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Democratic Primaries

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Mon Mar 30, 2020, 07:56 PM Mar 2020

As a Bernie Supporter I think Biden will lose to Trump if he continues to do these steps [View all]

I like Joe Biden as a person and plan on voting for him in the general however, he has made some mistakes that makes me think will cost us in the general.

1. He has come against Medicare for All, poll after poll says Democrats want Medicare for All and this is going to be a damper on enthusiasm from young voters we need to show up.

2. I'm really worried about his debates with Trump in the fall, he says things that we know of uncle Joe that we know that are off putting to voters and Trump will capitalize on to try to win. I won't name them but you know some of the headlines in the news.

3. He is more moderate in his positions then the democratic party of today in general, he still has positions from the 1970s such as busing, foreign policy, and health care.

4. There is an enthusiasm gap between him and Trump, from the ABC poll 53% are enthusiastic to vote for Trump while only 24% for Biden. This is important because Obama won because so many people were excited to vote for him and if Biden can't replicate that enthusiasm we are going to have a very nervous night on November 4th.

5. I know this going to get heat but he needs to convince Liberal personalities such Joe Rogan and TYT, say what you want but they have a lot of sway in the younger generation crowd. One of the reasons we lost in 2016 because we had a divided left.

I think one of things Joe has gone for him is that he was Obama's VP, he will be President if overcomes these flaws.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
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How is this helpful? gibraltar72 Mar 2020 #1
It Is Not Meant To Be Helpful, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #6
The sanders campaign is in effect demanding that the rest of the party bend the knee to sanders Gothmog Mar 2020 #124
Nor Do I, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #127
Your concern is duly noted. The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2020 #2
The person in the WH is killing us, on purpose, and I guess some folks still demand purity Eliot Rosewater Mar 2020 #100
The world is on house arrest. Our economy is shut down. A virus is klling us. Yavin4 Mar 2020 #125
AMAZING, isnt it. BTW the woman doctor, forgot her name AND Fauci are lying for rump now Eliot Rosewater Mar 2020 #157
Your Concern Is Noted, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #3
Well Stated Magistrate leftieNanner Mar 2020 #80
Your concern is noted nt doc03 Mar 2020 #4
It would be smart for him to move towards medicare for all, or at least something where premiums and jorgevlorgan Mar 2020 #5
Medicare For All, Sir, Is A Mere Marketing Slogan The Magistrate Mar 2020 #9
I think that medicare for all has had specific practical solutions in both his and Warren's plans. jorgevlorgan Mar 2020 #11
Professor Warren Had Some Specifics, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #17
For me, if my wife is not paying $30 for a $250 inhaler that she paid a $40 copay to see her doctor jorgevlorgan Mar 2020 #25
The Affordable Care Act, Sir, Saved One Life In My Immediate Circle The Magistrate Mar 2020 #33
The ACA, with the medicare expansion is an excellent improvement to the former system we had. jorgevlorgan Mar 2020 #39
And Much Of That Problem Is Deliberate Sabotage By The Right, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #54
Absolutely agreed on the sabotage part. And how scotus totally undermined any progress at every jorgevlorgan Mar 2020 #59
Practical Policies Depend On The Messenger, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2020 #63
Bernie's irrelevant. jorgevlorgan Mar 2020 #68
Than He Had Better Sit Down, Sir, And Cease Threats Of Blackmail The Magistrate Mar 2020 #71
I haven't paid much attention to Bernie since he lost super tuesday. jorgevlorgan Mar 2020 #75
I am a Socialist DAngelo136 Mar 2020 #62
Actually, Sir, So Am I The Magistrate Mar 2020 #65
The ACA saved my life also Just_Vote_Dem Mar 2020 #93
I'm so old I remember when M4A/Sanders supporters turned mcar Mar 2020 #70
Not only would that make him less "amenable" to Indies BidenBacker Mar 2020 #14
Medicare for all support however has peaked up substantially since it's lowest point in 2018 -after jorgevlorgan Mar 2020 #34
Hope you're right and that we eventually get there as a nation BidenBacker Mar 2020 #46
We can propose policy that benefits more people. jorgevlorgan Mar 2020 #49
I think that's exactly what Biden will do BidenBacker Mar 2020 #76
His VP will be telling, and indicative of -I think, his performance in the GE. jorgevlorgan Mar 2020 #78
Possibly BidenBacker Mar 2020 #83
I'm encouraged byt he fact that Biden's GE polling is improving the closer we get to November. jorgevlorgan Mar 2020 #86
I really believe we'll be fine BidenBacker Mar 2020 #90
First he going to have to reverse the damage to come back up to a workable base line ... Historic NY Mar 2020 #126
I Disagree With You DAngelo136 Mar 2020 #77
Let me clarify BidenBacker Mar 2020 #96
Perhaps if Bernie quit burning the bridges gibraltar72 Mar 2020 #15
I don't care about Bernie. He's most likely irrelevant at this point. The question is what will jorgevlorgan Mar 2020 #45
You do understand, don't you, that Medicare only covers 80% thucythucy Mar 2020 #42
That is way better than what a lot of people have right now, anyways. jorgevlorgan Mar 2020 #47
Possibly, but since Bernie has yet to show us how he intends thucythucy Mar 2020 #60
Bernie is irrelevant. jorgevlorgan Mar 2020 #67
"Stick with what he has..." thucythucy Mar 2020 #82
I actually like it. jorgevlorgan Mar 2020 #84
Okay. I guess i misunderstood where you were coming from. thucythucy Mar 2020 #88
My ACA plan is very affordable Just_Vote_Dem Mar 2020 #95
"many," was the operative word in my post. jorgevlorgan Mar 2020 #98
This message was self-deleted by its author Lulu KC Mar 2020 #81
Biden is winning the voters most inclined Aquaria Mar 2020 #107
No, the way to win is to make Trump the issue, not socialism Pompoy Apr 2020 #160
Joe Rogan and TYT??? showblue22 Mar 2020 #7
I saw that too. thucythucy Mar 2020 #44
4%. Lol showblue22 Mar 2020 #72
OMG! thucythucy Mar 2020 #79
It's not a progressive district, for what it's worth Polybius Mar 2020 #150
Young non-voters won't vote at all. We should know this by now. Walleye Mar 2020 #8
A Berniecrat eh? fantase56 Mar 2020 #10
"As a BS supporter" of course you do.. BS & his Agenda LOST Cha Mar 2020 #12
Post removed Post removed Mar 2020 #13
+100x bucolic_frolic Mar 2020 #23
Hmm. I think you are right. Walleye Mar 2020 #35
Rogan and Cenk can go fuck themselves. NT Happy Hoosier Mar 2020 #16
I'm really trying hard Hav Mar 2020 #18
Any more demands? Get real. PubliusEnigma Mar 2020 #19
Joe Rogan and TYT? LMFAO Galraedia Mar 2020 #20
Reason why I mentioned them they have the largest Liberal audience on the Internet Legends303 Mar 2020 #38
If that's the case why did Cenk's primary run in California bomb the way it did? thucythucy Mar 2020 #51
TYT isn't even on my radar eilen Mar 2020 #132
The Rogan "endorsement" is when Bernie lost AOC. TwilightZone Mar 2020 #57
TYT isn't liberal, it's fauxrogressive. It's audience is largely anti-democrat or conservative Galraedia Mar 2020 #61
How does one know the viewers are liberals? sheshe2 Mar 2020 #118
The thing is they're neither "liberal" nor "progressive". George II Mar 2020 #143
What's your source for those stats? ehrnst Mar 2020 #144
They aren't liberals. NYC Liberal Apr 2020 #161
I am suspicious of English as a Second Language posts /nt bucolic_frolic Mar 2020 #21
Straight outa St. Petersburg. B Stieg Mar 2020 #27
So according to what you wrote,Biden has no redeeming values .. CatMor Mar 2020 #22
Don't worry disndat Mar 2020 #24
VP pick Normanart Mar 2020 #123
NTSA. rzemanfl Mar 2020 #26
Stir the pot much? GP6971 Mar 2020 #28
ElizabethWarren embraced "Medicare for All" and it sank her campaign. ucrdem Mar 2020 #29
p.s. Kamala, too, endorsed M4A and that was all she wrote. ucrdem Mar 2020 #122
There won't be any debates. LastLiberal in PalmSprings Mar 2020 #30
brave post - thanks Locrian Mar 2020 #31
That's rich Aquaria Mar 2020 #111
Interesting points... Mike Nelson Mar 2020 #32
No one is enthused over Bernie Generic Brad Mar 2020 #36
Thank you! jimlup Mar 2020 #37
Funny how arguing from a position of reason Aquaria Mar 2020 #113
When You Say 'Speak Truth To Power', Sir, Do You Know What Happens? The Magistrate Mar 2020 #116
This is true. "Speaking truth to power" was a perfectly fine expression when used betsuni Mar 2020 #120
Thank you for your concern but your advise will and should be ignored Gothmog Mar 2020 #40
Some of these BSers make me wanna pull my hair out BidenBacker Mar 2020 #41
With respect that is all due.... LakeArenal Mar 2020 #43
well, BGBD Mar 2020 #48
Bernie is the one who needs advice tirebiter Mar 2020 #50
Bernie's campaign took a nose dive about the time Rogen "endorsed" him. TwilightZone Mar 2020 #52
" I know this going to get heat but he needs to convince Liberal personalities such Joe Rogan" kcr Mar 2020 #53
You forget the downright hate of Trump. Dan Mar 2020 #55
From the campaign who appears unable to win the Democratic nomination, giving advice on the GE still_one Mar 2020 #56
As a Biden Supporter, I think you still believe that Senator Sanders is winning by a landslide. NNadir Mar 2020 #58
THE YOUNG TURKS? Me. Mar 2020 #64
Your concern is duly noted. :) nt Sloumeau Mar 2020 #66
Thanks for your concern mcar Mar 2020 #69
Oh, one more thing... NNadir Mar 2020 #73
First: Don't worry about a debate between JB & DT. DT will refuse to do it! Second, Joe is doing napi21 Mar 2020 #74
That would be kinda cool BidenBacker Mar 2020 #87
It won't come to that. Aquaria Mar 2020 #115
Almost zero chance Trump will refuse to debate, he thinks he can destroy Biden in a live one-on-one Celerity Mar 2020 #91
"One of the reasons we lost in 2016 because we had a divided left..." thucythucy Mar 2020 #85
You're entitled to your opinion, most wholeheartedly disagree Thekaspervote Mar 2020 #89
Click away, folks BidenBacker Mar 2020 #92
Responses 1 by 1: UncleNoel Mar 2020 #94
You keep going 5-for-5 BidenBacker Mar 2020 #101
Post removed Post removed Mar 2020 #97
what was your GP6971 Mar 2020 #99
Same as this one: Post Removed. Am I psychic or what? marble falls Mar 2020 #102
Yes you are!! GP6971 Mar 2020 #105
It was only fair to ask. He mighta self deleted but he was on the radar all ready. How you been? marble falls Mar 2020 #106
Been good. GP6971 Mar 2020 #108
We're a smaller town with a lot of snowbirds who haven't left and ... marble falls Mar 2020 #112
Ah, Yes, Sir --- What Do You Want On Your Tombstone? The Magistrate Mar 2020 #114
Good to see you again!! GP6971 Mar 2020 #117
Medford, OR? KitSileya Mar 2020 #129
Wisconsin, Ma'am The Magistrate Mar 2020 #147
Another hit-and-run post. TwilightZone Mar 2020 #103
As if Biden needs advice about winning Aquaria Mar 2020 #104
As a Bernie supporter why are you undecided? Galraedia Mar 2020 #109
I'm undecided but I was always leaning towards Sanders Legends303 Mar 2020 #110
Bernie could not beat Biden...so you are wrong...and he wiped the floor with Bernie during Demsrule86 Mar 2020 #119
LOL! Thanks fir your "concern" Happy Hoosier Mar 2020 #121
Agreed with everything you said fallout87 Mar 2020 #128
Losing is hard. Bernie lost. It's over. NurseJackie Mar 2020 #134
It doesn't matter whether or not you think it's over. TwilightZone Mar 2020 #137
First off, by the time this pandemic winds down eilen Mar 2020 #130
are you a russian bot? beachbumbob Mar 2020 #131
I don't think your op is 'helpful' at all, it's devisive to the D party & incorrect about Biden. Sunlei Mar 2020 #133
That's a feature, not a bug. TwilightZone Mar 2020 #138
ostensibly, but "perhaps not really" I agree & it is a hit and run intended to disrupt. Sunlei Mar 2020 #139
As Bernie Supporter, Biden will lose in five easy steps! betsuni Mar 2020 #135
That was pretty bad. Scurrilous Mar 2020 #136
No, Sanders' slimy behaviors and obscure goals are why he's rejected. Hortensis Mar 2020 #140
Younger voters are not going to show up Dem4Life1102 Mar 2020 #141
M4A didn't inspire youth turnout for Bernie, Codeine Mar 2020 #142
He "still" has positions on "bussing" from the '70's? ehrnst Mar 2020 #145
I have noted your concerns. MineralMan Mar 2020 #146
2020 is a different time and your perception of Biden is inaccurate and off-base lees1975 Mar 2020 #148
Thanks for your concern. What follows is all the consideration I have given your post. HarlanPepper Mar 2020 #149
When the primary is over (and by primary I mean Bernie's tantrum)... Poeraria Mar 2020 #151
Polling on Medicare for All tgards79 Mar 2020 #152
And yet Joe had beaten Bernie out the gate, while unifying the party OnDoutside Mar 2020 #153
Stop it already! peggysue2 Mar 2020 #154
Well DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2020 #155
Do you now? How interesting. MineralMan Mar 2020 #156
... treestar Mar 2020 #158
How 'Never Bernie' Voters Threw In With Biden and Changed the Primary Gothmog Apr 2020 #159
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