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Soylent Brice

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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Cincinnati
Member since: Tue Nov 28, 2006, 11:41 PM
Number of posts: 8,308

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DU has not "changed"

At least not in the way people tend to insinuate around here.

DU *HAS* changed. Like... some rules here and there. Star membership stuff. Juries. No more Top 10 Conservative Idiots (I'm looking at you EarlG)

But DU is no more awesome and full of super cool, talented, well informed people... and/or troll infested, wackadoodle-laced, and sociopathic internetz freakazoids as it ever was.

I found this oasis of sanity/insane asylum (because duality) back in 2004. I lurked until I joined in 2006. DU is almost identical in terms of atmosphere, fun, shenanigans, wit, and facepalmery.

So... With that said...

I don't really give two shits when someone posts a GBCW as they self-eulogize (I made that up. I like how it sounds.)

As a matter of fact I love that shit. I don't have cable or even regular tv so this is as close to Guiding Light as I'm going to get. I grab some popcorn. I snuggle under a blanket, and laugh my living ass off. Because schadenfreude

But, the best is when they start whining and moaning about "oh this place just isn't the same!!!!!11ONES ZOMG they've ruined DU whinesomemore blahblahblah..."

Okay dude. Like, you'll be back in what 30, maybe 60 days? Okay buddy. *wink

Look, here's the deal. I'll give 2 examples to prove DU is not so fucking radically different.

1. H2O Man
Totally cool. Totally liberal. Totally rocket surgeon smart. TOTALLY nice and respectful.

And there's like a bazillion others like him here.

A.K.A. Complete Fucking Sociopath

If you know who that evil little bastard was you don't need an explanation. If you don't know him just search because you won't have any problems finding years worth of unrepentant, vile, horseshit of that herpe of humanity posting here.

And this is my point. Some cool peeps stay. Some leave. Some new ones show up.

Same with trolls, shills, asshats, automatons, and generally unpleasant dillholes. They come, they go, they get TS' ed.


That's DU. Ironically it's a lot like life. Go figure, the joint is crawling with other people just like in the real world. Shocking - I know - bit its'k. *hug

So if you wanna keep posting obviously not well thought soap box diatribes in the form of a grandstanding Internet suicide note/stomping away/g'bye post... cool with me. I'll don't have DVR but I can bookmark that shit.

Just know that the majority of us who know better know that you're utterly full of shit.

***POTENTIAL SPOILER***Tom Savini Wants 'Walking Dead' Governor Role...

***for those who read the comics this is a cool read. for those who don't this may not make any sense as the character has yet to be introduced, and may inadvertently provide spoilers.***

Tom Savini Wants 'Walking Dead' Governor Role, But Is It John Hawkes' To Lose?

Even though we're not likely to see him until season three, there's little doubt that The Governor is going to find his way onto "The Walking Dead." Easily the cruelest, most memorable villain to ever grace the paneled pages of Robert Kirkman's zombie apocalypse, Philip Blake's eventual arrival on the AMC horror series isn't just likely, it's inevitable.

The question is, who will play the Governor? Ask horror legend Tom Savini, and he'll say it should be himself — but he'll also say that Oscar nominated actor John Hawkes is the frontrunner for the part.

Speaking with MovieWeb, Savini — the horror effects guru who counts "Dawn of the Dead" and "Friday the 13th" among his many credits — revealed his desire to get a role as The Governor on "The Walking Dead," and his belief that the role already belongs to Hawkes.

read more: http://splashpage.mtv.com/2012/02/01/walking-dead-governor-john-hawkes-tom-savini/

Posted by Soylent Brice | Mon Feb 20, 2012, 06:36 PM (8 replies)

Physicists Foretell Quantum Computer With Single-Atom Transistor

Physicists Foretell Quantum Computer With Single-Atom Transistor

Physicists at Purdue University and the University of New South Wales have built a transistor from a single atom of phosphorous precisely placed on a bed of silicon, taking another step towards the holy grail of tech research: the quantum computer.

Revealed on Sunday in the academic journal Nature Nanotechnology, the research is part of a decade-long effort at the University of New South Wales to deliver a quantum computer — a machine that would use the seemingly magical properties of very small particles to instantly perform calculations beyond the scope of today’s classical computers.

Just last month, the New South Wales team — lead by professor Michelle Simmons — advanced the cause by demonstrating that Ohm’s Law of electrical resistivity extends to the world of very small particles, and now, together with Gerhard Klimeck and his team at Purdue, they’ve made a more significant breakthrough by placing a single-atom transistor exactly where they want to place it.

read more: http://www.wired.com/wiredenterprise/2012/02/sa-transistor/

Posted by Soylent Brice | Mon Feb 20, 2012, 06:24 PM (3 replies)
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