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proud patriot

proud patriot's Journal
proud patriot's Journal
August 16, 2023

Poetic Extinction .. a reminder

Poetic Extinction
POETIC EXTINCTION...desperate , grasping
barely holding....unexplained convulsions of logic
....Lashing out fierce screams of blame...........
........thinking of survival, Wailing Flailing.....

lying dealing death to survive
Screams..... Pain.....hate....agony

Fear, oh yes FEAR

Eating one's own, you know that kind of Fear
......The fear of nightmares.....
Camouflage it....hide behind it....meta morph it

puffing plumage...raising hackles... loudly barking
..changing colors...altering strategies ..

smokescreens of stench

hungry predators...following the trail...searching

weakened hiding running Scared
hoping hoping predators circling
focused dedicated hungry
backed into a corner

Cowering Sniveling Crying


by Proud Patriot

July 4, 2022

No Problem

Cheer up Women ... We outnumber them w/o allies, and we have a lot of allies

We just have to show up and vote for Democracy over an athoritarian, theocratic, fascist, racist, violent, mob of misinformed rubes who blame the poor and victimised rather than billionaires who PAY Zero taxes and have tripled their income while price gouging the rest of us ..


November 25, 2021

Remember our First Thanksgiving

George Washington's Thanksgiving proclamation of 1789..


Our County's very first thanksgiving

A celebration of our Brand new Constitution

Wouldn't it be nice were we to celebrate this every year and not some lie
about pilgrims and native people ?

Happy Democracy Day!


proud patriot

December 31, 2020

My dad was just published "A VIEW ON HEALTH CARE FROM 2028"

... way to go Dad


I just had my third heart attack.

Let me tell you about my previous two.

The first was 16 years ago in 2012. After wasting 15-20 minutes with an ER admitting clerk demanding my “insurance information” before I was allowed access to care, a triage nurse hustled me ‘backstage’. I was diagnosed with a “minor” MI stopped by doses of nitroglycerin.

The following day the artery that had closed up was stented. The day after that I was kicked loose to the street. The ‘retail’ cost for my two day stay in the hospital and the procedure was around $250,000. My insurance “negotiated” that down to $22,000, co-pay was $2,200 plus $300 per month for prescription drugs over the next year.

During the procedure, they found that my major heart artery (LAD, the “widow maker”) was over 70% closed. Because of policy decisions designed to maximize corporate profits they did NOT open it up and place a second stent. I was not allowed to weigh in on that decision and instead was left to carry the information about a time bomb in my heart for the next 6 years.

The LAD finally completely closed a little after 7pm on June 9, 2018. The EMTs showed up at my rural farm and did a fine job delivering me to the closest ER within the critical first 2 hours.

But since no ER’s in our area are equipped to deal with serious cardiac problems and thanks to being “out of network” at that ER (only in America), I was warehoused for additional hours awaiting permission from my insurance company for further transport to care. After another ambulance ride to the airport and a helicopter ride to the hospital lawn, I finally signed a release form about 12 hours after the onset of the attack and the artery was opened and stented. The following day I was overdosed with blood pressure meds and nearly expired again. This all resulted in a miserable, sleep deprived 6 day stay in the hospital before I could go home and begin healing. Over the next few months, I received bills for co-pays and uncovered charges that exceeded $6,000 and my heart function was measured at 50% of normal thanks to 12 hours of ‘transport’ killing heart muscle.

In 2021, things began to change. (snip)

read more: https://popularresistance.org/a-view-on-health-care-from.../

July 23, 2020

Remember Love

I just need to say this or I'll burst ..

We all Must Be that Navy Vet who Stood Peacefully and was BEAT by these Goons ..

Trump wants you to be Violent and get a video of it.

He Wants it for a Campaign ad

Your power is Peaceful Disobediance ..

long live Jesus , Ghandi , MLK , Rosa Parks , John Lewis ,
and all Who have preceeded us in making GOOD TROUBLE ..

It is OUR Time to Carry On this successful tradition ..

Be Strong my young angry Friends



February 23, 2020

Love, Christine Ford

I just received a hand written thank you card from Christine Ford .

After she testified I sent her a thank you card and this is what she wrote to me .

Dear Patricia ,
Thank you for sending me a beautiful sea turtle card and Advice from a rainbow.
Your generosity lifted my spirit during a difficult time. Hope this card finds you well
on the Big Island Mahalo

Love , Christine Ford

made my Day , and Yes I cried a bit when I first saw who it was from .

November 21, 2019

Holy Schiff ! ! ! !

Does anyone need tissues ?

I don't think I've ever been prouder

November 1, 2019

halloween Win

From Oakley California My favorite 2019 Halloween story "A 3 year old came to my door with a Superman shirt, a pink tutu and said I'm Batman!"

October 3, 2019

awwww chuck todd has a sad

watching chuck have to say

"democracy is under attack by the president"

"you heard the president do it on the WH lawn"

August 6, 2019

I am proud patriot .. HEAR ME!

Gilroy terrorist posted a racist rant before killing Americans ..

El Paso terrorist posted racist rant before killing who he thought were "infesting" and "Invading" America..

Dayton terrorist didn't like his sister dating a Black man so he killed them ..

all after trump gave them permission

I say trump gave his cult marching orders .

Trump says I a liberal am the enemy .

come and get me MFers

edited to add

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Raised by Republican grandparents Who were so disgusted with the republican party voted for Obama. Authentic love child born in the SF Bay Area in 1969. lived in a commune for the first 3 yrs of my life before my parents split and my grandparents took over legal guardianship. Howard Dean brought me back to the Democratic Party after changing to the Green party when Clinton lied about a blow job to my face on National television. I figure he deserved the blow job and should have been honest with me. I consider myself a Rachel Maddow liberal while nowhere near as smart just as pragmagtic about policy/legislative compromises to my Very Big G Green party dad disappointment. We are all one there is no THEM to fear and hate.

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