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live love laugh

live love laugh's Journal
live love laugh's Journal
November 9, 2023

Welcome to America ...

Welcome to America …

…where we believe in individualism until you kneel for the national anthem
…where we have more prisons than schools
…where our schools are funded by the local district and our prisons are funded by the state
…where we decry socialism unless we're bailing out billion-dollar corporations
…where it's illegal to possess and sell drugs unless you're a pharmaceutical company
…where we scream inflation while corporations are raking in record profits
…where you work 40 plus hours a week to make someone else rich while depending on charity to pay your own bills
…where wealth not culpability shapes justice
…where the fear of anything that isn't capitalism is somehow communism
…where you need a background check to get a job but not to purchase a gun
…where you will get arrested and sent to prison for bribery unless you're a lobbyist
…where you pay more for healthy foods and less for fast food
…where we get more upset about burning flags than we do about burning books

Daniel Collins



October 31, 2023

Abortion perspective

I talked to a woman the other day who said she had very bad abdominal pains for a while and couldn’t understand why. ER tests ended with congratulations on her pregnancy. However, it was quickly discovered the pregnancy was abnormal. The embryos were outside of the uterus with no detectable heartbeat. There was no chance of a live birth.

She said the first doctor that she saw afterwards told her there was nothing he could do and that she would have to just wait for natural expulsion to end the pregnancy. A second medical professional who prescribed a pill to terminate the pregnancy was angered hearing the first doctor’s advice.

I told her that she should be glad she lives in Illinois, because if she lived in a red state, it is very likely that she would not have gotten a pill. I told her that she might face arrest or imprisonment if she tried to leave a red state for an abortion. And I told her the doctors in red states could also be criminally charged if they gave her the pill or performed an abortion and that the pill is against the law there.

Her mouth dropped open. She exclaimed she didn’t know that. I told her that’s why the abortion issue is so important — that it affects women in many different situations. I said now that you know educate someone else this is why it’s so important to vote. She thanked me.

October 20, 2023

DU4 Ok on the laptop but on my Iphone it's hell.

DU3 I was able to see multiple columns/sections at-a-glance. No more on my Iphone. Now I only see HUGE forum title and a few posts once I navigate to a forum.

It’s like the zoom feature is on and everything is up close. In all of the versions of DU, I’ve never had this problem.

Skinner Mode doesn’t make it any better.

No other sites look zoomed-in like DU4 does on my phone.

I see lots of others saying it’s better on their phones. Not sure what kind of phones they’re using but that’s not the case for me.

I “DU” mostly by phone.

October 17, 2023

Republicans House Histrionics

Is it advantageous for Republicans NOT to have a Speaker? I think so.

When McCarthy’s Speaker selection fiasco happened I thought it was political theater. To be fair, at this point, I see almost everything that Republicans do as theatrical. Recurring performances like DeSantis’ white go-go boots and Boebert’s gropes — to name a very few — have solidified my opinion. This latest two-weeks-long-so-far Speaker election only reinforces my thinking.

Being Speaker-less is a perfect excuse for Republicans to do nothing. It’s also a great way to achieve Republicans’ goals to destroy government by eroding faith in the government itself. Plus, Republicans can count on the Republican owned media to blame Democrats for their antics and not to hold Republicans accountable.

Finally, any ridicule or criticism for theatrics will fall on deaf ears. If Republicans have proven one thing it’s that they are shame proof. So much so that it would not surprise me if this was not the last Speaker selection of this Republican majority House of this Congress.

September 19, 2023

Roe Conn is a sheriff's deputy??!!!!

I’m shocked.

PBS just featured a segment featuring Roe Conn — former RW ABC/WLS radio host and ABC TV local guest. An official Cook County sheriffs deputy since 2021 Conn’s worth $196 million but apparently he wants to play “police”. Google says he is Director of the sheriffs department under elected sheriff Tom Dart.

He’s is right wing as they come — Chicago’s equivalent of Sean Hannity. He’s very eloquent and fast talking and seemingly knowledgeable but he’s sexist and racist and Republican.

Him as part of the sheriffs department patrolling minority neighborhoods gives me nightmares.

September 17, 2023

I went to a gender neutral shared bathroom, and for the first time last night

At a play, all of the bathrooms were gender neutral. There were regular metal stalls with locking doors, no urinals. It was “interesting” washing hands next to a male in the bathroom.

That is all.

September 9, 2023

If you haven't you should REALLY listen to Danny Collins

On IG he’s @Confessions of a Convict

He’s a TFG convert and his posts are powerful and educational.

Here’s a recent one: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT82bgE7Y/

He talks about how he believed listening to TFG, that white men were under attack. He cheered on January 6-ers, denounced Ilhan Omar and joined white nationalist prison gangs and his many posts tell why he no longer thinks that way. Check him out.

August 27, 2023

Vivek's smarmy PBS interview

Over a week ago I happened to leave the PBS channel on only to hear a jaw dropping “interview” by RW newz reader and relative of Herbert Hoover, Margaret Hoover with Ramaswamy. Republicans like Vivek keep proving that they are anti-democracy. What’s worse is that PBS seems to be on board with their agenda too.


On eliminating the Department of Education, FBI, and IRS…
… “I will not promise you to reform those agencies. We will shut them down!”

“… It will take an outsider who has executive experience, who’s been a successful CEO…… with a deep understanding of the Constitution … of the laws that actually empower a US president to shut down the administrative state and the federal bureaucracy that gets in the way of prosperity and liberty in this country. … I bring that combination to the table.”

“Trump was actually a very good president, but he fell short of the level that I would want to see us go to … he fell short …. We didn’t solve the border crisis….I would use the US military to secure the southern border.”

“Take the Department of Education. He put a good person on top of it, Betsy DeVos. I believe an agency like that is not subject to reform... I would shut down the US Department of Education. …Trump did not go far enough … that’s a big part of why I’m in this race.”

“I would pardon him [Trump] … his behaviors did not obviously constitute a legal violation, even as stated in those indictments…I think it will set an awful national precedent for us to become a country in which the ruling party, whoever it is, uses police power to indict its political rivals. That is the stuff of banana republics.”

“We need a revival of the American Revolution…. Ideals like self-governance over aristocracy. The idea that we the people, sort out our differences through free speech and open debate in the public square without elite interference. The ideal that it’s not in the back of palace halls or three-letter government agencies that we decide the right answers to questions from climate change to racial injustice, but that the citizens do it in a constitutional republic. And we have lost that.”

“Every young kid who graduates from high school should be able to pass the same civics test that every immigrant has to pass in order to become a citizen... At the age of 18, let’s attach civic duties to civic privileges…either knowing something about the country—the exact same things an immigrant has to know—or else serve the country in some minimal way: first responder or the military.”

Part of reaching young people isn’t just pandering by telling them what in the short term they want to hear, satisfying their moral hunger by saying– you know what the left says, ‘go to Ben & Jerry’s and order a cup of ice cream with some social justice sprinkles on the side.’ No. That’s not how we satisfy the hunger for purpose and meaning.

“I think the revival of actual civic duty is a big part of how we feed that hunger for purpose. Citizenship means something to me. And if we make it mean something to young Americans, they’ll be much less drawn to secular cults from wokeism to climate-ism than they are today, because they actually believe that the fact that they’re a citizen of the United States of America actually means something to them.”
August 9, 2023

Felons can run for President but not vote for one.

The forefathers’ foresight was limited.

As much as I would hate a Constitutional convention, issues like this beg for resolution.

Imagine the nightmare scenario of an election where you-know-who could not even vote for himself as a convicted felon.

July 22, 2023

Barbie is becoming a cultural phenom.

Well at least it is according to the people in the salon today.

Several have commented on the turnout being extremely high. Just now someone mentioned how everybody’s wearing pink to go see it. The guy said he’s never seen anything like it.

One person said there’s a message in it for girls and that it’s something girls should see. Also that it’s hilarious.

I’m intrigued. Guess I should find something pink to wear and check it out.

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