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Democratic Primaries

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Thu Mar 5, 2020, 02:57 PM Mar 2020

Would you vote for Bernie? [View all]

I posted this in response to another thread with respect to Bernie:

He was my mayor once and I supported him. But I will never again after his antics in 2016. I KNOW that I am not alone, and I’m a progressive and a life-long Dem. What does that say about Bernie’s chances with anti-Trump Republicans or independents?

Maybe I’d hold my nose and vote for him to get rid of Trump, but a Sanders Presidency would be another 4-yr disaster and we’d lose any chance at taking the Senate back. Sanders needs to return to Vermont and continue serving in the Senate. If he actually cared about the Country he’d without question serve as a Democrat rather than as an Independent. I’d like to see someone ask now if he would do that. I’d like to see him squirm to avoid answering the question.

Forget any unenforceable pledge on DU or elsewhere you may have made to vote for the eventual nominee, I truly wonder what people here would do if Bernie becomes the nominee.

If your response is “none of the above,” what would you do?

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I'd stay home.
0 (0%)
I'd vote in all other races and not cast a vote for President
3 (4%)
I'd hold my nose and vote for Sanders
46 (55%)
I'd enthusiastically vote for Sanders
33 (40%)
None of the above
1 (1%)
0 (0%)
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If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
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Would you vote for Bernie? [View all] djg21 Mar 2020 OP
Versus Trump? Absodamnlutely... How on earth could anyone here think to do otherwise? hlthe2b Mar 2020 #1
Thank you. Not even a question. CurtEastPoint Mar 2020 #3
You got it. I'd vote for a damned hot dog with ketchup on it vs. trump... CincyDem Mar 2020 #4
Dog I retched when I read that... N_E_1 for Tennis Mar 2020 #23
Yeah - I agree. But seriously... CincyDem Mar 2020 #25
+ struggle4progress Mar 2020 #39
This is an absurd question to ask on a site that requires its members to Squinch Mar 2020 #2
+++ still_one Mar 2020 #6
Blessedly, and yea blue wave, I will not have to consider this any more. LizBeth Mar 2020 #8
Yep, agree 100% left-of-center2012 Mar 2020 #13
I think it's absurd djg21 Mar 2020 #15
Last I heard, no one is required to post here. Squinch Mar 2020 #33
Much as I think it's absurd to pretend this site's Terms of Service is being equated LanternWaste Mar 2020 #37
Apparently 4 people here didn't get the memo. lagomorph777 Mar 2020 #29
Sanders is not my fave, but blue no matter who, and enthusiastically so. nt gollygee Mar 2020 #5
I didn't vote because radical noodle Mar 2020 #7
This is like a poll where one asks NCProgressive Mar 2020 #9
Oh, god yes. Sick of these demands to dance. kcr Mar 2020 #22
This. Especially that last part. Sick to death of it. Squinch Mar 2020 #34
How many times are we going to ask this question? Anyone who doesn't vote for the Democratic nominee LongtimeAZDem Mar 2020 #10
Of course I would! BigDemVoter Mar 2020 #11
If he was running against Romney exboyfil Mar 2020 #12
My Dem friends said they would sit it out. tavernier Mar 2020 #14
This is what precisely what prompted my question. djg21 Mar 2020 #27
It troubles me too democrattotheend Mar 2020 #45
The holding my nose would be for Biden janterry Mar 2020 #16
.... rzemanfl Mar 2020 #52
Sure Progressive2020 Mar 2020 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author democratisphere Mar 2020 #18
Your lips to God's ears. djg21 Mar 2020 #24
I would vote for a turnip over Trump. Beacool Mar 2020 #19
As primary candidates, both Bernie and Biden are on my "meh" list. BusyBeingBest Mar 2020 #20
I'd not only vote for him, Jamaal510 Mar 2020 #21
This is kind of a double IQ test Midnightwalk Mar 2020 #26
I would hold my nose, wait until BS's last anti - Democratic insult was empedocles Mar 2020 #28
To keep the Bernie Bros. from assaulting me with pool noodles if I didn't? Sure. n/t zackymilly Mar 2020 #30
I would enthusiastically vote for almost anyone who isn't Trump. Sapient Donkey Mar 2020 #31
Yes, it's a Bucket List item now for me... Remove Trump. Baked Potato Mar 2020 #32
After Nevada, it looked like Sanders had momentum. Took me a minute to decide I'd vote for him. Hoyt Mar 2020 #35
Thankfully that's not a choice we'll be facing in November. George II Mar 2020 #36
Selecting options 1 or 2 could put one on thin ice here. We all agreed to support our candidate. Kaleva Mar 2020 #38
How many angels dance on the head of pin? LanternWaste Mar 2020 #40
Since I try to be honorable and am still posting on DU GulfCoast66 Mar 2020 #41
Vote Blue No Matter Who Talitha Mar 2020 #42
IF he becomes the nominee, yes. Miles Archer Mar 2020 #43
Anyone who votes for the top two choices shouldn't be here n/t mikelgb Mar 2020 #44
Very enthusiastically! mvd Mar 2020 #46
Why do we have these silly polls murielm99 Mar 2020 #47
It appears that this choice is now theoretical Gothmog Mar 2020 #48
I'd enthusiastically vote Turin_C3PO Mar 2020 #49
Oh .. not this again NCProgressive Mar 2020 #50
It would depend on who he chooses for a running mate Rorey Mar 2020 #51
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