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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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124. Of course. "When someone shows you who they are,
Sat Mar 28, 2020, 03:40 PM
Mar 2020

believe them the first time." - Maya Angelou

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
Amen. showblue22 Mar 2020 #1
It's unpersuasive when your arguments against Bernie depend on saying things he never said Bucky Mar 2020 #24
Well said. Thanks. mikelgb Mar 2020 #35
Why wait then? Ferrets are Cool Mar 2020 #40
You Get No Cigar For That, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #49
That is a chilling analogy, KitSileya Mar 2020 #63
The Comitern Slogan At The Time, Ma'am The Magistrate Mar 2020 #67
How very Susan Sarandonesque of them. KitSileya Mar 2020 #70
Exactly, Ma'am The Magistrate Mar 2020 #71
I'm not trying to persuade anyone. showblue22 Mar 2020 #62
We're not afraid of debate Aquaria Mar 2020 #72
Sanders is no liberal, neither is his base radius777 Mar 2020 #116
It Is Only Courteous, Sir, To Take A Man At His Word The Magistrate Mar 2020 #122
Of course. "When someone shows you who they are, radius777 Mar 2020 #124
Whoa! notinkansas Mar 2020 #2
I stand by every damn word in my OP. If you want "peace", stop slashing and burning. nt Atticus Mar 2020 #4
Huh? notinkansas Mar 2020 #11
The Question Inevitable Arises, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #17
Agree. Lonestarblue Mar 2020 #36
The primary is over. Accept reality Walleye Mar 2020 #5
No it's not MythosMaster Mar 2020 #20
Of Course It Is, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #25
That would be news to those MythosMaster Mar 2020 #28
Mere Whinging, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #32
Bernie is refusing to face the facts. Not a presidential quality . Walleye Mar 2020 #38
Biden is up by over 300 delegates...Sanders can't overcome this lead in a proportional primary... Demsrule86 Mar 2020 #39
That is such a good idea. Use the tools we have LakeArenal Mar 2020 #104
I live in a May primary state... dawg day Mar 2020 #48
Yeah, as others have pointed out, what's the difference between the supporters of Sen. Sanders KitSileya Mar 2020 #66
Exactly seta1950 Mar 2020 #78
No more of news than it is Aquaria Mar 2020 #74
Where do you get your 350 vs 650 numbers. whopis01 Mar 2020 #57
Treat Each Primary As A Baseball Game, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #61
But it is not a baseball game. whopis01 Mar 2020 #85
Let Me Try Again, Sir, Very Slowly The Magistrate Mar 2020 #91
You can be as slow as you need to be. whopis01 Mar 2020 #99
I Do Appreciate The Laugh, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #102
Yes...It Is.... LovingA2andMI Mar 2020 #45
Show me your math MythosMaster Mar 2020 #139
Go Fetch..... LovingA2andMI Mar 2020 #142
I asked for your math MythosMaster Apr 2020 #145
The link has the math... LovingA2andMI Apr 2020 #146
Fumbled in your own endzone MythosMaster Apr 2020 #147
So Don't Have Time to Play This Game.. LovingA2andMI Apr 2020 #148
The fact that you don't understand the math of proportional allocation grantcart Mar 2020 #60
This message was self-deleted by its author ReformedGOPer Mar 2020 #23
Oh, FFS! Stop it. Nobody is doing that. NurseJackie Mar 2020 #6
Thanks. nt Atticus Mar 2020 #8
Trying to take down the Democratic party? notinkansas Mar 2020 #12
'Bernie' Most Definitely Is Not, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #19
Sir! Are you also saying notinkansas Mar 2020 #43
You Know Perfectly Well What I Am Saying, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #54
The problem is that Aquaria Mar 2020 #79
No other candidate campaigns against the Democratic party, just Bernie. NurseJackie Mar 2020 #22
We have to fight on 2 fronts seta1950 Mar 2020 #86
... William769 Mar 2020 #13
Well said seta1950 Mar 2020 #84
If Bernie wants to state how he is better that is fine NCProgressive Mar 2020 #15
This is shameful mcar Mar 2020 #31
There is only one candidate who will win the nomination, and 99% of Democrats know this. George II Mar 2020 #26
Yes! redstatebluegirl Mar 2020 #3
Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes! justhanginon Mar 2020 #7
We all agree with much of what Bernie advocates, but... mtngirl47 Mar 2020 #9
hes sucking all the oxygen out of the room when we need it the most! samnsara Mar 2020 #10
By 'sucking all the oxygen out of the room' notinkansas Mar 2020 #14
His message has been soundly rejected NCProgressive Mar 2020 #16
Actually, no. People rejected Bernie, not his ideas. Bucky Mar 2020 #27
That is an entirely false narrative created by Bernie NCProgressive Mar 2020 #34
To Be Kind, Sir, That Overstates The Case Considerably The Magistrate Mar 2020 #58
Gawd you fight the good fight. LakeArenal Mar 2020 #106
+1 uponit7771 Apr 2020 #152
His ideas are nothing new to this party Aquaria Mar 2020 #83
"Too many" people that "his message is resonating with" aren't inspired enough to vote for him. ehrnst Mar 2020 #18
Try Not To Strain Your Shoulder Patting Tourself On The Back, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #21
The best would be to ignore him, but I would be concerned at the lengths the Sanders campaign OnDoutside Mar 2020 #47
I Agree, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #55
It sure is, and to borrow from Rachel Maddow, "watch what they do, not what they say" and the OnDoutside Mar 2020 #119
Unfortunately, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #121
True enough, it's increasingly difficult to avoid that conclusion. OnDoutside Mar 2020 #130
No, his message hasn't resonated with many people at all. In fact it's resonating with LESS people.. George II Mar 2020 #52
Please Aquaria Mar 2020 #82
stop telling me who to support NJCher Mar 2020 #29
I assume you actually believe that makes sense. That makes one. nt Atticus Mar 2020 #33
stop ascribing motive NJCher Mar 2020 #81
I vote narcissistic bullshit. LakeArenal Mar 2020 #105
not even mildly amusing NJCher Mar 2020 #128
Oh you Sanders people have such thin skin. LakeArenal Mar 2020 #131
what's that got to do with anything? NJCher Mar 2020 #133
Your argument is with whoever brought up LakeArenal Mar 2020 #134
Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. ReformedGOPer Mar 2020 #30
Yes seta1950 Mar 2020 #87
And Those Who Do Study History, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #107
And There Is History Behind This Worth Study, Sir The Magistrate Apr 2020 #153
I couldn't agree more! Mickju Mar 2020 #37
Ego trip Walleye Mar 2020 #41
To be fair, this really isn't about the Sanders supporters. This is about Sanders refusing to do the OnDoutside Mar 2020 #42
I Just Want health Care for All McKim Mar 2020 #44
It might not happen in one fell swoop dawg day Mar 2020 #53
Yes seta1950 Mar 2020 #89
I remember Nancy Pelosi advocating for universal health. LakeArenal Mar 2020 #108
We have Europeans & American ex-pats who post at DU. I hate to tell you this, but no country.... Hekate Mar 2020 #76
Good Points, Ma'am, And Good Questions The Magistrate Mar 2020 #110
That's fine seta1950 Mar 2020 #88
Guess what? Aquaria Mar 2020 #90
Many facts presented in your post. Thank you. Hekate Mar 2020 #111
Thank you! betsuni Mar 2020 #120
Since you didn't support him...what difference does it make...and I want a unicorn...but it won't Demsrule86 Mar 2020 #140
to those who buy into this Bernie Vs Joe crap azureblue Mar 2020 #46
I really hope it's bots trying to divide us Frances Mar 2020 #51
It's not just bots and Russian trolls by a long shot. comradebillyboy Mar 2020 #94
A dose of reality...the only way to remove him is by winning the election...and Sanders endangers Demsrule86 Mar 2020 #141
The friend of our enemy is our enemy. PubliusEnigma Mar 2020 #50
For many of Rebl2 Mar 2020 #56
Dreamed Aquaria Mar 2020 #92
To an extent, Bernie is a victim of his own campaign. Mopar151 Mar 2020 #59
Just a thought hell674 Mar 2020 #64
The process is as done for BS Aquaria Mar 2020 #93
who exactly hell674 Mar 2020 #136
Does this look anything like trying to get Republicans elected? Link provided Rilgin Mar 2020 #65
You really believe that BS Aquaria Mar 2020 #95
Ignore the tenor of a post, nitpick and pick a fight Rilgin Mar 2020 #100
I believe that it is necessary to correct you. TexasTowelie Mar 2020 #112
Ugh. The republicans control the Senate. Not the democrats Rilgin Mar 2020 #114
You made a false claim that did not withstand scrutiny. TexasTowelie Mar 2020 #117
There Really Is Not Much Room To Doubt, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #113
Going back to productive isolation with my family rather than get swarmed further on this thread (NT Rilgin Mar 2020 #115
. TexasTowelie Mar 2020 #118
My OP does not really accuse Sanders of "wanting to get Trump elected". It pretty Atticus Mar 2020 #127
It is projection. Bernie does not want Trump to win. Rilgin Mar 2020 #135
You are minimizing the conduct of "some" of Bernie's 2016 supporters. They did not simply Atticus Mar 2020 #138
Bernie's empty gesture to an empty Senate chamber. Sanders was comradebillyboy Mar 2020 #96
Typical Bash. Avoid and nitpick Rilgin Mar 2020 #101
While we still have states yet to vote in rhe primary ms liberty Mar 2020 #68
When he concedes Aquaria Mar 2020 #97
All The Man Has To Do, Ma'am, Is Concede His Defeat The Magistrate Mar 2020 #98
I'm wondering if Bernie hates the 'Democratic establishment' more than he hates Trump. kstewart33 Mar 2020 #69
Let's use our Resources to Elect Biden and a Democratic Senate and House. MarcA Mar 2020 #73
I know at least one person who said this part of your post years ago Eliot Rosewater Mar 2020 #75
People should say they agree with most of what Warren advocates, since most of Sanders' blm Mar 2020 #77
Well Said, Ma'am The Magistrate Mar 2020 #80
Calling people's politics "rabid" for supporting a candidate who is 2nd in the Democratic primary muriel_volestrangler Mar 2020 #103
Turner and Sirota---and those who think they are swell people---are definitely "rabid" Sanders Atticus Mar 2020 #123
Your OP is aimed at DUers, not "Turner and Sirota" muriel_volestrangler Mar 2020 #125
The only DUers who have cause to be insulted are those who---as the above post states--- Atticus Mar 2020 #132
Bravo. Thank you Atticus for speaking TRUTH. NT centrarchus Mar 2020 #109
It's about cult of personality and ego pleasing Legends303 Mar 2020 #126
This was Sanders MFM008 Mar 2020 #129
there is no way Sanders can try again in 2024 (as hopefully Trump is out and Biden or another Celerity Mar 2020 #144
Well said. IluvPitties Mar 2020 #137
K&R Tarheel_Dem Mar 2020 #143
recommending people support Trump is okay here? mikelgb Apr 2020 #149
Are you really that stupid or do you just think everyone else is? nt Atticus Apr 2020 #150
It Would Be Pleasant, Sir, To Learn Where You Detect That In The O.P. The Magistrate Apr 2020 #151
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