New New Deal is only thing that can save the nation and planet. Octafish Aug 2015 #60
KnR nt Mnemosyne Jan 2016 #61
knr nt chknltl Feb 2016 #62
The only way out of this is to break the DNC first Ferd Berfel Feb 2016 #63
Clinton started nothing less than an attempt to take over the world for corporations, and its still Baobab Mar 2016 #64
The real reason that Trump has a even a chance LoganOneNation Nov 2016 #65
What the party does not seem to get, even now, is that those who have walked away... polichick Dec 2016 #66
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