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The Polack MSgt

The Polack MSgt's Journal
The Polack MSgt's Journal
May 23, 2024

West African Hard Rock Thread.

Songhoy Blues


Mdou Moktar


Tinariwen- Who I think of as the western Sahara's Pink Floyd
May 17, 2024

A friend of mine is a storyteller.

Here is a great essay about a player who comps with Mike Trout,

Here's why this topic resonates to me.

My Grandfather was a minor league/semi pro baseball player before and after WWII.
He told me once that he played a demonstration (cash) series against the Greys.

He knew who Mr. Gibson was.

Daddy Joe was a life long Pirates fan - loved Roberto Clemente.

He would wax eloquently about Willie Stargell's power.

He was also a legit, high-level baseball player

Well, he said that "Mr. Gibson" was the most talented ball player he ever saw.

May 16, 2024

A good read from my favorite recovering Republiholic

Will Trump be held accountable — in the courts and the news?
Jennifer Rubin


May 15, 2024

Babe Ruth, "Wells Fargo"

May 14, 2024

Remember the 90s? Kings X was a top 5 favorite hard rock band from 89-95. They had a killer run

FFS, this is unreal - Gretchen, Faith Hope Love, Kings X and Dogman.
Gretchen Goes to Nebraska


Faith Hope Love

Kings X Kings X


May 14, 2024

Celerity sent me back to the 80s with a Duran Duran post... And I appreciate it. Thanx

Have to start here.


Madness, I say, MADNESS

Still an all-time favorite album

I'm hoping for happy 80s memories out there for everyone
May 13, 2024

Bedtime metal. Megadeth starts us off

This is a nice little pop ditty


Here's one you may've forgot

This album gets shat on, but I dig this cut

I get that Wasted Years ain't ever pushing past this one to be sure

I don't want to shortchange my High School metal compared to my junior enlisted era metal, so here's some Led Zep

And some Priest

May 11, 2024

Saturday afternoon, baby sitting a dog, and she is such a good girl. Not sure she likes Wishbone Ash as much as I do


But I have access to the treat jar so I get a pass


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61-year-old Polish/Irish retired USAF dude. Married to my lovely young bride for 36 years and counting. A loudly blue vet in rural Illinois.
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