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Straw Man

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Member since: Sat May 22, 2010, 12:38 AM
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And here ...

However, as long as guns exist for one person, then they should be equally available to all, along with the CHOICE to carry them. That's about EQUALITY and FAIRNESS. Has nothing to do with being either progressive or reactionary.

... I thought that CHOICE, EQUALITY, and FAIRNESS were progressive values.

Silly me ...

Right here.

Gun-rights fanatics are heavily invested in the idea that gun owners are divided neatly into two categories, the good guys and the bad guys. Nothing could be further from the truth. They're all brothers of the gun.

You are saying that they (I refuse to say "we" are all the same. What else could your "brothers of the gun" babble mean? You're asserting a moral equivalence. You can't see that, and yet you're calling me stupid?

Only convicted felons are criminals. Remember, even unfit gun owners are innocent until proven guilty. That's why we need another category called "hidden criminals."

Spare us the sophist parsing -- you're not very good at it anyway. Using a gun to settle a score or end an argument is criminal behavior, whether or not one is convicted for it, and it is immoral behavior in any case. If you insinuate that I have a bond with those who engage in such behavior, I will ask you to apologize or tell you to fuck off. You didn't apologize. So fuck off.
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