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Democratic Primaries

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How is this helpful? gibraltar72 Mar 2020 #1
It's actually very helpful if you consider the IDEAS...quality national healthcare, paid sick leave, KSNY Mar 2020 #12
'Bernie' Holds No Patent On Any Of That, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #15
"...left auxiliary of the Republican party." NurseJackie Mar 2020 #18
HGe s the one pushign for them however booley Mar 2020 #21
Mr. Biden Is Certainly In Favor Of Expanded Insurance Coverage, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #23
No he isn't booley Mar 2020 #28
Nonesense, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #29
No he isn't, where do you get that? George II Mar 2020 #38
It doesn't matter. He can't motivate enough voters. Reality Walleye Mar 2020 #2
Is that all matters to you? booley Mar 2020 #31
Beating trump isn't everything, it's the only thing. Walleye Mar 2020 #32
We found "ways" to pay by exploding the defecit ever more COLGATE4 Mar 2020 #3
Single payer would save money booley Mar 2020 #22
Based on what, Sanders analysts? It would NOT, no one has ever done a top-down analysis. George II Mar 2020 #40
Perhaps in the long run. But the cost of establishing it COLGATE4 Mar 2020 #41
One word ..."Italy" Demsrule86 Mar 2020 #4
This! And has been pointed out innumerably, imagine M4a in dotard's tiny hands right now Thekaspervote Mar 2020 #13
Yes it would. After enduring Trump and watching his attempts to destroy the ACA...I no longer want Demsrule86 Mar 2020 #47
two words South Korea booley Mar 2020 #24
Neither has the "single payer" system that's advocated by Sanders. George II Mar 2020 #39
Actually. S. Korea took aggressive action early. That was public health policy, not health care. ehrnst Mar 2020 #44
We didn't "find" the money for this emergency bill, we borrowed it, and it's NOTHING... George II Mar 2020 #5
Sure how can we possibly do what EVERY OTHER COUNTRY int hr world did long ago booley Mar 2020 #25
You're incorrect in saying that "EVERY OTHER COUNTRY int hr world did long ago"... George II Mar 2020 #33
the ACA is the UHC in the US - it was crippled before it was fully implemented. ehrnst Mar 2020 #45
Nonesense, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #6
So what? Bernie is irrelevant now. The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2020 #7
Bernie is irrelevant now. It's over! Goooooooooooooooooooooo away now Bernie!!! trueblue2007 Mar 2020 #17
I don't care what Bernie says. It's over! showblue22 Mar 2020 #8
Bernie has no hope of winning, so who cares? :) nt Sloumeau Mar 2020 #9
And yet he lost. William769 Mar 2020 #10
gee the trillion he wanted spent on F35s would buy tons of ventilators about now nt msongs Mar 2020 #11
True, Ma'am The Magistrate Mar 2020 #14
Vote for Bernie BidenBacker Mar 2020 #20
Absolutely true. zentrum Mar 2020 #16
And how it proved how woefully unprepared we are ismnotwasm Mar 2020 #19
Bernie is futile. PubliusEnigma Mar 2020 #26
Biden is still opposed to a singe payer system booley Mar 2020 #27
Did You Support The Affordable Care Act, Sir? The Magistrate Mar 2020 #30
Americans like M4A or single payer in polls BidenBacker Mar 2020 #34
Bernie is certainly trying to repeat 2016. The rest of us are trying to win an election Walleye Mar 2020 #36
As has been noted - single payer did not prevent the pandemic in Italy, nor did ehrnst Mar 2020 #43
As my first choice, Warren, said relayerbob Mar 2020 #35
Italy. robbedvoter Mar 2020 #37
Oh FFS... SidDithers Mar 2020 #42
A funny thing happened on the way to the coronation ucrdem Mar 2020 #48
Politics is not about being proven right or wrong. Yavin4 Mar 2020 #49
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