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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Sun Jan 29, 2017, 09:28 PM
Number of posts: 6,844

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The boog

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Catching attitude from my wife over the pup Duncan

He eats three times a day puppy food. And I will add a bit of peanut butter with his dry food. My wife told me the other day she gave him dry food and at 10 weeks he was like hey you need to add peanut butter lady.

My wife says you are spoiling him I said dear. I replied I did the same for mr big paws our 12 year old golden retriever and boog heís ten the chocolate lab. I then added dear I understand you gave birth to 4 of our 5 children three grown daughters and a son biological who is 15. Then we adopted our foster son after you informed me we were going to enter the foster program. Jokingly I said you raise your kids Iíll raise mine.

I smile yesterday and today I took young pup Duncan golden retriever puppy to trail to walk. Now I know his little legs try. He made it on walk about .25 mile on 2 mile trail he tires out. Hey mister Iím a small guy we have water to hydrate Duncan and man then I end up carrying him the other 1.5 miles on my neck. I get ear licks hey Iím comfortable you carrying me mister.

I slacked off walking boog heís 10 and Iím worried as his hips giving him trouble. Although I took him swimming yesterday he had blast. And boog swam to me smiling hey man this is fun. I love mr boog so much ok man hold me letís float in quarry. Hey man boog says tell my boys to share the float raft help me up and we put boog on the raft.

Morning from thigh land I just saw trumpig speech , Big decisions here

I myself am on the couch with three dogs. The furry boys and I were planning on spaghetti and meatballs today. The big decision is should we use prego or ragu.

Anyway fucking thigh land yo Semite for fucks sake

Morning Yo semites

I just heard trumps speech on national parks had work late oh FFS

One of the sweetest women I know my cousins wife is now fighting Covid her name is Erin

Erin is 63 married to my cousin just got the call from my brother. They live back home in western Pennsylvania Iím rambling I feel for Erin and her husband I met Erin when I was young soldier big green gills at fort Bragg. 82nd 2/325 pir my cousin was in army he retired like his father. I would go visit not at first even though I knew my cousin somewhat growing up. Iím saying when I first hit Bragg I was feeling it out but new to army being brought up to speed in my airborne rifle plt. My cousin today is 64 , one Friday afternoon they showed up at company area 1984 and brought me to their on post housing to visit and we got drunk and bbq. The message was were family donít be a stranger weíre family.

I am not sure what my cousin did he was with the people over in the detachment the SF. I never asked them me it was nice having family at Bragg. When my cousin deployed I still would visit with Erin. Thanksgiving and Christmas she invited me and she is a pure soul. They never had children I donít know why I never asked. I have not seen much of them over years but I love them both. I remember my cousin going on deployment hey keep a eye on Erin when you can. I said you got it with a hug I said be safe I love you that day in 85 to my cousin.

My point is Erin is so sweet she and my cousin opened up their home to a bunch of young airborne infantry troops we were young. I brought I asked Erin can I bring two friends for thanksgiving we bought the turkey she is so sweet. After thanksgiving in 85 we all cleaned up dishes and played 500 rummy or spades. Erin and I would attend church together yes Iím a believer. As I sit here allís I can do is text my cousin you all in prayers. I feel for my cousin Erin is his love I get it as my wife is my love. This is their retirement and Covid hits them. I ramble and think fuck Erin doesnít deserve this she is the sweetest.

Talking with union brothers I'm back to work We all caught up life in a plague.

19:00 - 0300 two twenty minute breaks and it is eight and the gate as a yard Jockey providing no two hours forced overtime. Some of my close friends look so different long hair beards. Me I still have a beard I have been shaving my head bald since March April. It will grow back. My one friend when lay-offs hit bumped out on the road. He actually had a hold down bid running Brooklyn then on rebid he was turning Richmond va.

He asked why I didnít bump out on road with my seniority from yard. I told him at 54 plan is retire maybe 63 after the boys established. I have 33 years in this shit buffet I started 87 with Preston 151 then to red star. I rode them down with closings and running road is always a 12- 14 hour day cash is awesome no brag usually $400 night mileage pay clock time pay. I told him if I never hit the street in a shitty wore out road tractor again Iíll be happy. Iíll just stay in the yard moving trailers. Or breaking and hooking road sets, my friend here I was talking with his father broke me in in 1987 after I discharged from army. And Preston 151 trained me to get my third class truck license he was my friends father a manager and he spoon fed me volume loads on second shift to get me use to driving.

Iíve told him many times that his father was decent a old school manager. And those union men I started with were a awesome breed of men. They took no shit did the job safely and went home, majority of them were Korean War and Vietnam vets. After they figured out you were solid guy those old school guys give you the shirt off their backs you were in with them. They were Hoffa senior men , and sadly hoffa junior is nothing like his old man hoffa jr is worthless example think trump.

On breaks I sat outside in gazebo ate at picnic table I will not go into break room. Iím so cautious Iím using the portable toilet outside and clean up with hand sanitizer. Only time I go in is to punch in or out , the yard boss called me over radio to get the keys to hook up couple twin screw tractors. I called back told him drop the keys to me out the window from second floor. He laughed then he knew I was serious. Yea throw keys out the window man Iím not joking. A ramble is all I had coffees gonna lay down around noon. On the back porch with pup and chocolate menace theyíre still sharing a bone that was a Christmas gift boog found it in the yard.

Always willing to help out a fellow vet / hey give me about 72 inches hero

Other day at store standing inline. I heard only fools and birdshit fall from the sky. A response to my 82nd ball cap yea I got new one Fatherís Day. So we exchange MOS info I said 11B he was I think wheeled vehicle mechanic hey cool you served Iím thinking I respect all vets except for Dashonebravo on here sand hill fruitcake candy asshole. Anyway this dude had army vet hat on. And he had no fucking mask on. Me I was masked up why because I care about humanity itís my Achilles heel. And standing maybe two feet behind me. Oh for fuck sakes Iím thinking a bright boy dude was about my age Iím 54.

I told him hey give me some space 72 inches maybe more. So I mentioned you know itís state law our governor Mr wolf made it law to wear a mask in public.
His reply was it is violating his wrights I said seriously we got 150.000 dead they have no civil wrights.
Teb reply was did you wear a seatbelt driving here.

Then like any good soldier I offered to give him extra mask I had in Tacoma. And I added as I was being rung out on my groceries.

Iíll even give you a class on how to don the mask and wear it so itís operational and then on how to remove it.
He declined to take extra mask or to have me give him a simple task class in parking lot a idiot selfish asshole.

Has anybody ever tried blow up pool

Heading Walmart this morning to look at pools for the grandkids. Itís a grandfathers duties. The plastic wading pool well all three of them in it has become tight no room to maneuver. Iím lookin at the rectangular 120 - 72 - 20 Iíll hang out in it as well Iíll be the life guard.

Egg production is down with the ladies they're traumatized

Found black snake eating a egg in hen house Thursday. I moved him to lower pasture. I told the ladies this morning feeding them that I understand completely.

Ordered cake for party for Duncan pup

It reads welcome Duncan on top with balloons. Weíre having cheeseburgers fries milk shakes today. The woman at bakery asked if Duncan is our new grandson as she knows my wife . I said no (heís my love child I did not mention that heís a 9 week old golden retriever puppy. That will get those nosy ladies talking.

Trying to make old fashion drive in cheese burgers today any advice

This is what I have so far
Ground burger mixed with ground sausage a 80% 20% mix Worcester sauce salt pepper I have this hamburger seasoning I bought and never tried it. Then roll the patties thin 3 - 4 minutes each side.

Any idea on flavor to add hit me with suggestions
Toasted buns

Homemade milk shakes homemade fries and big pot of chili.

Thank you all in advance
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