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sabrina 1

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27. I don't think it's all that puzzling to be honest. Simply put, the Establishment, run by the
Sun Sep 20, 2015, 01:07 PM
Sep 2015

Billionaires, allow a show contest each election season to continue the illusion of democracy. And in each election they have THEIR candidates ready to 'win' which is done with the huge amounts of money poured into these election.

It is as corrupt a system as can be imagined under the cloak of democracy.

They were not worried about upstarts like Bernie gaining support from the people. They have allowed this to happen before, until they were ready to put a stop to it.

Arrogance is the answer to 'why is she not really trying'. She has been assured that she doesn't need to.

THEY will buy THIS election for either of their two chosen candidates, no matter what the people want.

I am sure they are all drinking their cocktails, watching the 'little people' with their Populist candidate THINKING they have any power.

Since they have been so successful for so long with this method, why should they think their money won't buy yet another election?

However, they may be getting a little worried that they allowed this to go on for too long. Which is why we saw Brock's little escapade so early in the primaries.

Since that failed so spectacularly and raised nearly 2 million for Bernie, I'm sure there are meetings going on in Private Mansions around the country to try to figure out WTH is going on.

But they will stop at nothing, and their chosen candidates are no doubt confident of this, to stop Bernie from winning.

And that is why the People must be as relentless, as fiercely committed to winning as they are. Or once again, they will get what they want.

Imo this is the most critical election since the stolen 2000 election.

Iow, it is us against them. Can the people win? I think so, IF they do not give up.

She's taken a stand on some women's issues such as wage inequality. sarge43 Sep 2015 #1
That's not a stand--that's just observation Demeter Sep 2015 #4
Point taken. sarge43 Sep 2015 #5
as one DUer has said: "We'll all be equal in the breadlines." nt antigop Sep 2015 #11
That would be me. HooptieWagon Sep 2015 #15
They can, but they won't. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Sep 2015 #23
An old observation. Half-Century Man Sep 2015 #26
Sure they can Demeter Sep 2015 #29
Elect her and find out - LiberalElite Sep 2015 #7
or her job is outsourced...or her job is replaced by an h-1b visaholder...or her husband's antigop Sep 2015 #8
It's only bewildering if you look at it logically... Cosmic Kitten Sep 2015 #2
That's exactly it Demeter Sep 2015 #3
If the Top 1% Get 99% of the Income and Wealth, They Should Pay 99% of the Taxes" MindfulOne Sep 2015 #17
yes, the goal is to maintain the status quo...and keep her mouth closed as much as possible antigop Sep 2015 #10
And let the American people live with the result. senz Sep 2015 #30
Her campaign is a empty of any substance ybbor Sep 2015 #6
She looks nice. Did you see her hair the other evening? Enthusiast Sep 2015 #9
And that seems to be important to her followers, too ... senz Sep 2015 #31
Hillary always does her best leading from behind, let's hope she keeps it up in the primaries. n/t A Simple Game Sep 2015 #12
you make a good point -- it is a stark difference nashville_brook Sep 2015 #13
Right On Beowulf42 Sep 2015 #14
Oh Bravo! Faux pas Sep 2015 #16
That's because she only has one guiding principle. JayhawkSD Sep 2015 #18
Exactly. She wants to be president. End of story. djean111 Sep 2015 #19
+ 1000 senz Sep 2015 #32
I truly believe that about her. cui bono Sep 2015 #35
Camp Weathervane just can't stop spinning... SoapBox Sep 2015 #20
It is what it is, the Clinton campaign is a machine designed to defeat the Republican candidate Babel_17 Sep 2015 #21
Good, interesting analysis. Although I doubt that the point is to defeat a Republican senz Sep 2015 #33
For decades, that sort of politicking has worked. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Sep 2015 #22
"the awfulness of lengthy decaying in the hot sun" Divernan Sep 2015 #24
She's "listening".... Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2015 #25
I don't think it's all that puzzling to be honest. Simply put, the Establishment, run by the sabrina 1 Sep 2015 #27
Gotta say... senz Sep 2015 #34
More and more our system resembles a tragi-comical farce Babel_17 Sep 2015 #37
all they can do is swing at the Pubs' low-hanging fruit MisterP Sep 2015 #28
Well said. So many good comments in this thread. senz Sep 2015 #36
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