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C Moon

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Gender: Male
Member since: Sat Jun 21, 2014, 01:30 AM
Number of posts: 11,205

Journal Archives

Just dropped by to say: I'm enjoying the change in weather.

I live in Southern California (near the coast).
We had a horrid 100 degree heat wave a couple weeks ago. It barely dipped to mid 70's at night. I think a broken up tropical storm made its way into our area.

This week, we've been waking up to a house that is 65 degrees—just from having the windows open.
When I walk my dog, it's around 55-60.

...and loving it.

This is for all the cool weather lovers out there—like me!

And an advanced "Happy Hallowe'en!"

Saw a man wearing a brand new looking MAGA hat this morning.

I haven't seen one of those since 2018 or so.
I was pretty much dumbfounded—it looked so awkward on him, too.

What is the gop thinking?

They seem to burying themselves in the face of the upcoming mid-terms.
Maybe they have a plan to protest all the results?
Or a plan to suppress voters by having people threaten voters?
Or that jackass is still heading the post office, maybe he'll screw with the mail in ballots again.

There must be something going on in those "think tanks," because it's not looking real positive for the gop.

Apple warns of security flaw for iPhones, iPads and Macs

Source: ABC News

SAN FRANCISCO -- Apple disclosed serious security vulnerabilities for iPhones, iPads and Macs that could potentially allow attackers to take complete control of these devices.

Apple released two security reports about the issue on Wednesday, although they didn’t receive wide attention outside of tech publications.

Apple’s explanation of the vulnerability means a hacker could get “full admin access" to the device. That would allow intruders to impersonate the device's owner and subsequently run any software in their name, said Rachel Tobac, CEO of SocialProof Security.

Read more: https://abcnews.go.com/Technology/wireStory/apple-warns-security-flaw-iphones-ipads-macs-88567869

Don't write off tfg so quickly...

mafia leaders always find a way to stay in power.

Earth is begining to spin faster...and guess what some scientists believe is the reason.

When dinosaurs still roamed the planet 70 million years ago, a single day on Earth lasted about 23 1/2 hours, according to a 2020 study published in Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology.

Since 1820, scientists documented Earth's rotation slowing down, according to NASA. In the past few years, it began speeding up, McCarthy said.


Why is the speed increasing?
Researchers do not have a definitive answer on how or why Earth is turning slightly faster, but it may be due to glacial isostatic adjustment, or the movement of land due to melting glaciers, McCarthy said.


Whew. Considering myself lucky today. Not a big deal, but...

My spouse bought a few cases of sparkling water and stacked them in the back of our vehicle.
One of them had tumbled against the window on the drive home, when I opened the hatch, it came flying out, hit the ground on the corner of the box, and split open—it missed my right foot by probably 1/4 of an inch.

I think I'll go do some good deeds. Wow. That would have done some damage.

"Casper (mattress) is hiring professional nappers with 'exceptional sleeping ability'" :D

Sounds like a good gig to me!


(CNN) A mattress brand is hiring for a position where sleeping on the job is not just accepted -- it's mandatory.
Casper, a New York-based company founded in 2014, is hiring "Casper Sleepers" to sleep for a living.
Casper Sleepers will sleep "in our stores, and in unexpected settings out in the world," according to Casper's job posting.

Unfortunately, there will be some work required when employees are awake. Namely, they'll have to create social media content sharing their experience as a professional sleeper.

The job application is open until August 11, says the listing. The ideal candidate should have an "exceptional sleeping ability," a "desire to sleep as much as possible," and of course, the "ability to sleep through anything."

In addition to being paid to sleep, successful candidates will enjoy being able to wear pajamas to work, limited free Casper products, and the flexibility of a part-time schedule.

Aspiring sleepers are encouraged to show off their sleep skills on TikTok as part of their application, says Casper.

Very disappointed with some people I thought were good. Regarding contract work. No pay.

(I posted about this a few days ago for some advice....now I'm just kind of depressed about it).

I was contacted by a coworker at a small audio company for which I worked for 11 years. I'm working freelance now, after that company we worked for was bought out, and layoffs ensued.

This guy was at a new company, and asked if I'd be interested in doing some graphics work.
I said sure. We went over price. I did some samples. They were happy. Signed a contract.

I worked hard for them: evenings, early mornings, weekends.
Got it done, plus some. They were happy with the work and thanked me.

Sent them the bill. Excuse after excuse: oh, we missed the payment deadline; oh, I didn't get your banking info (lie, sent it twice); oh, you replied to the wrong email (lie); it went on and on.

Now they aren't replying to my emails (it's been over 4 months since I did the work).

I sent them invoices this morning with "late fee" charges if not paid by xx/xx/xxxx. No reply yet.

I guess I'll have to go to court.

Fuck them. I did the work. Pay me. They must have gone to Trump University.

Ukraine launches counteroffensive to break Russia's hold on major southern city

Source: NBC News

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry has called on Russian troops in Kherson to retreat, warning that they will be “annihilated” if they remain in the city.

Ukraine has been laying the groundwork for weeks, amassing forces and weaponry, and now it says it is making gains in the country's south.

Bolstered by newly acquired long-range weapons from the West, the country's forces, which long vowed to launch a counteroffensive, have destroyed key Russian targets in the Ukrainian city of Kherson.

Russian troops are “virtually cut off” by the counteroffensive, which is “gaining momentum,” the British Defense Ministry said in its daily intelligence briefing Thursday.

Read more: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/russia-ukraine-war-counteroffensive-kherson-south-donbas-zelenskyy-rcna40391
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