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Old Crank

Profile Information

Name: Ralph
Gender: Male
Current location: München, DE
Member since: Tue Nov 14, 2017, 07:17 AM
Number of posts: 2,291

About Me

Currently living in Germany, enjoying the culture, enjoying the food, enjoying the travel. Not enjoying the winters, or the Deutsches lernen... Born in Canada. Parents moved to Arizona in 1965. Spent 5 years in the USAF and 2 of those on Crete. Lived in Fresno, Las vegas, Sunnyvale, CA.

Journal Archives

Notre Dame de Reims

A little lighter, metaphorically, than the early set of pictures. This cathedral is a bit younger in its current form than Notre Dame de Paris but is larger. It houses over 2,000 statues. Has a labyrinth on part of the floor. We stopped by for a quick visit on the way to Dieppe.
June 2019.

Graveyard in Diepe France

For the history buffs. We were driving to England (pre-covid) and chose Diepe as a crossing. When we went on a walk from our hotel we ran into this Canadian Forces graveyard. Operation Jubilee. A test to see how an assault on Europe might go. Over 3,600 dead and injured or captured in 10 hours. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dieppe_Raid
I didn't learn about this in my Canadian history classes.

Joys of ageing

My wife found me one of those wrist devices used to monitor heart rate and sleeping (small fitbit).
She got it because this one will respond to certain heart issues.
Well about 5-6 weeks of wearing it up pops a notification for a series of posible AFib events while sleeping. Oh joy. Nothing since now for another 6 weeks. My house doctor has had me on 24 hour heart monitoring and blood pressure monitoring 2 times. Nothing irregular. Some low pulse while sleeping but blood work is clean. Now I'm going to get an implanted heart monitor for 90 plus days. I don't feel any different. But even a few incicences per year can increase your stroke risk. Since my wife knows there is no dodging the doctors.... Nothing but fun.
We will see how this goes. They go under the skin and are the size of fat paperclips.

A doctor friend sent me a research paper on the watch type devices and they are quite accurate for detecting AFib.

Now with the metal in my head and this will I get through the airport security????

Bits and pieces

Going threw some pictures and decided to post an old window to the world and fun outdoor art/graffiti

Signs from Oktoberfest

We were there on opening day early. Also in the Oidewiesen, traditional area, There were fewer people as many stayed out so they could watch the end of the brewer's parade, if you like Clydesdale horses you need to see the parade, and the official taping of the first keg at noon. These are from signs for different rides and shops.

The women came out to greet me.

Decoration on a 100 year old carousel

Fairy tale ride.

Chicken restaurant

If you have to much bier

Old tractors

Oktoberfest started yesterday. We were in a tent with friends at the Oide Wiesen, the old style area. They have adisplay of old operational tractors. Antohe rpart has a Museum with other old things. Here are some close ups of the machinery. The oldest is from 1920.

Better than new

I know what all those thing do... right.

Modified torilla

MAde a modified Spanish torilla.
Par boiled potato slices. Put in a oven proof frying pan. Two layers deep. Sauted some spec (bacon) and leeks. Put that on the potatoes. Then about 4-5 oz of gorgonzola in chunks over that, followed by one more potato layer. Then I made a mixture of a pint of cream with 5 eggspoured over the potatoes. Then about 3 oz grated sharp cheddar. Baked at 275 until browned around the edges. and the top criping a little.
The wife was happy and we had enough for two dinners. with a salad and veggie.

A couple of stores I frequent

Have magazines which along with ads for featured products have recipes.
Some are pretty good. My wife bought a pumpkin/squash and it was my task to use it for dinner.
The magazine I picked up 2 days ago had a bunch of fallign recipes.
So tonight we had salad with pumpkin risoto.

Lyon art pictures

The first picture is the famous building painted to look like a street scene.
The others are from an avant guarde artist's area in town.

There were acouple of these skulls around

Lights on Strasbourg cathedral cross posted from Photography

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