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Tom Rivers

Tom Rivers's Journal
Tom Rivers's Journal
November 1, 2016

MUST READ Tweet storm from Liz Mair: "Reporters/Dems must investigate Trump NDAs with women"

"F*** it, I'll just say it. Someone should be digging harder into NDAs that certain women have allegedly signed benefiting Trump."

"The Russia stuff is important. The taxes stuff is interesting. But it's not as big ticket as at least one other big thing out there."

"Just do your f***ing jobs, reporters. And Dems, if you can't do the necessary to get the story written, then you deserve to lose to him."

I don't know how credible she is or the information she claims to have is, but a lot of the #NeverTrumpers have been going on about it for a few weeks now. A lot of chatter around a certain procedure that Trump may have arranged for a mistress that might be from Canada. Dems on social media should be pressing reporters like Eichenwald, Fahrenthold, Corn, etc., and dem strategists and commentators to look into this at the very least, and when we find it then pound him and his base with it.

If we've got it, use it, contact David Brock or any other high money Clinton supporter, make them aware of it and see if they are willing to commit to paying the legal fees that may be involved with getting this out there. Trump and the republicans are playing dirty with the Comey trumped up investigation into emails not to or from HRC, they will not let up and will continue to use any and all deplorable tactics to their advantage even when it's B.S.. If this is out there then we must find any way in the world to be able to use it and finish him. It looks like we're still in good shape to win this thing without another major oppo hit, but a man like Trump is simply too dangerous and unstable to leave with any semblance of a chance heading into election day.

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