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a kennedy

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Member since: Sat Jun 5, 2004, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 27,686

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Anyone have guts to check out some MAGA sites??? Interested in hearing what the talk is......

I just can’t do it…..


And another stupid ass game show on ABC........

“Kelly Ripa is hosting a new comedy quick game show, Generation Gap, which will have pairs of seniors and juniors competing to answer questions about pop culture from each other’s generation. We can’t wait to see this one, as pop culture is our thing, and we feel like we would do really well on a show like this”.


Pretty good tennis match on now.....Rune vs Ruud.

Not a big fan of the kid Rune, but he’s got some balls, and I ain’t just talking tennis balls. 😂 🤣 😂 He’s ranked #6 for this tournament, the French Open, and he’s playing the 4 ranked from Norway. Ruud has won the first two sets, but Rune has really dug in and coming back. Fun match to watch.

Well ok then......starting my second high blood pressure pill.....some kind of water pill???

Dr. also mentioned I could be taking up to 4 pills if blood pressure doesn’t come down. WTH??? How many do you all with high blood pressure take???

OMG....watching Blazing Saddles......I forgot how really bad it was with all the horrible racist

jokes. Terribly funny, but they sure couldn’t make it today. 😂 🤣 😂.

Southeast MN is in a drought along with a lot of other areas.......we get out of one of our favorite

pubs for supper, and low and behold there is a giant cloud over us, and we almost start screaming for rain…….low and behold we got, I swear to gawd at least 1000 huge drops of rain, that’s it. 1000 drops, that’s it. Our lawn is dead already, we don’t water the lawn and my perennial plants are dying……although I will start watering them tomorrow…..DANG WE NEED RAIN SO BAD.

Anyone worried about Tammy Baldwin's re-election??


OMGAWD......."Mr. Bean" on PBS. Anyone?? He's a gawd of Pantomime

Love him. ♥️

Ok, can't find the topic of horrible actors, or actors that actually play the same characters

don’t want to say Humphrey Bogart, but Humphrey Bogart really does play the same roll over and over. Just saying……and I love him.
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