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Lulu KC

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Member since: Sun Sep 7, 2014, 01:13 AM
Number of posts: 1,931

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An old desktop MAC--how can I make use of it?

I believe I bought it around 2010. It works beautifully except, of course, that it can no longer be updated. It has a nice, big screen.

Then I have my new little MacBook.

Does anyone know if there's a way I can connect the two so the monitor of the obsolete can be the screen while I'm typing on my laptop?

I did the Google on it and it's either 1. over my head or 2. doesn't look promising.

Thanks in advance if you have a good idea.

Finder--where did I go wrong?

Whenever I try to find anything in finder using Search, it gives me all these other folders. Like script folders! And ds_store folders! I have tried to find this answer in Apple support. Clues?


If you have not yet seen it: Black KKKlansman

I love Spike Lee but I know I'm going to get more upset than I am normally when I watch his films, so I try to schedule when I have a certain combination of intellectual and emotional capacity.

This is the perfect week to watch this movie. It is outstanding.

Normally I would have checked it out from the library on DVD because it's not available to be streamed that I could find, but worth every penny of the $12.99 to purchase from Amazon Prime and I like the idea of the royalties for Spike et al.

(I do miss my library.)

Rest in power, George Floyd.

Racism again and still

I'm starting to think we need a forum that just pulls all examples of racism in our country together. However, it's in MO, so here it is:


VA and hydroxychloroquine

I am waiting for this to blow up. It passed by on the lower right side of the CNN page at 4 a.m. last night. It's not blowing up yet. Will it?


Shit got real

Biggest cliche ever: It changes everything when you lose someone to COVID-19.

I thought I grasped it. I've been careful since before we were supposed to be. I've been glued to the news for weeks and weeks. I've created my own spreadsheets to keep track of certain numbers. I've been ON IT. Not since the Mueller investigation have I absorbed quite so much news information so quickly.

I'm old enough that contemporaries started dying a few years ago. I've gone to funerals. I haven't gotten used to it, but I know how it feels when people die.

Then a friend who lived far away and had been very careful and privileged wrote and said he was ill, doctor thought it was the virus, and advised him to stay home. No respiratory problems. Kidneys hurt.

Over the next few days, his texts got shorter and shorter.

Nine days after feeling ill, died in sleep, cardiac arrest.

It all looks a lot different now.

Added the morning after: Thank you all for your kindness.

They're not letting it go--churches sue Governor Kelly


Refresh refresh refresh Wisconsin!

I'm watching this one: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/04/07/us/elections/results-wisconsin-president-democrat-primary-election.html

Or there's this: https://apps.npr.org/elections20-primaries/states/WI.html

or just a google search that gives AP.

It's fun. It's going to eat my energy for the rest of the night.

Kansas Supreme Court was trending on Twitter

I am waiting for the Supremes to make their decision, betting that since they are not a group of empty-headed maggots that they will support our Blue Wave Governor Laura Kelly.
However, I am finding it truly amazing how many people didn't notice that she was elected (I'm talking people who live in Kansas!), and assume that the Supreme Court is an extension of Brownback, and who think that the arguments are about church vs. no church.
I am being as patient as I can be. But the misinformation on just this one tiny thing in the world is blowing my mind.
I didn't think I could be shocked.
I'm shocked.

Know COBOL? Work available now!

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