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happy wendy

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Name: Lili
Gender: Do not display
Member since: Wed Dec 30, 2015, 06:20 PM
Number of posts: 67

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This is why I love Spring so much.

How many people here love Spring ? Well... I love spring so much. Flowers Blossom When Spring. It is so beautiful.

Do you love Spring? Could you share something about Spring here? Pictures ,songs, films or poems are all ok.

Let's say some heartfelt words here! Does anyone want to join in?

Hello, my friends. I think it would be a good way to say some heartfelt words and share with each other here. We can share our happiness and tears here. No matter tears or happiness, we can write it down here. Perhaps I can't help you a lot, but I will always be your loyal audience and I will also share what I am experiencing in my daily life. Why am I doing this? Because I am willing to be a listener absorbing your emotion and experience. As a listener, not only could you share happiness with me, you could also share your sadness and tears. We could help and support each other through this way.
Hn...Let me share my happiness now. As you know, several days ago, because of my jealousy, I was not happy. But I'm better now, because some friends here helped me a lot. Thanks! Friends.Thanks for your help. And through this experience, I learn that speaking out your heartfelt words is so helpful.
So, let's say some heartfelt words here! Happiness, tears, sadness……
Last but not least, actually I’m not a native speaker and I am on the process of practicing this language. So, please forgive my poor English and not reply timely sometimes.

What do you like about yourself?

Well...I don't like myself. Because I'm not a good person. I'm jealous of those who are better than me. I know it's not good to be jealous of others. But I can't help myself. Especially theses days I'm jealous of one of my good friend. We work in the same company, she is better than me, many of my colleagues say that she is very good. Every time when I hear this, I feel bad. My conscience tells me that I shouldn't be that way, but I can't control myself being jealous of her. This tortures me a lot. What's the matter with me? So, sometimes I can't face myself. How could I be jealous of others?
But this is me who is not a good person but eager to be a good person.
What do you like about yourself? And does anyone here have the same experience as me? If you have, could you please share with me that how you break away from the jealousy? It will be very helpful for me. I will appreciate it.

What kind of music do you like best?

Due to the advantages of music in many aspects,people are more and more interested in it, as the pressure is bigger and bigger, to relax oneself is the most requirement for mankind, we could relax ourselves through the music.

As to me, when i suffer something difficult or unpleasant, it's music that calmed me down,and give me confidence in my life, apart from these, i can also get the courage to face whatever i will meet in the future.

my dear friends, i 'm happy to talk about this topic with you here. are there any kind of music you like best, i hope you can share it with me if you don't mind. i am looking forward to your experience about music.Thank you!

Hello, my new friends

First, i'm happy to be here, it's my honor to this forum, i'd like share what i have met ,listened and seen with you, and i also hope there will be a good contraction with you.

I'm interested in many aspects, such as running, ridding, playing basketball and skiing. when i am free, i will stay outside ridding and skiing at daytime, i never feel tired of doing so, little by little, i found i came to realized i had loved them.

There are also some other things i'd like to do, for example, reading books,watching films and listening to music. It's just them that changing my life. I really appreciate it, for from which i get too much benefit.

Now, i have a little knowledge of real life, even though i haven't known much, i won't give up and stick it to.

my friends, have you got any special things shared whit me, i'm looking forward to your reply. Thank you, have a fun day!
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