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Member since: Wed Jul 31, 2019, 12:24 PM
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Just watching the BBC

and they were reporting that Pompeo and Barr are planning to call the Presidential Succession Act to be unconstitutional. That neither Pelosi nor Grassley could become president or acting president if Trump and Pence can't serve. It should be Pompeo.

Don't think anybody has brought up a lame duck presidency

There has been discussions about it not leaving after it loses in November. Has it been brought out that between November and January we could have a lame duck president and republican senators. What kind of chaos could they bring upon us? I can see where starting in September we could have continuing budget resolutions, but on Nov 4th, the beast could shut down the government until inauguration day.

BLM needs to reclaim Jesus

We all know, by myth, he was born in what is now the middle East. There were no blond, blue eyed white guys.

I remember the '68 riots

I lived in Kansas City. I remember the Chief of Police saying that he didn't care as long as they were killing each other. You might have heard of the KC police chief at that time, Clarence Kelly, the future director of the FBI after Hoover died.

Israel and Palestinians COVID-19

Paletinian cases of COVID-19 count against Israel or Jordan for the West Bank and Egypt for Gaza?

I'm confused by the FL COVID-19 numbers

Checking Johns Hopkins site, Florida cases have disappeared.
Thusday the local fox affiliate said there were 30.
Friday, AP reported had started testing and 45 cases were confirmed with results for 142 pending.
Friday, DeSantis announced 0 cases.
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