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Democratic Primaries

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Mon Nov 18, 2019, 07:13 PM Nov 2019

Democratic naysayers are dead wrong on Medicare for All [View all]


(CNN)The American political debate over health care is absurd. Americans pay twice as much as any other nation for health care, and then are told daily that they "can't afford" to switch to a lower-cost system very similar to those of Canada and Europe. If President Donald Trump and the plutocratic Republican party were the only ones carrying this ridiculous message, it would be understandable. Yet this message is also coming from media pundits aligned with the Democratic Party and the most conservative wing of the party.

Let's be clear on the central point. Medicare for All, as first proposed by Bernie Sanders and endorsed by Elizabeth Warren, is affordable precisely because it is cheaper, much cheaper, than the current system.

Pleasantly surprised to see this on the CNN homepage. Enjoy.
If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
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I'm not a 'naysayer' because of the cost - but because of Congress. nt redqueen Nov 2019 #1
+100000 Celerity Nov 2019 #4
Democrats in Congress won't pass something unless it's supported by their voters. LonePirate Nov 2019 #8
I'm to blame because republican lawmakers from Texas won't vote for M4A? redqueen Nov 2019 #10
Correct, and step 1 is to stop passing those memes around Perseus Nov 2019 #22
Translation boomer_wv Nov 2019 #60
fact. we can do this Kurt V. Nov 2019 #2
MFA will be cost effective! It's easy to see why.... at140 Nov 2019 #53
Some Dems insist on paying the "freedom tax" that accompanies private insurance "choice" LonePirate Nov 2019 #3
some naysaying. Eko Nov 2019 #5
So we shouldn't try to pass anything that might generate backlash? Heck, that's every possible bill. LonePirate Nov 2019 #6
Strawman. Eko Nov 2019 #7
No, some Dems prefer progress and change. Some Dems want to leave things alone. LonePirate Nov 2019 #9
Yes, Strawman. Eko Nov 2019 #11
You specifically implied there would be backlash and it would lead to another 45. LonePirate Nov 2019 #13
Yes, it, it, it. Eko Nov 2019 #17
Except there is backlash for everything - MFA, climate change, guns, voter rights, etc. LonePirate Nov 2019 #19
Wow. Eko Nov 2019 #21
Sigh, I realize even my last post wont explain it to you. Eko Nov 2019 #23
So we shouldn't improve health care for all Americans because we might lose some elections? LonePirate Nov 2019 #25
You are the champ at strawman. Eko Nov 2019 #30
"Some Dems want to leave things alone" TwilightZone Nov 2019 #12
Tinkering with ACA is like throwing a shot glass of water on a five alarm fire. It's a time waster. LonePirate Nov 2019 #14
Are you equating ACA to a five alarm fire? beastie boy Nov 2019 #24
If millions of Americans without sufficient health care is not a five alarm fire, then what is? LonePirate Nov 2019 #27
Tens of millions of Americans without sufficient health care. beastie boy Nov 2019 #34
Leaving shit 'that "works"' alone, is the paleo definition of conservatism. Volaris Nov 2019 #28
Your assumption is wrong! There is no democrat that doesn't want to see everyone have health ins Thekaspervote Nov 2019 #38
What's divisive is cowering to the GOP and not even trying to implement change. LonePirate Nov 2019 #42
I see you prefer drama and hyperbolae to rational debate. beastie boy Nov 2019 #48
If the GOP will oppose everything, then I prefer pushing a real solution instead of a half-measure. LonePirate Nov 2019 #49
Ummm... ACA had passed. Ten years ago. Despite the GOP opposition. beastie boy Nov 2019 #50
Congress passed the ACA with a public option, couldn't get the votes in the Senate. betsuni Nov 2019 #56
Some Dems understand that nothing can be accomplished without winning an election and know we Demsrule86 Nov 2019 #57
It can be done, it will be done Sherman A1 Nov 2019 #15
Well, it's an opinion piece, and the views are those of the author frazzled Nov 2019 #16
NO one has ever fully detailed what the actual overall cost is. No one. George II Nov 2019 #20
How can we tell if we can afford something if the details of how it's funded and.... George II Nov 2019 #18
+1 Docreed2003 Nov 2019 #51
Questions for those who support MFA: stopbush Nov 2019 #26
This message was self-deleted by its author stopbush Nov 2019 #52
Don't hold your breath. George II Nov 2019 #55
Excellent op ed! Thank you for the link. I'm bookmarking this. PatrickforO Nov 2019 #29
I agree with Harry Reid Gothmog Nov 2019 #31
Harry knows!! Thekaspervote Nov 2019 #39
Just forget that it would save $5T over what we have now. At least. BuffaloJackalope Nov 2019 #40
Links please Thekaspervote Nov 2019 #41
From that notorious extreme-Leftist socialist rag - Business Insider: BuffaloJackalope Nov 2019 #45
About Business Insider - not a conservative publication: ehrnst Nov 2019 #61
The thing is, either you're zentrum Nov 2019 #46
wrap it... myohmy2 Nov 2019 #32
What is a Democratic naysayers ? fucking with my health care is absurd. stonecutter357 Nov 2019 #33
Sadly, someone wanted to shut down this thread. BeckyDem Nov 2019 #35
What if in this environment, Public Option with increased subsidies gets us to goal faster? Hoyt Nov 2019 #36
Support for a public option has been increasing, and for Medicare-for-All has been decreasing Gothmog Nov 2019 #37
Well done. Thanks. zentrum Nov 2019 #43
"Medicare for All is affordable precisely because it is cheaper, PufPuf23 Nov 2019 #44
I don't believe that. Demsrule86 Nov 2019 #58
Simple fix. Let people VOTE James48 Nov 2019 #47
That will never happen... can we please be serious? Demsrule86 Nov 2019 #59
um loyalsister Nov 2019 #62
Arguing for M4A by making it not universal? dansolo Nov 2019 #64
Why don't we present it this way: One party wants you to have access to health insurance... dawg day Nov 2019 #54
Some of the early naysayers BlueMTexpat Nov 2019 #63
It is a good article if one reads it but a shame the video couldn't match up with the column. Uncle Joe Nov 2019 #65
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