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Democratic Primaries

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Mon Apr 6, 2020, 10:52 AM Apr 2020

The Intercept - The Democratic Party Must Harness the Legitimate Rage of Americans [View all]


The political possibilities of this moment are different than anything we have ever experienced. We possess a once in a lifetime opportunity to make the United States a more humane country. But if we fail to seize it, we will face mortal danger from the right.

That’s not hyperbole. The anger of Americans, once they figure out what’s being done to them right now, is going to be volcanic. The fallout from 9/11 and the great recession of 2007-2010 will be imperceptible in comparison.

Not long from now, almost everyone will have a family member or friend who died of Covid-19, many of them suffocating in isolation wards with insufficient treatment, perhaps deprived of a ventilator that would have saved their lives. Huge swaths of the country are plummeting into desperate penury, even as they witness large corporations unlock the U.S. Treasury and help themselves to everything inside.

Blue 2021

The Democratic candidate — likely Joe Biden, but we know anything can happen in U.S. politics — beat Donald Trump going away.

The winning Democrat’s slogan was “Fighting Mad.” And that was the core of his or her campaign — both the unabashedly mad part and the demonstrated willingness to fight based on that anger.

Red 2021

Donald Trump was reelected. What stunned the Democrats, CNN, and the New York Times even more than Trump’s victory is that he ran on the slogan “Healing America” — even as voluminous, exquisitely researched media output demonstrated that his catastrophic mismanagement helped the coronavirus kill a million surplus Americans.

Yet it somehow didn’t matter. Trump and the GOP’s mighty Wurlitzer settled on a suite of hazy stories, all of which the party’s base fervently believed even though they were mutually contradictory.
If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
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This Has Been Another Episode Of Lame Comments From No One In Particular, Sir The Magistrate Apr 2020 #1
Seems like you are missing the point of the article Beringia Apr 2020 #4
It says literally nothing about energy and imagination. TwilightZone Apr 2020 #6
Rage and anger by whom Beringia Apr 2020 #11
This message was self-deleted by its author Malmsy Apr 2020 #30
Rage & anger was bernie's campaign strategy. Neg ads, false accusations look what it did for him Thekaspervote Apr 2020 #33
Better By Whose Judgement, Sir? The Magistrate Apr 2020 #7
Democrats need to beat Trump...pure and simple...Joe can do that. Sanders is done...please consider Demsrule86 Apr 2020 #21
Just finished reading a Politico article about the Intercept from April, 2019. pazzyanne Apr 2020 #36
Thank you for posting this article. The Intercept shouldn't even be considered legitimate. rogue emissary Apr 2020 #41
Good article BidenBacker Apr 2020 #45
To Be Fair, Sir The Magistrate Apr 2020 #47
That's funny, Mag BidenBacker Apr 2020 #48
There's Many A Truth Spoke In Jest, Sir The Magistrate Apr 2020 #50
Engineering to Intercept Bridge BidenBacker Apr 2020 #49
That, Sir, Deserves To Stand On Its Own The Magistrate Apr 2020 #51
You're right, Mag BidenBacker Apr 2020 #55
It Will Not Put Anyone In Jail, Sir The Magistrate Apr 2020 #56
No, nolawarlock Apr 2020 #44
He honestly thinks a speech should start... sweetloukillbot Apr 2020 #2
The intercept doesn't want Democrats to win...so I ignore most of their shit. Demsrule86 Apr 2020 #22
This! Thekaspervote Apr 2020 #34
Thank you...Thekaspervote...they are always against the Democratic nominee. Demsrule86 Apr 2020 #39
Anger is what got us here in the first place relayerbob Apr 2020 #3
Anger, Sir, And Even Hatred, Can Be Harnessed To Power Decency And Compassion The Magistrate Apr 2020 #14
Fighting and anger didn't serve us well in 2016 relayerbob Apr 2020 #17
It Is Where Sanders Directed His Anger Which Harmed Him, Sir The Magistrate Apr 2020 #23
The Intercept? awesomerwb1 Apr 2020 #5
Can't discuss the article Beringia Apr 2020 #8
Yep awesomerwb1 Apr 2020 #25
The article is bad ehrnst Apr 2020 #31
I repeat... pazzyanne Apr 2020 #37
The Intercept is beyond bad. Scurrilous Apr 2020 #54
Exactly. The Glenn Greenwald rag that did their damndest to undermine and encourage its readers not still_one Apr 2020 #16
We don't need The Intercept to lecture us on what our Democratic Party "must" do. George II Apr 2020 #9
Amen! nt Kahuna Apr 2020 #15
Fuck The Intercept and the bunch of Russian-backed stooges it employs. W_HAMILTON Apr 2020 #10
Ahem, "Intercept," the Democratic Party has been on this already... ehrnst Apr 2020 #12
I agree with their assessment Beringia Apr 2020 #26
"Indoctrinated?" ehrnst Apr 2020 #27
Their assessment is flat-out wrong. TwilightZone Apr 2020 #28
Evaded 'Indoctrination' Have You, Fella? The Magistrate Apr 2020 #32
You "agree with their assessment" that there is no difference between Democrats and GOP? ehrnst Apr 2020 #35
"indoctrinated"... pazzyanne Apr 2020 #38
Indoctrinated? nolawarlock Apr 2020 #43
Putinite rag says what? HarlanPepper Apr 2020 #13
+1000 ehrnst Apr 2020 #18
The Intercept. LOL...nt SidDithers Apr 2020 #19
And water is wet...by the way Joe Biden is the nominee...and not the likely nominee...it is over Demsrule86 Apr 2020 #20
I don't think "legitimate" means what the Intercept thinks it means. beastie boy Apr 2020 #24
Rage leads to mindless populism. The Velveteen Ocelot Apr 2020 #29
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2020 #40
The moment the Intercept started pushing Tara Reade ... nolawarlock Apr 2020 #42
Wayward Torpedo BidenBacker Apr 2020 #46
This doesn't resonate for me... Blasphemer Apr 2020 #52
There Is A Good Deal To What You Say, Sir The Magistrate Apr 2020 #53
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