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Jackpine Radical

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13. Yes, interesting. The race gambit is pretty obvious.
Wed Jun 10, 2015, 09:13 PM
Jun 2015

I noticed this story too & saw it for what it was. It's unavoidable; it's true--he DID say that, and I don't think it was a bad thing for him to say, but a whole lot of people don't or choose not to, see it that way. One just hopes that everyone gets to see enough of the uncensored Bernie to make their own minds up about him.

We, the citizens, have to change the game. [View all] Jackpine Radical Jun 2015 OP
I guess the 'Establishment' dates us; elleng Jun 2015 #1
Well, we just have our candidate choices in reverse order. Jackpine Radical Jun 2015 #2
O'Malley is part of the 'inside the beltway' swilton Jun 2015 #6
Can we make things go differently this time? smokey nj Jun 2015 #3
K&R! marym625 Jun 2015 #4
I think Progressives need to plan something big for this fall. Damansarajaya Jun 2015 #5
At first blush I thought this was a good idea. Then it hit me. Jackpine Radical Jun 2015 #7
But Bernie isn't about ducking the issues. Damansarajaya Jun 2015 #8
Maybe Occupy, who are already helping spread the word about Bernie. sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #11
*ESTABLISHMENT* Cleita Jun 2015 #9
Yah but everyone knows you're just another old hippie. Jackpine Radical Jun 2015 #10
One example of how they're trying to divide us is with this meme swilton Jun 2015 #12
Yes, interesting. The race gambit is pretty obvious. Jackpine Radical Jun 2015 #13
We shall miss you, Jackpine RobertEarl Jun 2015 #15
The elite, it is a good word..establishment works fine. Slogans are not easy to come up with. Jefferson23 Jun 2015 #14
Good to the last post Warren Stupidity Jun 2015 #16
I'm not religious but... SoapBox Jun 2015 #17
i heed his post. hopemountain Jun 2015 #18
Farewell, dear 'fringe candidate'. I loved his humor, his intelligence his incredible vision. sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #19
Farewell. Your passing leaves a void and the world is a lesser place Autumn Jun 2015 #20
RIP my fringe friend. Making you a host of this group in remembrance of you. L0oniX Jun 2015 #21
Great idea, loonix, n/t RobertEarl Jun 2015 #25
+1 progressoid Jun 2015 #27
Pine, man..... BlancheSplanchnik Jun 2015 #22
Rest In Peace, Jackpine octoberlib Jun 2015 #23
Cross gently, Jackpine. smokey nj Jun 2015 #24
As last words go that's not too bad at all. pa28 Jun 2015 #26
You said it Art_from_Ark Jun 2015 #28
You left us with your wisdom, but too soon. merrily Jun 2015 #29
Here's a link to his Blog: "Jackpine Needles" (and, a couple of excerpts) KoKo Jun 2015 #30
Thank you so much, Koko. Bookmarking. I hope his blog stays up so we can read more of his merrily Jun 2015 #35
It still seems surreal marym625 Jun 2015 #31
Jackpine and his everyday activism: blm Jun 2015 #32
William Pitt's posts in memory of Jackpine Radical, Xchrom  and JeffR. marym625 Jun 2015 #33
Peace Jackpine & love for all you gave. We must change in this critical time, you were right. appalachiablue Jun 2015 #34
Get out the youth vote, the kids love Bernie! Dont call me Shirley Jun 2015 #36
omg. I miss you Jackpine Radical. I really really miss you. 2banon Jul 2015 #37
Lot's of people planning meetups tomorrow. CrispyQ Jul 2015 #38
Miss you a lot. Lifelong Protester Aug 2015 #39
I miss Jackpine Liberal. He was so thoughtful and wise. sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #40
Jackpine was always such a good soul Aerows Aug 2015 #41
I agree :( darkangel218 Oct 2015 #43
I miss JPR darkangel218 Oct 2015 #42
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