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Democratic Primaries

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Mon Feb 24, 2020, 10:25 AM Feb 2020

All of this Sanders dread is astounding to me [View all]

He's running on FDR style reforms of actually giving people some value for the taxes they pay.

He's an actual populist (as opposed to Trump's fake populism) and his policies represent a kindness and compassion for working people that hasn't been on the ballot for decades.

He is against corporate bribes ruining our governance.

He polls better in head to head comparisons with Trump than any other candidate

He is bringing young people and independents to the polls.

He's not even my preferred candidate, but what the hell is wrong with everyone here on DU?

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
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SERIOUSLY!! Bernie's a true Champion of The People & he can't be bought!! You couldnt ask fo more!! InAbLuEsTaTe Feb 2020 #1
so where's the list of legislation he sponsored and got passed in the Senate? beachbumbob Feb 2020 #33
google "Amendment King" ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #34
Indeed! dchill Feb 2020 #53
a big difference between simple admendments and a bill, just saying beachbumbob Feb 2020 #60
Thanks, I bow to your superior knowledge of the intricacies of legislating in the Senate ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #88
Yeah, one gets good things done for poor people and middle class while repigs are in power. Hassin Bin Sober Feb 2020 #118
Bingo. KPN Feb 2020 #160
+2020! KPN Feb 2020 #159
You mean this? pazzyanne Feb 2020 #214
According to Snopes, that "thin legislative record" is a REPUBLICAN meme DemocracyMouse Feb 2020 #293
According to Politifact: pazzyanne Feb 2020 #296
Why don't you pick a candidate then make those baseless empty claims. mikeysnot Feb 2020 #72
I'll take 'em BOTH!!!! InAbLuEsTaTe Feb 2020 #115
Same here. I'll vote for whoever takes the nomination though. KPN Feb 2020 #165
Yeah, me too, but if Bloomberg successfully buys his way to the Dem PatrickforO Feb 2020 #186
I live in Oregon. Unless the polls are very tight here, KPN Feb 2020 #224
Do not even consider leaving the presidential pick blank. That's a vote for Trump/Putin. lagomorph777 Feb 2020 #225
Vote Bloomberg if I must ... krkaufman Feb 2020 #227
Exactly charliea Feb 2020 #242
I want anyone but Trump so I don't care which of the candidates wins the nomination be cstanleytech Feb 2020 #305
Yes! methinks2 Feb 2020 #329
Right here: Dragonfli Feb 2020 #259
BOOOOOOOOMMM!! InAbLuEsTaTe Feb 2020 #284
Post removed Post removed Feb 2020 #91
Not a nice accusation Butterflylady Feb 2020 #119
Why all the dread? Because as in 2016, Bernie has not been vetted. But it's begun. First up.... kstewart33 Feb 2020 #183
1972. Wonder if he'd say that now? PatrickforO Feb 2020 #197
Really? I'm glad you're supporting the green new deal Lordquinton Feb 2020 #219
Bring it!! I'm ALL for vetting ALL the candidates... Bernie looks GREAT by comparison!! InAbLuEsTaTe Feb 2020 #226
nicole wallace was bush's mouthpiece while he was committing war crimes? right? questionseverything Feb 2020 #261
Nicole Wallace has nothing to do with the contents of Bernie's rape column. kstewart33 Feb 2020 #311
nicole wallace covered for bush while he was directing actual rape (war crimes) questionseverything Feb 2020 #312
Does that mean what she said is false? kstewart33 Feb 2020 #313
it means she has no right to any opionion among decent people questionseverything Feb 2020 #314
Exactly. Magoo48 Feb 2020 #233
What has he acomplished in his legislative tenure? AncientGeezer Feb 2020 #281
Seems you missed the above list. I'm reposting it below (thanks to Dragonfli) DemocracyMouse Feb 2020 #295
I didn't miss squat.....amendments...that's your go to? AncientGeezer Feb 2020 #333
What impact do the primaries have on the stock market? Renew Deal Feb 2020 #2
Not as much as pandemic fears Maggiemayhem Feb 2020 #64
Just read an article this morning in Barron's KPN Feb 2020 #174
😂 🤣 😂 Tweedy Feb 2020 #283
Wtf? KPN Feb 2020 #291
The Barron's suggestion is worthless Tweedy Feb 2020 #292
Well said! n/t RKP5637 Feb 2020 #3
Agreed. 5X Feb 2020 #4
With one comment RandySF Feb 2020 #5
True - I dare anyone to mock this freshman's astonishment and dread. This is real life Skya Rhen Feb 2020 #12
That kept me awake last night. And he increases polarization as the new normal. Although... LAS14 Feb 2020 #14
And no amount of moonbeams and rainbows will change that Docreed2003 Feb 2020 #161
could you elaborate on this ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #309
Thank you! oregonjen Feb 2020 #6
Thank you! Bluepinky Feb 2020 #7
Socialism/revolution. A dreaded hard sell to the American voter. oasis Feb 2020 #8
oh FFS. Yes, telling people they may get to go to the doctor ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #16
Our #1 task will be getting past the socialist/revolution label. Try oasis Feb 2020 #30
ehhhh NJCher Feb 2020 #55
"only matters to older people". oasis Feb 2020 #66
I'm older NJCher Feb 2020 #78
Yes, so what? It was you who made the assertion. oasis Feb 2020 #94
I'm well aware of that NJCher Feb 2020 #112
Sadly, they'll end up with ZERO if Dems put forward a candidate oasis Feb 2020 #142
I'm 54 I_UndergroundPanther Feb 2020 #121
I am 74 and Have Waited 50 Years... McKim Feb 2020 #238
Yes, yes a thousand times yes. We actually made some progress 50+ yrs back. MasonDreams Feb 2020 #300
Yeah by promising the moon. Butterflylady Feb 2020 #127
good observation... handmade34 Feb 2020 #200
+1 treestar Feb 2020 #271
Just maybe they will know the fight Rilgin Feb 2020 #205
Yup, and handing the election to the Idiot onetexan Feb 2020 #302
You need enough of them to actually vote Rorey Feb 2020 #148
But older voters tend to vote more reliably. calimary Feb 2020 #166
"Older people" are the only people who need medical care? intheflow Feb 2020 #210
Doesn't even apply across the board to old people. Paka Feb 2020 #249
Good point. Because God knows, Republicans have never called a Democrat "socialist" before. beerandjesus Feb 2020 #232
This time around, Republicans will be gifted with a proud proclaimer oasis Feb 2020 #234
Yes it depends on if the person is a democrat for republicans . IOKIYAR -then it's "different " lunasun Feb 2020 #257
The use the socialist label on every nominee. Gore1FL Feb 2020 #250
There's still enough "Reagan Democrat" types in swing states that oasis Feb 2020 #258
I don't think that is true. Gore1FL Feb 2020 #268
The word liberal was made an evil word by Ferrets are Cool Feb 2020 #308
It IS. Especially when they watch FOX all day long. People vote against their interest ALL the time. Vivienne235729 Feb 2020 #35
It's not just FOX, but the whole adjacent right wing Sinclair broadcast group. ancianita Feb 2020 #52
Yes! Sometimes I think the sinclair broadcasting group is more insidious than fox Vivienne235729 Feb 2020 #71
Oh, it IS more insidious and unknown to Democratic voters! Because its audience is MUCH larger. ancianita Feb 2020 #99
+1000 Vivienne235729 Feb 2020 #103
people who watch Fox NJCher Feb 2020 #57
Post removed Post removed Feb 2020 #77
sure they will NJCher Feb 2020 #84
You need to keep up. He has no viable plan to implement his pie in the sky promises Vivienne235729 Feb 2020 #90
Did you know that FDR didn't design Social Security? Did you know that Obama didn't design Obamacare ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #107
And your point is? Butterflylady Feb 2020 #129
If you are referring to Fox Nooz voters mdbl Feb 2020 #177
Damn right. I talk to them several times a week. apcalc Feb 2020 #87
David Frum said he will vote for Sanders AlexSFCA Feb 2020 #105
Glad David Frum can make you feel better. I live in a red area. I SEE the Vivienne235729 Feb 2020 #116
Saying and doing are two different things. Butterflylady Feb 2020 #131
Of course. Frum wants to revive the pre-Trump GOP. He expects oasis Feb 2020 #153
There's a theory out there that they do vote their interest treestar Feb 2020 #273
Interesting phrasing Midnightwalk Feb 2020 #180
FFS. FDR was a proud capitalist, not a socialist. pnwmom Feb 2020 #189
He Is running on giving away free things with no way to pay for it or get it done. boston bean Feb 2020 #9
Trump will build the wall. Bernie will give you free college, childcare, healthcare, dalton99a Feb 2020 #17
Ah but it's worse Midnightwalk Feb 2020 #229
He kept secret Russians working to help him? zanana1 Feb 2020 #25
and Warren switched from Republican to safeinOhio Feb 2020 #114
Freebies DownriverDem Feb 2020 #54
not true at all NJCher Feb 2020 #76
Describing programs that help people as free stuff? Voltaire2 Feb 2020 #82
"Describing programs that help people as free stuff? Who does that?" Mariana Feb 2020 #294
Umm I_UndergroundPanther Feb 2020 #125
Resignation is now setting in. Laelth Feb 2020 #10
I agree that if Sanders solidifies the nomination ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #20
Admittedly, much of that dread felt un-Democratic to me. n/t Laelth Feb 2020 #29
I think it is based more on emotion than anything else Bradshaw3 Feb 2020 #40
The dread is because some of us realize that BS Alliepoo Feb 2020 #184
Nope, I still have hope the Bloomberg can beat Sanders...and I will vote for him...as he has a shot Demsrule86 Feb 2020 #198
Yes denial&anger is startin to give way to acceptance of Bernie as the inevitable Democratic nominee InAbLuEsTaTe Feb 2020 #228
Thank you. Nanjeanne Feb 2020 #11
. jberryhill Feb 2020 #13
+1 LOL. Nicely done. n/t Laelth Feb 2020 #23
perfect mascot for DU Primaries Forum Kali Feb 2020 #167
McGovern, McGovern, McGovern (and Goldwater). LAS14 Feb 2020 #15
you know who else democrats loved b/c of his wonderful policies? FDR ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #18
But remember that FDR was part of the aristocracy OregonBlue Feb 2020 #37
all Sanders has is the love of a large portion of the populace ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #45
I'm very afraid it's just not large enough. And it requires love to join with Sanders, I think. nt LAS14 Feb 2020 #93
or a working brain that understands Keynesian economics ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #95
I do have a working brain, thank you. Too bad you can't allow for such a possibility in.. LAS14 Feb 2020 #102
Winning hearts and minds as usual. MrsCoffee Feb 2020 #195
But maybe not a large enough portion of the population to beat Trump OregonBlue Feb 2020 #241
I remember when Obama couldn't win in 2008 nt Gore1FL Feb 2020 #251
Me too. I'm just skeptical still. May change my mind. OregonBlue Feb 2020 #310
FDR had swing state appeal McGovern and Sanders does not historically outside the MOE uponit7771 Feb 2020 #75
Remember the Depression? treestar Feb 2020 #272
Shouldn't we remain faithful to Democratic ideals, win or lose? Laelth Feb 2020 #21
Exactly. Gore1FL Feb 2020 #253
Hell yes. As Truman told us ... Laelth Feb 2020 #263
Democrats did not love McGovern Bradshaw3 Feb 2020 #51
+1 n/t Laelth Feb 2020 #65
"Many elements of the party were against him" ... yep, sounding like McGovern who had no swing state uponit7771 Feb 2020 #79
Wrong take Bradshaw3 Feb 2020 #98
Thank you ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #81
Bernie is surely causing a lot of angst. democrank Feb 2020 #19
lol, exactly ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #22
no Deero Feb 2020 #28
... handmade34 Feb 2020 #285
It shouldn't surprise anyone he's doing well. Guy got 43% of the vote in the 2016 primary... TCJ70 Feb 2020 #24
I don't think there was ever more than three or four viable candidates Mr.Bill Feb 2020 #50
Actually both Trump and Sanders fit one common definition of populist delisen Feb 2020 #26
It not the DU freaking me out blue cat Feb 2020 #27
whatever they think that means ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #38
How are we going to insult people into exalting Sanders?? R B Garr Feb 2020 #31
no one is asking for that NJCher Feb 2020 #100
The "hysteria" is coming from those who think insulting R B Garr Feb 2020 #108
if you call that an insult NJCher Feb 2020 #117
LOL! Oh dear dear. More insults. R B Garr Feb 2020 #126
Right? It's almost performance art. SunSeeker Feb 2020 #156
lol, exactly! R B Garr Feb 2020 #169
We wont have to. OneCrazyDiamond Feb 2020 #162
That's a disaster--having Trump explain Bernie's socialism. R B Garr Feb 2020 #168
Early in the 2016 primary ibegurpard Feb 2020 #32
The extreme vitriol chervilant Feb 2020 #178
I left because of how nasty and anti Sanders it became here Dragonfli Feb 2020 #260
I have missed you. chervilant Feb 2020 #324
They were Hillary haters and kept it up after treestar Feb 2020 #274
Sanders has no historical swing state appeal outside of MOE, national polling means nothing uponit7771 Feb 2020 #36
this talking point will only last until super tuesday ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #41
What does super Tuesday have to do with swing states? Sanders can win the nomination and lose the uponit7771 Feb 2020 #47
Well... if you're gonna take it there... McTwisty Feb 2020 #297
No, not at all. We're being warned Sanders is doing horrible to bad in swing states and since we've uponit7771 Feb 2020 #303
Yes, and Biden has foreign policy experience treestar Feb 2020 #276
+1 uponit7771 Feb 2020 #279
I'm more astounded that he is getting support frazzled Feb 2020 #39
see, I find this argument to be completely incomprehensible ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #42
Trump's supporters thought (and still think) frazzled Feb 2020 #56
From your mouth to the gods' ears. greatauntoftriplets Feb 2020 #68
indeed Skittles Feb 2020 #240
Everyone? There's a sizable number of DU'ers who agree with you, including me. ancianita Feb 2020 #43
The answer is demographics; DU is mostly 60+ and overwhelmingly white Spider Jerusalem Feb 2020 #44
Get him to stand up straight, Mr.Bill Feb 2020 #46
I'll be sure to tell that to people who die from lack of health coverage ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #58
Okay, prove to me that no one else will die from lack of health coverage Mr.Bill Feb 2020 #63
The FDR fantasy still makes me giggle. HarlanPepper Feb 2020 #48
The country was in the middle of an economic disaster when FDR was elected. Mr.Bill Feb 2020 #59
Also supermajorities in the house and senate HarlanPepper Feb 2020 #61
a huge portion of our citizens are facing a long, slow, economic disaster ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #62
It's nothing like what was happening in 1932. Mr.Bill Feb 2020 #70
of course not ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #74
The many on this forum that seem to be presenting Bernie as the second coming of FDR. Mr.Bill Feb 2020 #80
his suggested reforms are very much in the style of FDR era policies ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #83
And that is the problem. n/t Mr.Bill Feb 2020 #85
That's like, your opinion, man ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #92
I agree with everything you say about FDR. Mr.Bill Feb 2020 #101
got it. the middle of the Great Depression is the only appropriate time to try to help people ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #120
No, but it was a great time to start to. Mr.Bill Feb 2020 #122
I bet there are a few Japanese Americans who spent the war in cages who would disagree. HarlanPepper Feb 2020 #158
yeah? NJCher Feb 2020 #86
Many of those people have jobs and are getting Mr.Bill Feb 2020 #109
CA's the richest state, in the black, the planet's 6th largest economy, and STILL hasn't fixed this. ancianita Feb 2020 #113
Governor Newsom announced last week what could be a great idea if it works. Mr.Bill Feb 2020 #132
Okay. A stop-gap start, but 4 those NOT mentally ill, or the rest of the nation, it's not a solution ancianita Feb 2020 #149
I just like that he's trying something new. Mr.Bill Feb 2020 #151
I do, too. It's a good start, since it allows for ALL homeless to be MADE mentally ill by homelessne ancianita Feb 2020 #157
Ah yes, the halcyon days of the 1930s frazzled Feb 2020 #133
Someone brought up an interesting point about the potential for cosplay at the convention. HarlanPepper Feb 2020 #136
He does not have the temprament, experience or people skills that FDR had ehrnst Feb 2020 #49
true this llashram Feb 2020 #134
+1 million treestar Feb 2020 #277
Absolutely agree. brutus smith Feb 2020 #67
my view, politics these days are more about cults of personality NRaleighLiberal Feb 2020 #69
Let's also remember . . . Nanjeanne Feb 2020 #73
Will there be FDR cosplay? HarlanPepper Feb 2020 #106
Absolutely Ingersollman Feb 2020 #89
I wish I_UndergroundPanther Feb 2020 #135
thank you for this ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #147
I'm with you - I see his candidacy as a way forward and optimism - n/t Locrian Feb 2020 #181
Thank you Professor. zentrum Feb 2020 #96
Huh? You do realize that he can't beat Trump, don't you? machoneman Feb 2020 #97
you are speaking llashram Feb 2020 #140
I'll try to refrain from using a term like ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #150
Amen!! Alliepoo Feb 2020 #236
Yes, the "panic" may be that his loss will cause bigger fallout this time treestar Feb 2020 #275
Agree! get the red out Feb 2020 #104
Same here. ananda Feb 2020 #110
For me it's not policy maxsolomon Feb 2020 #111
I have no problem with Bernie's positions. It's his persona and history; Fla Dem Feb 2020 #123
quotes please azureblue Feb 2020 #141
This message was self-deleted by its author Fla Dem Feb 2020 #172
nonsense! the post is 100% OPINION, requiring NO links or quotes. stopdiggin Feb 2020 #215
speaking truth llashram Feb 2020 #143
K & R 50 Shades Of Blue Feb 2020 #124
I am a moderate and have little sympathy for people IluvPitties Feb 2020 #128
Don't be so naive.... capechacon Feb 2020 #130
a lot of this post are lies that have already been disproven ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #144
Oh really?? You need to get YOUR facts straight "Professor".... capechacon Feb 2020 #207
you're right - I was going to say that he didn't honeymoon in Moscow ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #323
Its a slow moving trainwreck Cosmocat Feb 2020 #304
Trolls and FUD azureblue Feb 2020 #137
"Freaking out" ??....you have to be kidding... capechacon Feb 2020 #146
Trump is finished. OkSustainAg Feb 2020 #138
A very sincere thank you mountain grammy Feb 2020 #139
No, no, no, and no bucolic_frolic Feb 2020 #145
To me too. I agree wholeheartedly... KSNY Feb 2020 #152
The OP asks what is wrong with wnylib Feb 2020 #154
we old-time Democrats are out of touch mainer Feb 2020 #155
+1,000 I_UndergroundPanther Feb 2020 #175
I'm also perplexed by what's going on Moral Compass Feb 2020 #163
You are correct of course & I consider Warren as running on FDR style progressive reforms also nt yaesu Feb 2020 #164
Thank you for posting that. I'm beginning to think most anti Bernie posters are... Pluvious Feb 2020 #170
Suspect? Unhelpful? Alliepoo Feb 2020 #237
I very much agree with you Red Oak Feb 2020 #171
Not to me... BadGimp Feb 2020 #173
You must not have read a single one of my posts Blue_Tires Feb 2020 #176
Allow people to come at their own pace. mtron32 Feb 2020 #179
Being in favor of ideas is only one part of the equation dlk Feb 2020 #182
That is a valid criticism ibegurpard Feb 2020 #187
Because "socialism" is a general-election vulnerability much worse than any other candidate has. paulkienitz Feb 2020 #185
yes, because no other Democratic candidate before now has ever been called (or will ever be called) ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #190
The others could all deny it. paulkienitz Feb 2020 #192
The Reds have labled FDR programs as "socialism" for almost a century randr Feb 2020 #188
Sanders is just calling for an expansion of successful existing programs: minimum wage, talking-liberally Feb 2020 #191
We are going to lose the general with Sanders ...and Trump get four more years...any of us Demsrule86 Feb 2020 #193
I understand why people are attracted to his proposals. Politicub Feb 2020 #194
I don't give to fucks (excuse me but I want to make a point) about policy this year...it is all Demsrule86 Feb 2020 #196
But you are not everyone. And neither am I. But policy matters to me. Politicub Feb 2020 #201
What will policy mean if Trump wins four more years? Demsrule86 Feb 2020 #223
Venting is necessary and painful nini Feb 2020 #199
Honestly, I don't think he's qualified to run the country and lead the free world. He has emmaverybo Feb 2020 #202
The dread is coming from the corporatists who despise his entire agenda. LonePirate Feb 2020 #203
Dread and alarm are two entirely different things. efhmc Feb 2020 #204
It's Trump dread. PubliusEnigma Feb 2020 #206
Bernie is exactly what this country needs to counter 40 years of Fascist leaning policies that are geretogo Feb 2020 #208
Moderates really believe he can't win marlakay Feb 2020 #209
Yea, lots of displaced bitterness. It is sad to see anyone prefer a guy who BeckyDem Feb 2020 #211
It has nothing to do with Bernie's policies.... world wide wally Feb 2020 #212
Those of us who have been verbally and nearly physically attacked by his supporters unitedwethrive Feb 2020 #213
Same, it's absolutely bonkers budkin Feb 2020 #216
i worry about people not seeing the divisiveness of his campaign... samnsara Feb 2020 #217
He dared to run in 2016 against Hillary. n/t ms liberty Feb 2020 #218
and is one reason we have Trump today n/t Skittles Feb 2020 #239
Bernie can't explain how to pay for his signature issues DIVINEprividence Feb 2020 #220
Thank you! AverageJoe Feb 2020 #221
Translation: "I can't understand why everyone doesn't think the way I do..." brooklynite Feb 2020 #222
Have you ever lived somewhere like OK. Massive fear, hatred of even word 'socialism' bobbieinok Feb 2020 #230
Prof. I'm sorry but we live in a "branding" era. underpants Feb 2020 #231
What he should say is "let's go back to the way things were in the demigoddess Feb 2020 #235
This forum honestly doesn't feel like a Democratic forum to me OliverQ Feb 2020 #243
We have a candidate who is generating enthusiasm loyalsister Feb 2020 #244
THIS. BlueWI Feb 2020 #256
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy will be the next speaker come 2021 Gothmog Feb 2020 #245
FDR ran in the depths of the great depression,record high unemployment. trof Feb 2020 #246
That's because your OP displays a rather plum mangling of facts grantcart Feb 2020 #247
+1, Sanders is Luke warm at best in seeing States vs Trump for last 3 months uponit7771 Feb 2020 #338
Gotta say ... mntleo2 Feb 2020 #248
"I don't get that not everyone wants the policies that I do" Loki Liesmith Feb 2020 #252
First Mike Dukakis was ahead of Bush Senior by 17 points. nycbos Feb 2020 #254
What's wrong Turbineguy Feb 2020 #255
I'm thinking of just leaving because of it... jimlup Feb 2020 #262
I hear ya!! InAbLuEsTaTe Feb 2020 #327
I have been asking the same question, what the hell is wrong with everyone here on DU? warmfeet Feb 2020 #264
Agree grandpamike1 Feb 2020 #265
I Blame Reagan colsohlibgal Feb 2020 #266
The DREAD is fear of losing to Trump Martin Eden Feb 2020 #267
Because of the rest of the voters that are not DUer's treestar Feb 2020 #269
Bernie and Trump are both populists Progressive dog Feb 2020 #270
Same as last time JackInGreen Feb 2020 #278
Sanders is another George McGovern VladmireTrumpkins Feb 2020 #280
this analogy is so tired and so wrong in so many ways that it doesn't even warrant ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #321
Let's see how you feel in October. NT Happy Hoosier Feb 2020 #282
This board has sunk into madness sellitman Feb 2020 #286
This! sammythecat Feb 2020 #287
+1,000 This. I have alerted on posts that were clearly diva77 Feb 2020 #290
This message was self-deleted by its author chwaliszewski Feb 2020 #298
thank you for saying this ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #315
Thank you, some sanity is most welcome! nt cliffside Feb 2020 #288
Awesome. cilla4progress Feb 2020 #289
FDR was elected 88 years ago and couldn't get a health care plan passed. ucrdem Feb 2020 #299
All signs and logic shows us he will lose us our down ticket. Yes. That is dreadful. LizBeth Feb 2020 #301
It is a very different thing to be FOR something and being... NNadir Feb 2020 #306
sez you ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #316
Among his acolytes, yes, there's some ineffective good will. Among people who can do things, no. NNadir Feb 2020 #317
Thank You for a well thought out post Moderateguy Feb 2020 #318
I am also a scientist (PhD, if we are dick swinging) ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #319
+1 myohmy2 Feb 2020 #322
Wow. A Ph.D! NNadir Feb 2020 #325
you seem nice ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #326
Me too. greymattermom Feb 2020 #328
Hi there! ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #331
Well I certainly understand how readily you draw... NNadir Feb 2020 #332
Blah blah blah ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #334
I am not interested in watching videos of clueless boring old baby boomers... NNadir Feb 2020 #335
The video is from a young person. ProfessorPlum Feb 2020 #336
What the hell is wrong? Ferrets are Cool Feb 2020 #307
+1, no one is looking at the data in front of them. Like McGovern uponit7771 Feb 2020 #337
It does seem as though blinders are over their eyes. nt Ferrets are Cool Feb 2020 #339
+1 myohmy2 Feb 2020 #320
If Sanders is so wowser and such a winner why not just relax delisen Feb 2020 #330
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