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spike jones

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Member since: Thu Aug 18, 2016, 05:06 PM
Number of posts: 1,153

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A New Agency Seeks to Hold Washington's Killer Cops Accountable

Advocates Hope Statewide Oversight Can Succeed Where Local Reforms Have Failed


Last week, the skeleton crew of employees staffing Washington’s new Office of Independent Investigations (OII) finally moved into their offices. The agency, while off to a slower start than initially projected, represents a first-in-the-nation victory for survivors of police violence. Once the department hires its remaining key staff members and finalizes its operating protocols, it will stand as the only statewide agency in America that investigates cops when they use deadly force, rather than allowing local departments to investigate their own.

Sixty years ago on Aug 2, 1962 Robert Allen Zimmerman changed name to Bob Dylan. n/t

Men charged with stealing Eagles' manuscript.

A helpful hint for everyone. Never start a relationship with anyone whose favorite album is Desperado.


On this date 60 years ago Bob Dylan records Blowing In The Wind.


Pink Floyd reunites to raise money for Ukraine.


Pastor Greg Locke threatens to expose "witches' in his church.

Source: msn.com

"We got first and last names of six witches that are in our church. And you know what's strange? Three of you are in this room right now," Locke said.

"You better look in my eyeballs, we're not afraid of you stinking witch, you devil worshipping Satanist witch.

"We cast you out. In the name of Jesus Christ. We break your spells, we break your curse. We got your first name, we got your last name. We even got an address for one of you," Locke adds.

Read more: Pastor Greg Locke Threatens to Expose 'Witches' in His Church in Viral Video (msn.com)

[linkastor Greg Locke Threatens to Expose 'Witches' in His Church in Viral Video (msn.com)|

This is a death threat against these women. Exodus 22:18 “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.”

Some of the laws the American Christian Taliban will emplace if allowed to power. See the first four books of the Bible for the complete list.
EX 20:8-11, 31:15-17, 34:21, 35:1-3 No work of any kind is to be done on the Sabbath, not even lighting of a fire. This commandment is permanent. Death is required for infractions. (Note: This would require even that essential services, such as hospitals, police departments, etc., shut down on the Sabbath.)
EX 21-11 A father can sell a daughter into slavery to pay a debt. A daughter sold into slavery is not released at the end of six years as is an ordinary male slave.
EX 21:15 Whoever strikes his father or mother is to be put to death.
EX 21:16 Whoever steals a man is to be put to death. (Note: This is in spite of the fact that a father can sell his daughter into slavery; see EX 21-11.)
EX 21:17, LE 20, DT 21:18-21 A child who curses his parent(s) is to be put to death. A stubborn and/or rebellious child is to be put to death.

IDK where the emotes came from.

Capital High School in Olympia WA. Black basketball player facing racist abuse on court.


It Must Be Santa- Bob Dylan


MAGA people explained.

Theory of Stupidity.


It Must Be Santa- Bob Dylan

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