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Democratic Primaries

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Sun Mar 1, 2020, 12:20 PM Mar 2020

It's down to Sanders and Biden? (poll) [View all]

Which of the two do you choose?

86 votes, 3 passes | Time left: Unlimited
11 (13%)
75 (87%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
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It's down to Sanders and Biden? (poll) [View all] left-of-center2012 Mar 2020 OP
Sanders always loses these completely unscientific polls at DU. n/t totodeinhere Mar 2020 #1
Probably because we're the DemocraticUnderground Codeine Mar 2020 #3
ROFL Sloumeau Mar 2020 #4
+1 IllinoisBirdWatcher Mar 2020 #28
I'm not sure how much that "IndependentExceptWhenConvenient" tag is resonating with the totodeinhere Mar 2020 #7
And that's fine, I'm just explaining Codeine Mar 2020 #10
Check out South Carolina Generic Brad Mar 2020 #11
It's always a mistake to make too many broad conclusions from just one state. totodeinhere Mar 2020 #12
We weren't told that on February 3 or February 11 or February 22. Now we're hearing it? George II Mar 2020 #16
Plenty of people at DU were saying just that. Come on. n/t totodeinhere Mar 2020 #18
OMG! ROFL! BRILLIANT!! NurseJackie Mar 2020 #14
Lol ditto. This is reflective of the pulse of America right here onetexan Mar 2020 #37
Bazinga! George II Mar 2020 #15
..... ehrnst Mar 2020 #23
More like Moderate Underground, anymore. Gore1FL Mar 2020 #26
Well, there are still a couple dozen people at JPR. TwilightZone Mar 2020 #29
I have a sign-on at that site. Gore1FL Mar 2020 #49
Those people "purged" themselves Codeine Mar 2020 #30
Driven off by assholic behavior, is my recollection. nt Gore1FL Mar 2020 #47
The alert swarms suggested otherwise, Codeine Mar 2020 #53
I suspect they can point to people here and clutch their pearls the same, I guess. Gore1FL Mar 2020 #56
They're calling Warren the c-word Codeine Mar 2020 #57
There are assholes everywhere. Gore1FL Mar 2020 #61
Yeah, just read JPR.... Happy Hoosier Mar 2020 #59
I am not here to defend JPR. Gore1FL Mar 2020 #62
LOL... Whatever. You sure seem to want to stir the pot. NT Happy Hoosier Mar 2020 #63
Not really. My contention all along has been we need to unite the left. Gore1FL Mar 2020 #65
Anyone with basic human decency Codeine Mar 2020 #64
I am disgusted by a lot things. I didn't know it was a contest. nt Gore1FL Mar 2020 #66
Snap! Cha Mar 2020 #32
You got that right mindem Mar 2020 #35
👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 robbedvoter Mar 2020 #40
Democratic plus Self Absorbed Visitor Underground grantcart Mar 2020 #50
+1000 stopbush Mar 2020 #51
I remember in 2016 when Berners.... Happy Hoosier Mar 2020 #9
Other H2O Man Mar 2020 #2
Well said, as usual. n/t Laelth Mar 2020 #20
I too am "Other." Gore1FL Mar 2020 #27
I'll shift my support to Biden Prue Mar 2020 #5
I already have. I am thinking about the tiny socks my kids wore when they rzemanfl Mar 2020 #8
This is going to make SC look like a close race. TwilightZone Mar 2020 #6
What? No Bloomberg in your poll? Baked Potato Mar 2020 #13
I'm a Bloomberg supporter Moderateguy Mar 2020 #24
Well the Biden supporters have alienated the Sanders supporters. YOHABLO Mar 2020 #17
I've been mostly silent, letting them have their fun. Buckeye_Democrat Mar 2020 #33
I was here in 2016, but took a nice break from DU. YOHABLO Mar 2020 #36
GA isn't second to last. brer cat Mar 2020 #45
I am referring to March. Sorry. YOHABLO Mar 2020 #67
That's wrong, YOHABLO.. no one thinks "Biden has this Cha Mar 2020 #38
Whenever someone says ''no one thinks'' I ponder. YOHABLO Mar 2020 #39
Wonder away, YOHABLO.. I have not seen anyone who Cha Mar 2020 #41
I said 'ponder' not 'wonder'. Now, you've said "I have not seen anyone'' YOHABLO Mar 2020 #42
Yeah, I know.. I tried to edit it but the software wouldn't Cha Mar 2020 #43
Well if you go back read what I wrote you'll see I end the sentence with a (?) question mark. YOHABLO Mar 2020 #68
3/4 of Sanders primary voters voted Democrats in 2016, Hortensis Mar 2020 #44
Maybe the other 1/4 were not democrats, but independents. JudyM Mar 2020 #58
Sure, maybe some. Does label say more Hortensis Mar 2020 #60
Why would you be "alienated" by a supporter? Cary Mar 2020 #46
You mean they took their ball home. LakeArenal Mar 2020 #54
I'm not going to let anyone "have it." Miles Archer Mar 2020 #55
Bloomberg hasn't even appeared on a ballot yet. Laelth Mar 2020 #19
Hurry before tRussia manipulates this poll Laura PourMeADrink Mar 2020 #21
I'll have to see the Super Tuesday results susanr516 Mar 2020 #22
538 says 60 chance no one wins enough delegates andym Mar 2020 #25
I'm a Warren supporter, but I'm going to vote for Biden in Maine mainer Mar 2020 #31
FFS, can we get through Super Tuesday? (n/t) SMC22307 Mar 2020 #34
Pete Buttigieg & Joe Biden have exchanged voicemails about consolidating support Gothmog Mar 2020 #48
Don't forget customerserviceguy Mar 2020 #52
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