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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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89. I've never believed that stat, imo flawed exit polling
Sun Feb 16, 2020, 10:35 PM
Feb 2020

that doesn't jibe with reality. HRC's and Obama's bases had no real ideological or cultural differences - whereas HRC and Bernie are night and day.

The larger issue in nomination contests is how much the losing camp(s) help the nominee to get out the vote.

HRC (and Bill) were very strong behind Obama once they got through with that long campaign.

Sanders was mathematically eliminated by early March, yet stuck around and his campaign allowed many of his young supporters to think the DNC/HRC was 'stealing' it from him. It bred alot of bad will, conspiracy theories, etc that persist to this day.

Jeff Weaver and Nina Turner in particular are terrible, foment an attack culture that may 'work' amongst the online left - but a culture that is highly repulsive to the 75% of Dems who are not part of Sanders base.

Joy Reid talked about this more today, how even journalists have to 'walk on eggshells' around any critique, no matter how mild, of Sanders for fear of getting pummelled by Berners - many of whom do have a militant and entitled attitude that is far out of proportion (many of them are white and middle class) to what their true status in America is.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
Oooo-k TheCowsCameHome Feb 2020 #1
"Ooo-K with an emoji is not an argument. DemocracyMouse Feb 2020 #55
Thanks for the comprehensive analysis. TheCowsCameHome Feb 2020 #84
Been saying this for years... Hassin Bin Sober Feb 2020 #2
if you truly believe that.... chillfactor Feb 2020 #3
Another outboard motor in a cesspool post redstateblues Feb 2020 #4
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Feb 2020 #5
Okay, yeah right PatSeg Feb 2020 #6
This is so deliciously ambiguous! beastie boy Feb 2020 #7
Welp sheshe2 Feb 2020 #8
No one can touch it. George II Feb 2020 #12
Correct. sheshe2 Feb 2020 #17
.... George II Feb 2020 #59
Bwahahaha sheshe2 Feb 2020 #61
Hammer time. TexasTowelie Feb 2020 #65
no one can find lol. nt msongs Feb 2020 #21
Ha! sheshe2 Feb 2020 #29
A partial example: dalton99a Feb 2020 #27
In depth I see... sheshe2 Feb 2020 #30
Wrong. When he is "attacked" on those things, Sanders supporters are all like... W_HAMILTON Feb 2020 #9
You're making some mighty strong assumptions about anyone who doesn't agree with Sanders. George II Feb 2020 #10
yeah. i don't like blanket claims. ppl are complicated but amazingly simple. Kurt V. Feb 2020 #36
I was not really happy with the Bern Swarms I got last week. irisblue Feb 2020 #11
False CalFione Feb 2020 #13
Did Amy beat Bernie in either Iowa or NH? ChubbyStar Feb 2020 #15
No. Because the majority that favors sensible candidates is split among many. CalFione Feb 2020 #16
Great so she lost to Bernie in both states ChubbyStar Feb 2020 #18
Good thing there's 48 to go. CalFione Feb 2020 #20
Wrong. DanTex Feb 2020 #22
I am fearful the swimsuit competition might do Bernie in ChubbyStar Feb 2020 #24
Online yougov poll is less than meaningless CalFione Feb 2020 #25
LOL. DanTex Feb 2020 #26
Aaaah. An on line poll. sheshe2 Feb 2020 #34
If you post that link a few dozen more times maybe even you will believe it. calguy Feb 2020 #40
If it is a false link alert on the post ChubbyStar Feb 2020 #42
Fake? Nope. Online? Yes. sheshe2 Feb 2020 #63
Well as long as people are under the mistaken impression DanTex Feb 2020 #43
A few questions about the real "facts" here lees1975 Feb 2020 #23
Each paragraph of this post contains at least one unfounded assertion. Mister Ed Feb 2020 #92
There are at least 4 threads treestar Feb 2020 #14
Well . . . underthematrix Feb 2020 #19
Sure, we're jealous he got a few post offices named. Great record! wyldwolf Feb 2020 #28
Did you denounce that "rando" of whom you speak? Rorey Feb 2020 #31
If Bernie or any other candidate tried to denounce every rando DanTex Feb 2020 #35
A blanket denunciation would do. Rorey Feb 2020 #37
He's done that. More than once I believe. DanTex Feb 2020 #39
As a matter of fact Rorey Feb 2020 #45
So you'd like Bernie supporters to call out other Bernie supporters being rude. DanTex Feb 2020 #50
Thank you for the mild rebuke to your fellow Berners about unions Rorey Feb 2020 #58
Yeah, that's my point. You want rebuke, rebuke, rebuke, and even then you want more. DanTex Feb 2020 #64
I actually have rebuked people IRL about the communist thing Rorey Feb 2020 #72
"Nobody likes him" is clearly an attack, anyone can see that. DanTex Feb 2020 #78
It's not the nature of me. Rorey Feb 2020 #86
This message was self-deleted by its author Rorey Feb 2020 #88
You already have a team of pumpers working full time calguy Feb 2020 #41
No, it's because they are often the left's version of Trumptsters Tumbulu Feb 2020 #32
If it wasn't for Bernie and his Bernie or Bust crowd we doc03 Feb 2020 #33
It's disheartening that they won't own that fact. NT Rorey Feb 2020 #38
We don't have to own that because it's not true. According to Dem leadership it was Russia meddling Autumn Feb 2020 #48
It was part of it, of course Rorey Feb 2020 #51
I guess you have them all on ignore, I see that disclaimer all the time. I've even said it. . Autumn Feb 2020 #56
I don't put anyone on ignore, ever NT Rorey Feb 2020 #62
There were less cross-overs from Bernie people in 2016 than there were from HRC people in 2008. DanTex Feb 2020 #53
I've never believed that stat, imo flawed exit polling radius777 Feb 2020 #89
I have never wondered about that MineralMan Feb 2020 #44
Or maybe many of us find he's a lot of talk with little accomplishment Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Feb 2020 #46
I don't have a flying fuck to give over who protests who's campaign. If people are Autumn Feb 2020 #47
I hope the next debate is about nothing but his record Moderateguy Feb 2020 #49
If it makes you feel better I DO criticize his policies... brooklynite Feb 2020 #52
agreed Love-All Feb 2020 #54
Way to minimize the fact that there were and are a subset of vocal Sanders supporters Docreed2003 Feb 2020 #57
Everything you said about the convention, Docreed. sheshe2 Feb 2020 #69
Exactly sheshe Docreed2003 Feb 2020 #77
Hey. sheshe2 Feb 2020 #81
Hey!! Docreed2003 Feb 2020 #83
I'm talking about this campaign, not 2016. DanTex Feb 2020 #70
Again, with the minimizing Docreed2003 Feb 2020 #75
Not minimizing 2016, just moving past 2016. DanTex Feb 2020 #82
Bernie... myohmy2 Feb 2020 #60
. TexasTowelie Feb 2020 #66
Because this never stopped: betsuni Feb 2020 #67
It did stop actually. DanTex Feb 2020 #68
Do you have the stats on how many of them actually voted Stein? sheshe2 Feb 2020 #71
Here are the survey results for both years. DanTex Feb 2020 #73
You posted more complete stats for 2008 than 2016 sheshe2 Feb 2020 #76
That's because the surveys were different. That's the data there is. DanTex Feb 2020 #79
Two different studies? sheshe2 Feb 2020 #87
The behavior hasn't stopped. betsuni Feb 2020 #74
Thank you! Rorey Feb 2020 #80
You're welcome. Here's another one: betsuni Feb 2020 #85
Judging by your first three sentences, you've missed a lot of posts here. highplainsdem Feb 2020 #90
Not a single one of the three is true and can factually be proven out. That is funny. krissey Feb 2020 #91
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