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4. This last growing season is likely my last.
Sun Dec 3, 2023, 12:41 PM
Dec 2023

I've had phenomenal luck with outdoor growing over the past 8 years. I've always used quality soil and good growing enhancements, and each plant (between 2 and 4 per season) has always produced between 10 and 16 oz of high potency weed. And I've always had WAY too much for personal/family consumption, so I've given away much more than we've used. (Our state law prohibits selling privately.) This last growing season, I grew only two plants and bagged about 20 oz.

But there's too much information floating around that seems to indicate that cannabis inflames coronary arteries. For those with heart problems, it's likely a bad choice for recreation. But the jury of research results is still out. With so many states legalizing recreational use, the final tally of health issues related to cannabis use should show up in cardiac care units in hospitals and not so much in laboratories. We should all be eager to hear of comprehensive studies with epidemiological and demographic features. In the meantime, and this is my opinion only, we should be wary that cannabis use CAN have negative and serious health consequences. It's growing more likely, although still not a certainty, that marijuana use as a healthy and harmless recreational choice is a myth.

Remember Thai Sticks?... [View all] MiHale Dec 2023 OP
Remember those sticks sticks. multigraincracker Dec 2023 #1
About 3 years ago I had the shingles and a really bad, bad case. My younger son brough me the gummies and they were the SheilaAnn Dec 2023 #3
I've got a lot of years on you Warpy Dec 2023 #16
High School mid 70's rogerballard Dec 2023 #2
👍 MiHale Dec 2023 #15
This message was self-deleted by its author DBoon Dec 2023 #29
This last growing season is likely my last. Eyeball_Kid Dec 2023 #4
Thanks for looking out for all of us. h2ebits Dec 2023 #5
I would love some tips about outdoor growing and any spare seeds would be appreciated. flying_wahini Dec 2023 #6
As one with heart problems, I can attest to this relayerbob Dec 2023 #11
Solution: Brownies! Duppers Dec 2023 #17
Is there such a thing as hash oil now? twodogsbarking Dec 2023 #7
There are several types nowadays IbogaProject Dec 2023 #12
Thanks. twodogsbarking Dec 2023 #14
There is jmowreader Dec 2023 #22
Mmmmm... I can smell it. Yum. LakeArenal Dec 2023 #8
Fruitilicious! LudwigPastorius Dec 2023 #18
It'll really get stinky in about 2 weeks... MiHale Dec 2023 #19
Yum yum. LakeArenal Dec 2023 #28
i remember thai stick. barbtries Dec 2023 #9
There is a book about they crew that brought a lot of Thai weed in back then IbogaProject Dec 2023 #13
👍 MiHale Dec 2023 #20
They were very potent. But now most quality weed is about the same. JohnnyRingo Dec 2023 #10
Yes and no...what?...ok! MiHale Dec 2023 #21
Yes, loved them and enjoyed them immensely. SamKnause Dec 2023 #23
👍 MiHale Dec 2023 #25
Thai sticks were great. The aroma and flavor amazing. That said, Panama Red and Acapulco Gold!! Evolve Dammit Dec 2023 #24
I wanna grow red... MiHale Dec 2023 #26
How did the gold turn out? Did you get seeds on-line or saved over the years? Evolve Dammit Dec 2023 #30
Amazing...curing now. MiHale Dec 2023 #31
What's an "auto?" Ten weeks is impressive. Hydroponics? Nice freebie! Evolve Dammit Dec 4 #34
Autoflower, 'auto' is a shortcut... MiHale Dec 4 #35
Appreciated. Will digest when I can. Thanks! Evolve Dammit Dec 4 #36
I remember! That's the stuff that was tied to a stick. Marcuse Dec 2023 #27
👍 MiHale Dec 2023 #32
Ah, Thai stick! OldBaldy1701E Dec 2023 #33
Had a cohort in HS that used to pump nitrogen and then phosphorous and had amazing results. Evolve Dammit Dec 4 #37
The first and last time I smoked Emile Dec 8 #38
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