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virginia mountainman

virginia mountainman's Journal
virginia mountainman's Journal
January 16, 2012

Some observations, and a pet peeve..

I have been very busy with work as of late, this means lots of hours behind the wheel, and time to think. A side effect of this is less time I can hang out read and post on DU.

First off, about the recent Virginia Tech shooting. I have posted very little about it, because I knew Deriek Crouse, he was a little older than me, and we was raised just a few houses apart. That being said, in all of this, I have even more reason to utterly hate those that "prance in the blood of the dead" to farther their cause. ...... .... .. . . Many of us have commented on the unseemly need for some on the "anti-gun" side to have a steady stream of body's to "bolster" their cause. To have someone you KNOW, used in this way, ...... . . . . . . . Lets just say, I am really pissed about some of the "news releases" from prominent anti-gun interests about the Virginia Tech shooting, and leave it at that....

Now that I have stated my position on that, some more observations...

Anyone besides me notice the rising number of Shooting/Gun based shows on the TV now?? Also notice that they are really popular???

You have Top Shot, Sons of Guns, American Guns and an honorable mentions goes to Mythbusters, (they seem to like gun myths!), and Pawn Stars (no tellin' what will come through the door)

I am certain that I am missing some, I really don't watch that much TV but it seems that guns are all over prime time (and not just in the hands of the cops on Law & Order)

Another thing I am noticing, is an INCREASE in new gun magazines at the stores.. Lots of new publications out their, most of the stores literary have at least a third of their magazine racks dedicated to guns, shooting, or shooting sports..I have yet to see ANY magazine put out to support gun control.

These magazines would not be published, if they did not sell.

Seems that guns have come out of the closet, and are fully mainstream now. The stigma that some felt, in owning them, years ago, is long gone. The anti-gun folks, never understood that every TIME, they tried to demonize something, whether it be a Glock, or an AR 15 rifle What ever their "target" was, became extremely popular and flew off of store shelves. It seems as if every time they said the word "reasonable" it sold another half a million guns. The more they talked about "wild wild west" the more states enacted Concealed Carry laws, or did away with them all together!

It is rather amazing that their own efforts, had the exact opposite effect. They harder they tried, the worse it was for them. We in the Gun Rights community, do owe a debt of gratitude for the constant talk of bans, and "reasonable restrictions". They reminded the voting public that their was always someone, or a group, dedicated to their disarming.

And it also seems that our "fearless opposition" is even weaker than they was a few months ago. They only hold sway in a very small number of states, and cracks are forming in some of those.

In short, if it was not for the main stream media quite literally "propping them up" and spewing every single press release as gospel that they churn out. They would have ZERO clout and the vast majority of the nation. As it is now, I think one of our most pressing needs is holding media outlets accountable for repeating some of these incredible lies that come out in these press releases.

Even the amount of anti-gun postings have been decreasing here. Seems that more and more people here on this fine forum "get it" now. Seems as if all that is left of the anti-gun movement are the "true believers" that will never give up and their enablers in the mainstream media.

And they seem to be running short of "true believers" anymore.

I only hope our party leaders can finally see the writing of the wall and put this issue to rest.

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