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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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64. Requesting that all Bernie haters block me
Fri Mar 27, 2020, 09:34 PM
Mar 2020

I don't want to hear from you any more than you want to hear from me, believe me.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Understandable, Ma'am The Magistrate Mar 2020 #1
I have the same reaction to him. DavidDvorkin Mar 2020 #2
It is getting to that point isn't it? gibraltar72 Mar 2020 #3
My browser's ad blocker (Ad Block Plus) is able to be configured... NurseJackie Mar 2020 #4
Now that is a very clever solution to the problem. comradebillyboy Mar 2020 #46
You should do that if it helps you enjoy DU more. Turin_C3PO Mar 2020 #5
I have and have had that same reaction. I just cannot look at him. nt jrthin Mar 2020 #6
I'm in lillypaddle Mar 2020 #7
I kind of agree SCantiGOP Mar 2020 #8
I get it. I'm just so angry and frustrated. It would give me a tiny bit of satisfaction Dream Girl Mar 2020 #12
Sanders bashing posts? jimfields33 Mar 2020 #29
Post removed Post removed Mar 2020 #9
Kind of unfair to the BS supporters here Hav Mar 2020 #10
Sanders is no longer a candidate with a viable chance of becoming our nominee. If I had... George II Mar 2020 #13
Why? - I've already stated that I'm on your side jimlup Mar 2020 #11
That is why I wouldn't PatSeg Mar 2020 #20
I think it is just a small few who are doing their utmost to cause OnDoutside Mar 2020 #38
Supporting our nominee this time works for me. Hortensis Mar 2020 #53
I so appreciate what you just said, it provides clarity. FM123 Mar 2020 #81
JMHO, but if I block them, how can I keep my eagle eye on them? Hekate Mar 2020 #14
who cares? notinkansas Mar 2020 #15
Post removed Post removed Mar 2020 #17
Sounds reasonable Strelnikov_ Mar 2020 #16
Post removed Post removed Mar 2020 #18
Dream away... jalan48 Mar 2020 #19
Post removed Post removed Mar 2020 #21
Ok. MrsCoffee Mar 2020 #85
That is how I feel too but further... showblue22 Mar 2020 #22
So you have a problem with Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, Turin_C3PO Mar 2020 #26
No because they call themselves democrats showblue22 Mar 2020 #30
Yes but they also Turin_C3PO Mar 2020 #33
Right, they are Progressive Democrats Just_Vote_Dem Mar 2020 #43
I don't have a problem with either. Turin_C3PO Mar 2020 #44
Absolutely! n/t Just_Vote_Dem Mar 2020 #45
So, other than Bernie (who is an independent) what progressive in Congress doesn't call Celerity Mar 2020 #67
Cold But Fair, Ma'am The Magistrate Mar 2020 #83
It's interesting that on that list are the first two members of Congress who endorsed Sanders.... George II Mar 2020 #91
+1 Celerity Mar 2020 #66
I've been hitting the trash button a lot lately!! Butterflylady Mar 2020 #23
as far as I am concerned.... quickesst Mar 2020 #24
I have always been high ly suspicious of the "undecideds" Dream Girl Mar 2020 #25
No they are Sanders supporters for the most part. Demsrule86 Mar 2020 #49
Undecided means that they are unwilling to support Biden dansolo Mar 2020 #108
yeah quickesst Mar 2020 #65
Case by case blocking for me. But I sympathize. I will block those who bash the nominee or lie emmaverybo Mar 2020 #27
Good idea! No more seeing someone threaten to hold the vote hostage.. zackymilly Mar 2020 #28
Have to admit I kind of liked the emoji band, it was a clever way to look like a real post Dream Girl Mar 2020 #37
I Like this emoji band NCProgressive Mar 2020 #79
Block me too please. LaurenOlimina Mar 2020 #31
Coming right up! Dream Girl Mar 2020 #34
If you're "undecided" at this point, wat does that even mean? Don't bother to reply cuz Dream Girl Mar 2020 #35
Ok. MrsCoffee Mar 2020 #86
Been doing this for a while... wcmagumba Mar 2020 #32
Everyone deserves a chance BlueIdaho Mar 2020 #36
I rarely venture into this forum and now I know why. panader0 Mar 2020 #39
Nope, you are most definitely not are troll Dream Girl Mar 2020 #40
I agree pattyloutwo Mar 2020 #41
Yep. demmiblue Mar 2020 #42
Totally agree. Don1 Mar 2020 #116
I am also going to do this...it gives me an anxiety attack every time I see the picture and think Demsrule86 Mar 2020 #47
I have taken to trashing the threads of his supporters. Blue_true Mar 2020 #48
I like your idea of 'thrashing' instead of 'trashing' the threads. LOL n/t zackymilly Mar 2020 #56
You didn't have to do that. That was brutal. Blue_true Mar 2020 #59
I understand Gothmog Mar 2020 #50
Everyone knows Sanders is history NCProgressive Mar 2020 #80
oooh. me first! mikelgb Mar 2020 #51
not just blocking KayF Mar 2020 #52
You can't control who blocks who. LOL. It's a DU feature. n/t zackymilly Mar 2020 #57
i'm not talking about her blocking KayF Mar 2020 #61
She states SHE is blocking. n/t zackymilly Mar 2020 #63
It's part of the division tactic RandiFan1290 Mar 2020 #72
That's Sanders whole campaign strategy. MrsCoffee Mar 2020 #87
Which is why Putin has been supporting sanders Gothmog Mar 2020 #109
That seems harsh on a Democratic site. Laffy Kat Mar 2020 #54
What...blocking supporters of someone who is only a Democrat during a presidential election? zackymilly Mar 2020 #58
Yes. We do share many of the same ideals. Laffy Kat Mar 2020 #60
This is how you reach out to the other side? wellst0nev0ter Mar 2020 #55
I agree. Bernie is on the 'other side'. n/t zackymilly Mar 2020 #62
Booom. Cha Mar 2020 #68
Requesting that all Bernie haters block me CrawlingChaos Mar 2020 #64
Done! Thanks for coming out! But you won't see this post! n/t zackymilly Mar 2020 #107
LOL ... That's not how it works. Iggo Mar 2020 #112
I've hated that picture since day one Skittles Mar 2020 #69
Kick. I took your advice... zackymilly Mar 2020 #70
Block me too! nt USALiberal Mar 2020 #71
Why? Are you a Bernie Bro with a Biden pic? n/t zackymilly Mar 2020 #74
No, because if someone is that uptight I don't need to interact with them. nt USALiberal Mar 2020 #75
This. zonkers Mar 2020 #93
All of my communication is on my iPhone tavernier Mar 2020 #73
I started doing it after I got a hateful message from one in my inbox. redstatebluegirl Mar 2020 #76
Sanders is irrelevant Progressive dog Mar 2020 #77
It sounds like intellectual cowardice to refuse to hear different ideas Bucky Mar 2020 #78
Wish I could rec your post. cwydro Mar 2020 #117
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2020 #118
62% of posters do not have a Biden picture attached to their posts. former9thward Mar 2020 #82
lol, this is actually true Celerity Mar 2020 #95
Cool n/t Devil Child Mar 2020 #84
Might as well get it over with - we have a long ways to go. Steelrolled Mar 2020 #88
I never block anyone. cwydro Mar 2020 #89
I am glad you have this all wrapped up and will not need Sanders supported in November. StTimofEdenRoc Mar 2020 #90
We might have had a shot to get Sanders supporters if he exited the race but he plans to stay in Demsrule86 Mar 2020 #99
I've been blocking a lot lately HarlanPepper Mar 2020 #92
Joe Biden's smile in the mug shot at the bottom of your post reminds me... BluesRunTheGame Mar 2020 #94
Oh come on Polybius Mar 2020 #96
Hostile. milestogo Mar 2020 #97
That's probably for the best. It'll cut down on the internecine fighting muriel_volestrangler Mar 2020 #98
Calmer here now. Thanks. n/t zackymilly Mar 2020 #100
What's even more disturbing than your statement . . . wackadoo wabbit Mar 2020 #101
"our" party? betsuni Mar 2020 #103
You beat me to it! n/t zackymilly Mar 2020 #105
Why? Are you not a Democrat? wackadoo wabbit Mar 2020 #110
Found another one! click! nt zackymilly Mar 2020 #104
At this time MFM008 Mar 2020 #102
I did not have the courage to say this even though I thought of it many times. katmondoo Mar 2020 #106
Thanks for the heads-up. Iggo Mar 2020 #111
Kicked. Just added another one! n/t zackymilly Mar 2020 #113
Very sad that democracy fallout87 Mar 2020 #114
"Democracy" has spoken. He lost. What does it say about him that won't do the decent thing in this Dream Girl Mar 2020 #115
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