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gay texan

gay texan's Journal
gay texan's Journal
May 5, 2024

May the 4th

My dad is a Vietnam war vet. He saw the worst of it, the 1968 Tet. Blood and guts combat.

One day he opened up about the bullshit factor of the war:

"Here i was about to go home, and a fella aproached me. He wanted me to stay and build baracks. Damnded if it wasnt double what it was making at my regular job back home when i got drafted. Thats when i realized this was a god-damned money maker. Brave people died for this bullshit. The people didnt want us there, but they were making money hand over fist"

So yeah, those who protested were right.

In essence, this was a useless fucking war. Dads 83 and hes still mad about it, even with fading memory. The people responsible for the bloodshed were never held accountable.

That anger boiled over to me and my sibling growing up. Hair trigger temper. "Daddy's grumpy today" my mom would say. There were times when he was a dad, then there were times when he was a monster. Waking up from nightmares. Hearing dad yell orders to people who were no longer there.

For a long time i absolutely fucking hated and resented my Dad. Until i found out the truth of what he had seen and done. What he was ordered to do. The things he was afraid to talk about.

I forgave him. He wasnt given the tools to deal with what he had seen and done.

He was a simple baseball playing kid from Oklahoma. I have 8mm footage of him before and after the war. Happy fun go lucky, then after he was gunfighter cold. Chain smoking, cold, distant stare. Think Yul Bryner gunfighter type cold.

I want to belive that the people that died at Kent state, didnt die in vain. I want to belive that their lives helped expose to the public what was happening and helped put a stop to it.

All of this happened before i was born. Its only now ive been able to put it all together.

April 27, 2024

In terms of Noem

This has been weighing on my mind all day.

How in the literal hell can you shoot a 14 month old dog for shitty training on your part?

I grew up in the sticks, and yes, there were times you had to put an animal down. None of those cases involved a 14 month old puppy. All of them involved very sick animals that were suffering. Those instances were quite rare i might add.

So when i got home this evening, I gave my rescue Border Collie a long hug and a lot of treats, a dog that nobody wanted and was left to die. There's a ribeye on the grill and he's getting some of that as well.

Literally, shooting a dog that gets out of line doesn't make you tough; it makes you a piece of shit....

(Update: the puppy dog just wolfed down half of a small ribeye mixed with his dry food. He's presently sawing logs on the bed, but his tail wags when im nearby and that, is everything)

March 8, 2024

Talking heads tomorrow

"The SOTU speech was a resounding success by every measuarble standard: how this spells trouble for Biden!!!!!"

You know its coming....

February 14, 2024

So as public service to the DU community

I wandered over to Freeperville.....

Wow, are they depressed....

January 1, 2024

Mancini, you magnificent bastard

magic starts at 2:55, then there is that perfect piano trill at 3:07

January 1, 2024

Depressing but good

January 1, 2024

Rare stuff.....

Rock out.....

November 20, 2023

I cry for Roslynn and i Cry for Jimmy

I know both of them are real christians. Jimmy has to be devistated right now as hes lost his lifes partner.

I cant possibly imagine the hurt. I looked up to both of them.

November 8, 2023

just wanted to drop in and say

if you want some awesome MAGA tears/humor, pop on over to Free Republic.

Brothers and sisters, they are SPICY tonight!!!!!

October 28, 2023

Let's take a break and do something fun, my LGBTQ family

Post your first celebrity crush, real or not.

This will date me, i was 6 years old and i saw it as a re-run, and yeah Rick's kinda cute...

At the age of 6 i knew i was different

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