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Bernie Sanders

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Fri May 13, 2016, 05:35 PM May 2016

Okay, I have a very real alert stalking problem and Things are worse than I thought, Updated!!! [View all]

Now a Hillary Supporter is locking My threads in GDP as "off topic"
this one, where else would I post it?

It also makes more sense to me now how my postal address wa so easily found as it was used to purchase a star less than a week prior to the offending letter. It is now clear I am most assuredly being "asked to leave", and it involves more than a few jerks in the Hillary group. Some are Hosts of the GDP group, one of whom locked a discussion about the candidates comparative records.
Which makes no sense, at least not ethically or by the terms of service of he group.

I have even received threats in my snail mail from those claiming to be "proud members of the DU Clinton group". That say "they can and will alert me off the site because of my far left views and attacks on Clinton". I am not far left, I know that, and I do not believe I am guilty of "attacking" Clinton, I believe I simply reveal things about her and her differences with Democratic values and disagree vehemently with some of her more deadly policies. (many of you have read enough of my posts over the past dozen years to judge this for yourselves).

I also believe that doing such things are one of the purposes of discussing politics on a political website, else we might as well debate the differing methods used to bake cookies. I have never gone after her personally and have only gone after her policies which I believe are fair game.

The fact that they know my addy really does not bother me, many people know it, as I have never been very frightened about revealing myself online and am easy to find, many of you already know, but my IRL name is Dennis M Wilson and I reside on the southeast side of Buffalo NY.

I have even received some fan mail from online people that I never gave my address to, so finding me is easy, with a paid membership in one of those places that does that sort of thing.

I have nothing to fear at home because I literally have nothing of value and even my life is of extremely little value to me since my wife died, and my health sucks anyway.

The part I am worried about is losing my voice here, I don't, and would never resort to signing up under another name anywhere, ever, it is a matter of honor to me (it would be easy enough as IP spoofing is child's play, I simply would never do it).

The help I need from you guys is very simple, PM me in order of most likely to alert stalk among that group from worst to least likely in that order, I have ten open slots on my alert block list, I would also like if possible for someone to clarify for me that those on ignore can not alert on me, (I have this idea they can't, because I know the admins once said one cannot alert on those on one's ignore list so I just assume it goes both ways, but do not know for sure and ask the admins could take several months if ever before I get a reply).

It is getting very bad these past few weeks, I have received moe hides these last weeks than I have in at lest 8 years prior combined. I also received several heads up via PM regarding a great many more unsuccessful attempts, and I wonder how many attempts I never hear about.

If you believe I have earned such treatment then so be it, perhaps I do, but if you believe this unfair, let me know, and help as best you can.


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Email the admins with the info Cooley Hurd May 2016 #1
Every time I have tried that I am either ignored or simply have to wait far to long for it to help. Dragonfli May 2016 #4
Try both DU mail and AtA. It's THAT important that you're safe. Cooley Hurd May 2016 #6
Can you remember what posts they hid on- was it anything important you were saying? Baobab May 2016 #42
Wish I could help. I put them on Ignore immediately so I would not know one from the other yourpaljoey May 2016 #2
Bless your heart! Raster May 2016 #3
My honest guess is that this is not Clinton supporters - TBF May 2016 #5
LOL dreamnightwind May 2016 #11
I'm not trying to "deflect" anything - TBF May 2016 #14
OK, sorry, why though would this look like CC to you? dreamnightwind May 2016 #19
History TBF May 2016 #28
CC messed with them for opposing the corporatist wing of our own party? dreamnightwind May 2016 #32
Oh no - not that specific TBF May 2016 #64
"should she be successful in stealing the nomination from Bernie." caquillo May 2016 #80
Welcome to DU. This is the Bernie Sanders group, not the David Brock group. myrna minx May 2016 #81
Oh caquillo May 2016 #82
Linked in another forum? As in here on DU? pinebox May 2016 #112
If you want to go through every contest she has cheated in - TBF May 2016 #107
To getting more votes than people turning out to vote Kittycat May 2016 #117
what constitutes cheating is voter suppression, electioneering, magical thyme May 2016 #121
TBF is good people, I believe the post was sincere if mistaken. /nt Dragonfli May 2016 #17
I received a snail mail letter, not an email one, and I am aware of the Conservative Cave Dragonfli May 2016 #13
Ah, well if that's the case (re following particular discussions) TBF May 2016 #16
Personally I'd call the police pinebox May 2016 #113
I was stalked in RL by a rabid DU Clinton supporter. riderinthestorm May 2016 #57
It doesn't surprise me in the least that they did nothing davidpdx May 2016 #111
i was one of their pet projects for a while mopinko May 2016 #74
If they threaten you through the U.S. Mail, that is a Federal crime and should be reported. [n/t] Maedhros May 2016 #7
+100 nt slipslidingaway May 2016 #9
I got royally pissed off and tossed it in the garbage (thew same bin I put the dog poop in ) Dragonfli May 2016 #20
bingo Joob May 2016 #21
Absolutely report any snail mail issues to the postal authorities. ladyVet May 2016 #69
Definitely send to the administrators, you should not be receiving threats from anyone connected to slipslidingaway May 2016 #8
I miss those days, now they want to herd cats, even thinking they can herd them into an Abattoir nt Dragonfli May 2016 #29
Tell the scumbags you want to meet them in person.... CompanyFirstSergeant May 2016 #10
Thanks brother, but there was no return address and in such a scenario I would have met them myself Dragonfli May 2016 #22
They don't want to fight. CompanyFirstSergeant May 2016 #23
Thanks, the no return address part sort of gave away their cowardice. /nt Dragonfli May 2016 #30
You're one of the best posters on this site dreamnightwind May 2016 #12
I have tried I only know of two that actually crossed the line in anger, and own those the rest well Dragonfli May 2016 #25
Yeah I get it, and good luck. dreamnightwind May 2016 #27
This message was self-deleted by its author TheProgressive May 2016 #15
I was told just STFU a few months ago or I would be banned. I went quiet for awhile. LiberalArkie May 2016 #18
I used to tell my recruits.... CompanyFirstSergeant May 2016 #24
Good advice /nt Dragonfli May 2016 #26
One wonders if it was from the same person or sub/group of a certain group here. /nt Dragonfli May 2016 #31
You know it was. I can't remember who else around the same time, be he was older also. LiberalArkie May 2016 #35
This message was self-deleted by its author artislife May 2016 #39
You are talking to a card carrying member of a Wiccan Coven (except we don't have cards) Dragonfli May 2016 #43
This message was self-deleted by its author artislife May 2016 #52
The friend should know that witches do not proselytize, considering it to be extremely rude Dragonfli May 2016 #53
Wow! A Google picture of your house? Duval May 2016 #91
Who knows from where. I could have been chatting here or somewhere even about ham radio. LiberalArkie May 2016 #96
Stay strong, and stay safe Dragonfli. Joe Shlabotnik May 2016 #33
Thanks for the compliment, if this is a ham handed attempt to silence me it won't work Dragonfli May 2016 #34
I'm so sorry this is happening to you. MelissaB May 2016 #36
You write very thought through OPs, but sadoldgirl May 2016 #37
I see and write about potential trends based on evidence, I also take lessons from history Dragonfli May 2016 #40
Great picture. Thanks. sadoldgirl May 2016 #44
Amazing piece of art. arikara May 2016 #70
You are right about that, we had cell phones of course, but not with all the eyes constantly glued Dragonfli May 2016 #73
thanks for letting us know. grasswire May 2016 #38
Send the most threatening to Skinner! bkkyosemite May 2016 #41
There was only one threat and it was sent as postage, I don't think it was actionable as the threat Dragonfli May 2016 #46
I do not think Skinner would allow attacks like you have had. Send an email to him bkkyosemite May 2016 #54
He would likely suggest I support Hillary Clinton. /nt Dragonfli May 2016 #55
This message was self-deleted by its author TM99 May 2016 #45
You're right that in their mixed up minds we are extreme leftists (far from true of course) Dragonfli May 2016 #47
This message was self-deleted by its author TM99 May 2016 #49
Post removed Post removed May 2016 #79
Buh bye. Puglover May 2016 #85
This message was self-deleted by its author TM99 May 2016 #90
Judging by their transparency page they are a complete asstroll. cui bono May 2016 #108
Who could have imagined that giving assholes amnesty would make them behave... truebrit71 May 2016 #116
What I can add about the rules Jim Lane May 2016 #48
Thank you for the information, it is most helpful, and yes i did mean jury blacklist just spaced out Dragonfli May 2016 #50
Good idea arikara May 2016 #71
DUs a real quality place these days. Admins should be proud. nt MadDAsHell May 2016 #51
Wow. I love your posts. I have not been on here long and your posts stood out immediately for me. bjo59 May 2016 #56
Thank you for the compliment, this was once a very different site and the admins would not have Dragonfli May 2016 #59
I'm sorry. Take care. Be careful. riderinthestorm May 2016 #58
Could someone please tell me: What is JPR? raging moderate May 2016 #60
It stands for the working class, the disowned, the oppressed, the poor, it stands for all but Dragonfli May 2016 #61
Gee, thanks! So it's Jackpine radicals! raging moderate May 2016 #62
;-) /nt Dragonfli May 2016 #63
This alert stalking is real and nasty. Your posts are always great and bbgrunt May 2016 #65
Dear Dragonfli merrily May 2016 #66
I don't believe that you have earned such treatment Time for change May 2016 #67
I cannot get over this. I cannot believe people can be so ugly that they would do this to you. jillan May 2016 #68
I don't know who would be most likely, but LWolf May 2016 #72
The OP SandersDem May 2016 #75
You are a great poster, so sorry to somebody is mailing you this crap. emulatorloo May 2016 #76
This is nonsense. wisteria May 2016 #77
Really? I think thou dost protest too much! are you willing to send me a handwriting sample? Dragonfli May 2016 #83
That one won't be responding, they are blocked. If you receive any more messages from that group Autumn May 2016 #99
Your OP has been alerted. I will not lock this. Autumn May 2016 #78
Give her a map to someone who cares. n/t QC May 2016 #84
No shit. Puglover May 2016 #86
The Hillary group should tend to their own before they decide to control ours. Autumn May 2016 #98
I assume the name rhymes with hysteria. I would like to address the message you received- Dragonfli May 2016 #87
We are your friends and we are here for you. You belong here and your posts belong here. Autumn May 2016 #95
Thank you Autumn, the very reason I came here for advise is because I DO consider you friends Dragonfli May 2016 #97
That is freakin wrong LaurenG May 2016 #88
I don't believe any such place exists, and all I can do to protect myself is to use my Dragonfli May 2016 #89
I don't think leaving is the answer. It seems you are being LaurenG May 2016 #92
Snail mail? How do they know your address? kerry-is-my-prez May 2016 #93
You'd have to as them (him/her) that, I can only guess that because on many places on the internet, Dragonfli May 2016 #102
I'm far left, and proud of it! liberalnarb May 2016 #94
As far as I know, they don't have my personal email address, just my mailing address. /nt Dragonfli May 2016 #103
How'd they get that? liberalnarb May 2016 #104
Don't really know and oddly don't even much care, I don't fear them or anything. /nt Dragonfli May 2016 #106
this is crazy RazBerryBeret May 2016 #100
My recent hides were because "it is time to shut down criticism of the Clintons on this board" djean111 May 2016 #101
I assume my alert stalking is for a similar reason, the last couple of weeks, I wrote some well Dragonfli May 2016 #105
This is horrible, but sadly, not surprising. cui bono May 2016 #109
I actually do feel sorry for them, life without joy is misery, I once and for a good long time felt Dragonfli May 2016 #110
Sorry I didn't know about this Waiting For Everyman May 2016 #114
I am also sorry to hear this is happening to you davidpdx May 2016 #115
And just remember you can always post here Kittycat May 2016 #118
These folks do this to anybody they do not like nadinbrzezinski May 2016 #119
Don't give into bullies. Contact the administrators. Contact the police. Document everything. w4rma May 2016 #120
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