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Democratic Primaries

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Sun Feb 23, 2020, 02:33 AM Feb 2020

Trashing the Democratic front runner [View all]

is a great way to help trump win re-election.

Would all of the vitriol be tolerated here if the front runner were any other candidate? I can’t imagine that it would be.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
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trashing the democratic party is a great way to do what exactly? nt msongs Feb 2020 #1
+1 dalton99a Feb 2020 #10
Good thing he's not trashing the party. redqueen Feb 2020 #11
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2020 #17
I add a harrumph! peequod Feb 2020 #19
redqueen, few know what point you're trying to make and Sanders has trashed the DNC that's uponit7771 Feb 2020 #25
I think the DNC has trashed us democrats erlewyne Feb 2020 #41
A result of the purge. rwsanders Feb 2020 #26
+1 JudyM Feb 2020 #96
+1 2naSalit Feb 2020 #49
+ 1 musette_sf Feb 2020 #71
You were here in 2016....right? tritsofme Feb 2020 #2
Yes, I was here long before 2016 AverageJoe Feb 2020 #5
So since you were, is your OP deliberate Steven Maurer Feb 2020 #13
Think they forgot the "snark" tag. MontanaFarmer Feb 2020 #55
Sadly, I think OP is in earnest, just with absolutely zero self-awareness of their hypocrisy N/T Steven Maurer Feb 2020 #78
I believe you're correct. MontanaFarmer Feb 2020 #81
Why do you feel the need to attack me personally? AverageJoe Feb 2020 #86
"Their" is not "You". He was referring to the general Sanders supporter. Blue_true Feb 2020 #95
Let's see what they say if someone else takes a clear lead. Blue_true Feb 2020 #94
It was before with Clinton Eko Feb 2020 #3
"Holding feet to the fire" "earning my vote" etc. betsuni Feb 2020 #8
I suggest you look back at all the vitriol directed at Joe Biden while he was considered the front- highplainsdem Feb 2020 #4
Criticism is not trashing. It gives each candidate delisen Feb 2020 #6
There is a thread on this board that says Bernie sucks ripcord Feb 2020 #101
So is trashing the Democratic Party. NYC Liberal Feb 2020 #7
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2020 #18
If the candidate is wrong, it is right to criticize. nt SunSeeker Feb 2020 #21
+1 2naSalit Feb 2020 #51
If the politician is wrong, it is right to criticize. NYC Liberal Feb 2020 #63
+1000 Vivienne235729 Feb 2020 #76
Isn't it interesting how things work out. HarlanPepper Feb 2020 #9
Yep. sheshe2 Feb 2020 #92
No. There are endless examples of posts about Sanders that would be removed if they were... Garrett78 Feb 2020 #12
Hell no it wouldn't be tolerated. SamKnause Feb 2020 #14
BS is self trashing with what he says and does. democratisphere Feb 2020 #15
Labeling Bernie Sanders as BS is similar to the GOP calling us the "Democrat Party". It is divisive. xocet Feb 2020 #33
BS is devisive because he will never be able to deliver on most, if not all, of his platform. democratisphere Feb 2020 #45
Very good point Butterflylady Feb 2020 #47
"Trashing the Democratic front runner" ? denem Feb 2020 #16
Sanders isn't a Democrat LostinRed Feb 2020 #20
He is a Democrat. Gravitycollapse Feb 2020 #23
Question: pazzyanne Feb 2020 #37
They have no answer for that. Butterflylady Feb 2020 #48
None.... LovingA2andMI Feb 2020 #54
Because no one cares Sympthsical Feb 2020 #100
Oh it's not thanks LostinRed Feb 2020 #62
He's not a Democrat musette_sf Feb 2020 #82
He is literally a Democrat. He signed the pledge and joined the party. Gravitycollapse Feb 2020 #87
Nope. sheshe2 Feb 2020 #93
That (D) adjacent to his name says differently jcmaine72 Feb 2020 #29
See post above... pazzyanne Feb 2020 #38
Because He Rejects Many Things Many Dems Support DanieRains Feb 2020 #43
What (D)? George II Feb 2020 #58
Hey I'll show you how blue-wave Feb 2020 #22
Trashing the democratic party, is a great way to help Trump Win re-election ...... too uponit7771 Feb 2020 #24
Maybe the man ought not to have trashed all us. While expecting a vote. krissey Feb 2020 #27
This is a primary not a coronation.. Callado119 Feb 2020 #28
I honestly can't wait to see this place the night Bernie wins our Party's jcmaine72 Feb 2020 #30
I will vote for Bernie but will not watch the news anymore. katmondoo Feb 2020 #44
Really??? LovingA2andMI Feb 2020 #56
Why? Codeine Feb 2020 #77
Um, most of the country hasn't voted and the alleged "Democratic Front runner" is not... NNadir Feb 2020 #31
Sanders does not despise Democrats AverageJoe Feb 2020 #40
I am a life long Democrat. I don't think my party has ever been "right wing." NNadir Feb 2020 #57
I didn't use the term "right wing" AverageJoe Feb 2020 #65
Well, one could split hairs to the nth degree. NNadir Feb 2020 #69
I don't think any of the things you accuse me of thinking AverageJoe Feb 2020 #70
I am not "accusing" YOU of anything. NNadir Feb 2020 #73
Please, stop with the hostility AverageJoe Feb 2020 #80
+ 1 musette_sf Feb 2020 #84
Choosing the wrong nominee is an even better way to help Trump win. Qutzupalotl Feb 2020 #32
2016 was terrible, wasn't it? n/t xocet Feb 2020 #34
and I don't want to repeat it. Qutzupalotl Feb 2020 #36
OH SNAP! RandiFan1290 Feb 2020 #46
Re:Choosing the wrong nominee is an even better way to help Trump win. NoDakLinda Feb 2020 #42
I mean not picking the one the Republicans are begging us to nominate Qutzupalotl Feb 2020 #68
I've heard of candidates staying in the race past the point where another candididate ehrnst Feb 2020 #89
Amazing, isn't it? CrawlingChaos Feb 2020 #35
Re: Trashing the Democratic front runner is a great way to help trump win re-election. NoDakLinda Feb 2020 #39
Ever hear of cognitive thinking? Butterflylady Feb 2020 #50
I suspect it would be open season as it was with Clinton in 2016... brooklynite Feb 2020 #52
Facts are not trashing anyone.... LovingA2andMI Feb 2020 #53
Its called politics, comes with the territory, do people really not know how hardball politics work? Baclava Feb 2020 #59
Well he said he didn't need my help vercetti2021 Feb 2020 #60
The Democratic frontrunner trashing Democrats is a great way to help trump win too. Squinch Feb 2020 #61
"if the front runner were any other candidate" TwilightZone Feb 2020 #64
LOL boston bean Feb 2020 #66
So is trashing the "Democratic establishment". Whoever they may be Sunsky Feb 2020 #67
"all of the vitriol" musette_sf Feb 2020 #72
Oh dear! NurseJackie Feb 2020 #74
This is a primary and UNTIL Sanders secures the nomination Moderateguy Feb 2020 #75
I'm not sure why the extreme Sanders bashing is allowed here. SweetieD Feb 2020 #79
But you're ok w trashing moderate dems, right? Vivienne235729 Feb 2020 #83
No. I'm not trashing anyone. AverageJoe Feb 2020 #85
To bad your message didn't resonate in 2016 William769 Feb 2020 #88
And here I thought we had rules against trashing fallout87 Feb 2020 #90
"We" may only apply to some. Just sayin'. n/t rzemanfl Feb 2020 #91
Well, it would be coming from the Bernie side if he Bettie Feb 2020 #97
This forum hasn't moved to general election rules yet democrattotheend Feb 2020 #98
Sanders isn't a Dem... Blue_Tires Feb 2020 #99
Warren was trashed all last fall. Then Biden. Then Pete. blm Feb 2020 #102
No. Nominating a vulnerable candidate is a "great" way... NurseJackie Feb 2020 #103
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