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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!

Lucid Dreamer

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107. Don't get so happy so fast...
Wed Jun 12, 2019, 08:54 PM
Jun 2019

Remember that most trump supporters are too embarrassed to admit to poll takers that they would vote for him... but they DO vote for him.

These polls suck. If you adjust your campaign tactics by them, then your campaign will suck.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Undecided but I can't see many problems with Biden Harris underpants Jun 2019 #1
My favorite ticket Green Line Jun 2019 #2
Mine, too.. right now. Cha Jun 2019 #70
I like your 2 cents, underpants..! Cha Jun 2019 #5
Yep DownriverDem Jun 2019 #26
Or Warren /Buttigieg MFM008 Jun 2019 #40
Buttigieg or Beto are both great zaj Jun 2019 #104
At the moment peggysue2 Jun 2019 #77
That's a good probability. But a waste to put Harris as VP. Honeycombe8 Jun 2019 #91
She'd run as President in 2024. zaj Jun 2019 #103
He said he won't promise not to run again. Honeycombe8 Jun 2019 #110
Biden/Harris #1, Warren/Beto #2 zaj Jun 2019 #102
"0le 'Landslide Joe' we call him." LakeArenal Jun 2019 #3
Has an Awesome Ring to it, LakeArenal! Cha Jun 2019 #6
Biden's not my 1st choice, or 2nd but we need to defeat Traitor don Va Lefty Jun 2019 #4
All that matters DownriverDem Jun 2019 #27
I would not be enthusiastic at all Skittles Jun 2019 #43
We know! Cha Jun 2019 #48
Love those numbers!!! Peacetrain Jun 2019 #7
Yes, Biden is, Peacetrain!.. he has a plan even if Cha Jun 2019 #8
Oh Cha I can see where the campaign is going Peacetrain Jun 2019 #10
No other way, Peacetrain! More good news!.. Cha Jun 2019 #11
I love reading yr posts onetexan Jun 2019 #36
lol.. Thanks, onetexan.. Cha Jun 2019 #39
Yes, out the door & into the Slammer onetexan Jun 2019 #51
Good finish! Cha Jun 2019 #53
NEW: Key Iowa endorsements for @JoeBiden ahead of the former VP's 2-day swing through the state Cha Jun 2019 #13
The problem is a national poll doesn't show who can win swing states, Liberty Belle Jun 2019 #9
+ 1000 mtnsnake Jun 2019 #12
Even the Trump campaign's internal polling shows Biden beating Trump in states Trump needs to win. highplainsdem Jun 2019 #14
Biden is winning DownriverDem Jun 2019 #29
We'll see as time goes on here.. it Cha Jun 2019 #72
Yup! peggysue2 Jun 2019 #78
Thanks for the backup, Peggysue! Cha Jun 2019 #93
No Democrat is going to win the national popular vote by 10+ and lose the swing states. Drunken Irishman Jun 2019 #79
Yep, however Cosmocat Jun 2019 #87
If this continues LibFarmer Jun 2019 #15
If they do then DownriverDem Jun 2019 #30
Here's to it only getting Cha Jun 2019 #44
"Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump by 14 Points Nationally in New Poll" LiberalLovinLug Jun 2019 #16
+999999999999. N/T angrychair Jun 2019 #20
Oh guess what?! We all have memories, too.. Cha Jun 2019 #22
What you said Hekate Jun 2019 #99
And then 11 days before the election, James Comey dropped his letter. pnwmom Jun 2019 #37
Exactly FiveGoodMen Jun 2019 #83
Hillary had similar polling IronLionZion Jun 2019 #17
No.. perish the thought.. Not taking anything for granted! Cha Jun 2019 #28
Those states DownriverDem Jun 2019 #31
I sure hope so IronLionZion Jun 2019 #64
It would so as Cha Jun 2019 #113
It was not the swing states that made a mistake. LibFarmer Jun 2019 #52
Yep. Union members. progressoid Jun 2019 #62
Plus the word on the street LibFarmer Jun 2019 #63
I hope those folks wise up this time IronLionZion Jun 2019 #65
K & R SunSeeker Jun 2019 #18
Hmmmmmmmmm, where have I seen this before? Ferrets are Cool Jun 2019 #19
Different times DownriverDem Jun 2019 #32
If that were actually true Ferrets are Cool Jun 2019 #74
Works for me. It seems to be causing orange flop sweat at Mar-A-Lago... Hekate Jun 2019 #21
We're coming for Cha Jun 2019 #71
Joe with all his "faults" is our best bet to win this thing. honest.abe Jun 2019 #23
Joe's faults are minor compared to the Horrible guy in WH onetexan Jun 2019 #34
Yes indeed.. honest.abe Jun 2019 #59
I have to admit it. I'm old. And I'm cynical. EveHammond13 Jun 2019 #24
Our candidate has to win by enough points... liberalmuse Jun 2019 #25
Biden can DownriverDem Jun 2019 #33
here's how i read this poll- mopinko Jun 2019 #35
I like this part of the current poll.. Cha Jun 2019 #50
The female vote as it stands will sink trump also the total FloridaBlues Jun 2019 #58
Aloha, FloridaBlues! Like it says in the OP Cha Jun 2019 #60
The exploding deficit, a slowing economy, fact finding NoMoreRepugs Jun 2019 #38
Excellent news! Silver Gaia Jun 2019 #41
You're Welcome, Silver Gaia! Cha Jun 2019 #47
That's great news, but if we were to nominate Jesse Ventura the numbers would still be in our favor mtnsnake Jun 2019 #42
This poll is the electability argument, distilled. MontanaFarmer Jun 2019 #45
I'm not holding my breath RainCaster Jun 2019 #46
No... no holding of breath! I'm doing plenty Cha Jun 2019 #69
National polls are representative of the likely popular vote outcome, as we know... Agschmid Jun 2019 #49
We need the mother of all landslides Politicub Jun 2019 #54
Yes We Do, Politicub! Cha Jun 2019 #55
Aren't we like, almost a year out from the primaries? Lordquinton Jun 2019 #56
It's counting the eggs before they're laid. FiveGoodMen Jun 2019 #84
It's ALL about SCOTUS!! I'm a Biden guy to start with but I'll crawl over glass to vote for a OrlandoDem2 Jun 2019 #57
As we have learned twice before, nationwide polls are of little use Fiendish Thingy Jun 2019 #61
Of course.. we're multi-tasking here.. Cha Jun 2019 #66
FYI! Cha Jun 2019 #67
Only problem is, 84.5% of the people polled don't know WTH the Hyde Amendment is mtnsnake Jun 2019 #68
Probably why it's not near the issue many on DU were making it out to be. Drunken Irishman Jun 2019 #114
Biden's the One. nt oasis Jun 2019 #73
Aloha, oasis! Cha Jun 2019 #112
Plenty of time for Democrats to turn on him and throw it alll away LongtimeAZDem Jun 2019 #75
Yeah - you can always count on Democrats to do something stupid Skya Rhen Jun 2019 #90
Get a new counting machine Roy Rolling Jun 2019 #95
K&R stonecutter357 Jun 2019 #76
Thank you drmeow Jun 2019 #80
6/15 CNN poll: Clinton leads Trump by 24% Tiggeroshii Jun 2019 #81
Interesting colsohlibgal Jun 2019 #82
When all the dust settles musicman65 Jun 2019 #85
I hope so.. he is strong and Cha Jun 2019 #96
I'm still shell-shocked from 2016 onlyadream Jun 2019 #86
K&R Scurrilous Jun 2019 #88
I'm still with Harris The Liberal Lion Jun 2019 #89
It looks like he may be the nominee. It doesn't enthuse me. nt Honeycombe8 Jun 2019 #92
This is great and all but ... jimlup Jun 2019 #94
This makes me smile Gothmog Jun 2019 #97
Minus Chicanery We Should Win With Most If Not All Of Them colsohlibgal Jun 2019 #98
A landslide election is priority #2 behind winning. zaj Jun 2019 #100
Yes.. we're Going for Landslide! Cha Jun 2019 #115
Can't say I'm surprised. Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jun 2019 #101
17 months away.. hope it Cha Jun 2019 #111
Hey, non-DU men: wake the F up! spooky3 Jun 2019 #105
And Heeeeere's the Video! Demon Dem Jun 2019 #106
Thanks for the Vid, Demon Dem! Cha Jun 2019 #109
Don't get so happy so fast... Lucid Dreamer Jun 2019 #107
We're Happy in the right now.. we know Cha Jun 2019 #108
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