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Member since: Fri Mar 13, 2020, 03:54 AM
Number of posts: 1,744

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"White privilege" does not mean white people should be treated with the same indecency as others.

It means we should likely be treating the other groups at the higher standard we generally see with whites. It seems too often that folks misconstrue this idea and advocate for mistreatment of folks simply because we don't like them, or because we know they had it easier than they would have if they were black. This thought process is not justice -it is vengeance. And if we truly aspire to achieve a fair system of justice then yes, we should call out the system when it is unjust -even if it is unjust to those we don't like (ie Parscale being tackled onto pavement completely unprovoked and inebriated).

Last night did biden agree not to declare victory until all votes are certified?

That seems silly if most votes are counted and a reasonable call can be made that night (ie if Biden wins NC, fl and oh it would be more than obvious he won -even if wi mi and pa are not mostly counted yet).

What was it called "free discussion"?

That wasn't a good idea. Also, the moderator should be able to turn their mics off.

I cannot watch this anymore.

Just sent another $15 to Joe Biden. After this deluge of misinformation from Trump, that last fundraising haul is going to come in very handy. Let's keep on giving, and shut this motherf*cker down.

"Show us your tax returns!" "You'll see it as soon as their finished."

So he hasn't done his taxes in 4 years?

Biden is incredible

All Trump knows how to do is be an asshole and interrupt and say nonsense. He is trying to do the debate like he does on Twitter: By debating himself. God he is stupid.

People can't be fooled by this shit.

1,249,442 have voted so far in the 2020 Presidential election

Voted by Party Registration
Reporting states with party registration data: FL, IA, NC

Party Count Percent
Democrats 152,541 53.9
Republicans 49,894 17.6
Minor 1,182 0.4
No Party Affiliation 79,353 28.0
TOTAL 282,970 100.0


Biden leads 75-18, among those who requested mail ballot(Trump by 8 for those who didn't)


Judge Orders Emergency paper Back Up of Voter records In Georgia



A federal judge on Monday required paper backups of voter registration and absentee voting information at every Georgia polling place, a safeguard to allow voters to continue casting ballots if computers fail on Election Day.

U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg ordered election officials to prepare paper copies of records showing who is registered to vote and whether they’ve already voted before Nov. 3, either by absentee ballot or during in-person early voting.

The ruling could help prevent long lines if poll workers struggle with the state’s new voter check-in tablets, called Poll Pads, as they did during the state’s June 9 primary, Totenberg wrote. Some voters waited for hours because of a combination of high turnout, poll closures, social distancing, absentee ballot problems and difficulties operating voting equipment.

How much did you pay in federal taxes in 2017 and 2018?

Trump paid $750.

I paid probably around 40,000 if you take away the medicare, social security, etc. Got a sweet refund though on those solar panels last year...
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