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Archives: August 11, 2013

Jennifer Granholm, ALEC, and gun laws

New city symbolises Palestine’s potential

THROW UP ALERT: "News" Program Explores Horrors of Gay-Inclusive Education

Science Fiction Tricked Hollywood Into Making the Year's Most Radical Film (Spoiler Alert!)

Amber Alert: Kidnapping suspect killed in Idaho wilderness; girl safe

Nature photography, a Falcon in a tree...

Eydie Gormé Dies, Singing Legend Was 84

Something new to worry about: Testicle-biting fish.

Conservationist Zhuo Qiang urges China to ban ivory sales

DiMaggio killed in shoot out with many police. His campsite was found. Then police

I love handbags

10 years after blackout, US grid faces new threats

New English-language bookstore a 1st in Havana

AP Interview: US general says Afghan deal vital

I keep expecting to see DiMaggio defenders...

Elected officials abandoned consumers on Obamacare

Jonathan Wall (14-year-old Black boy electric chair, deathbed confession shows he was innocent)

Why do people who hardly read books think they can be authors?

Girl safe, killer killed.

"What Madison Rep. Chris Taylor learned at the ALEC conference"

YOU support this union worker....

Tried it my way for a decade and then decided on a program.

It appears the situation in Iraq is going to shit...

"Fox News found to be a major driving force behind global warming denial"

Can the NSA decrypt encrypted emails?

Outside the Russian Embassy in Sweden.

Dag-nabbit! When I say "just pick something out, you know what I like"...

Border Patrol...

In Switzerland, Marijuana Use Helps Keep Prisons Calm and Safe

I was one of the millions who got that middle-of-the-night Amber Alert

Cat and Dolphin? Yep. One of the sweetest videos ever.

Chuck Woolery is here to talk to me about catheters

"US lobbying group Alec pushing pro-gun agenda despite promise to stop"

Michael Hastings' widow: 'It was just a really tragic accident'

"The Rich Are Hoarding Cash And It's Making Us A Lot Worse Off: Experts"

In Switzerland, Marijuana Use Helps Keep Prisons Calm and Safe

Just saw Blue Jasmine

Sen. Ted Cruz revs up Iowa conservatives, vowing end to IRS and Obamacare

What were your early impressions of your Significant Other?

I MAKE Handbags. My Friends Make Artwork & Handcrafts To Sell To Wealthy People

Many Americans have no friends of another race: poll is an evil plot designed to suck all of your spare time and $20 a month.

Thom Hartman: The 2nd Amendment was ratified to help preserve slavery.

As long as we're talking handbags

Cory Doctorow: Why we should care about privacy

Matt Damon: Obama 'Broke Up With Me,'

Occupy -- alive, well, and a very welcome positive presence

If you're not doing anything "WRONG"

IMO, one of the most unbelievable optical illusions....

Zelda Double Plastic Ocarina

Baby Ballerina

Another North American Saturday Night - Post a song about Saturday Night.

Lock this muther fu—er up for life!!!!

I have a teenaged Starker! Can't wait to start work!

Canada Warns Obama on Keystone XL Pipeline

How I Exposed an Undercover Cop By Lacy MacAuley

Texas Rangers back in 1st place

Salman Rushdie: 'In this age, we're asked to define ourselves by hate'

Lawmakers Say Obstacles Limited Oversight Of NSA’s Telephone Surveillance Program

Please proceed, Glenn

RIA Novosti: Obama Calls For ‘Pause’ in US-Russia Ties

The spy and the patriot, Tom Engelhardt

Fukushima News 8/10/13: TEPCO:Underground Wall Not Effective Against Leaks

Russia Challenges US in Tank Biathlon

Colombia peace talks with Farc in Cuba make progress

Brazil’s Lula given clean chit by doctors

Edyie Gorme deat at 84

I just responded to a right winger with something I want on my tombstone.


Help, a friend's daughter died on RR tracks

Why do old gas station sites have to sit idle for over a year?...

What are some specific concrete changes you would like made to our Intel agencies?

Do you have Aeroplan miles or Airmiles in the states?

Bolivia's first satellite to be launched in December

Bolivia to join electronic waste recycling venture

I saw the oddest story on the news tonight.

DEFCON: The Documentary, a record of the 20th annual conference

If I were me in Russia

Wisconsin's Most Wanted (Singers) (WI was made for you and me)

Having strong narrative capability insulates

Tea Party voters in my town are pretty sick of the Tea Party.

J. Roberts’s nominations to the FISA court are almost exclusively Republican (smells of rotten fish)

Clergy call for end to torture in California prisons (with video) Day 34 of hunger strike

Thousands shut down Chicago streets at ALEC meeting

Tea party leader, Joe Gilbert, enters race for 21st Congressional District

I'm trying (and failing) to find unbiased information...

School, police chiefs huddle after disabled man punched

Aloha! Flat-topped coral shows up off Oahu coast for first time

President Obama and the First Lady address the Disabled American Veterans National Convention

President Obama and the First Lady address the Disabled American Veterans National Convention

Scientists a Step Closer to Understanding Near Death Experiences

President Obama, already one of the best Presidents ever.

China Syndrome at Fukushima, Melted Cores Moved Into the Earth, Japan Gov't in Chaos

(GD X-Post) This Guy Moved Into His Parents’ House So a Homeless Family Could Live in His

How do you view Edward Snowden and his actions?

Inexpensive cancer cure?

Obama administration backs prayer at local government meetings

"My laws must bind everyone, high or low, or they're not laws at all"

August 11: National Raspberry Tart Day.

When Power Goes To Your Head, It May Shut Out Your Heart

Who gets credit for Florida's nuclear advance fee law, one of worst in state history?

I'd rather restore constitutional law and give up my healthcare. Just thought I'd throw that out

Canada - Verizon could bring U.S. intelligence

The sunfish also rises in Britain – again

The Methuselah star found.. Older than the Universe?

Truth has no remaining value.

Photobomb of the day.

Snowden -- Traitor or Patriot -- Snitch or Defender of Free Speech and the Constitution

Marine feeding an itteh-bitteh baby kitteh

Cruz again raps Obama's health care law

Israel approves nearly 1,200 new settlement homes

Monsters! Girl who was punished with boiling water released from hospital

I want us to be very clear in our accusations against the government...

Nice shot Matt Jones.

7 Things About Prosecuting Wall Street You Wanted to Know (But Were Too Depressed to Ask)

6 of the Nuttiest Right-Wing Statements Just from this Week Alone

So, I'm shopping for the perfect stock pot

We said goodbye to our beloved boy this morning.

Vibrant Environmental Movement Builds in Response to Extreme Energy Extraction

Bolivia: President Proposes to Take US to International Tribunal

4 Ways the Government Keeps You In the Dark About What It's Doing

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) How Far Is Up Edition

It matters little who is President when it comes to our out of control National Security Agencies

What happened to the man with a gun speeding through a neighborhood with kids?

More Disabled Workers Earn Just Pennies An Hour: NBC News

Down in a Hole - Alice in Chains (MTV Unplugged)

Cat 4 Typhoon Utor approaching the Phillipines

Good morning, Lounge! (Meteor edition)

Just sayin...

Video Shows Pembroke Pines Cop Punching Mentally Ill Girl

Gallup CEO loses part of his authority

NPR's Story of Our Becoming Cyborgs. Aldous Huxley Was Right

For Freshmen in the House, Seats of Plenty

Obama to disabled vets: ‘No one’s taking away your benefits’

Author, Feminist, Pioneer: The Unlikely Queen of Sci-Fi

A quiet hurricane season so far...

The Most Powerful Dissent in American History

New sign of stroke. Share and save lives.

Rand Paul Knows Nothing of Milton Friedman's Work

What have toys got to do with violence against women?

Ted Cruz’s Father: ‘Obamacare Is Going to Destroy the Elderly’

Former deputy chief of staff for Ron Wyden on the ways Obama didn't "welcome debate" on surveillance

Three U.S. soldiers killed in eastern Afghanistan

For those who like folk music, here's some old Australian stuff from Redgum...

The public flogging of sense! . . . Please come CAPTION Sarah Palin!!!

Armed Groups in Venezuela’s Capital Disarm

“They told me public safety matters more than free speech and that the First Amendment has evolved

Steve King offered some 'valuable' advice to attendees of the Family Leadership Summit:

The Border-Industrial Complex

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 13: Summer Under the Stars: Mickey Rooney

The NSA Is Turning the Internet Into a Total Surveillance System

"The Obama administration says any member of Congress could look at these documents." (June)

Sen Ron Wyden Warns of Potential Public Backlash From Allowing Secret Law

Free Carfax-type vehicle history report (Autocheck)

Watching MHP:Recently in Texas, 2 women endured a roadside strip-search

Pap and Seder: NSA Supporters Redirecting Fire

Breaking News: Donald Trump "might run" for President...

Hotel Developer Debate Raises Questions over Austin’s Incentive Program

Men's Fitness magazine, $4 for 1 year

Heroes and Villains, Patriots and Puppets

Update - August Photo Contest is FULL - thanks to everyone who entered

In his second term, Obama becomes bolder on the environment

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 14: Summer Under the Stars: Bette Davis

Perseid Meteor Shower 2013: How To See Celestial Light Show On Its August 12 Peak (VIDEO)

Creepy much? - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Says He Sleeps In Hugo Chavez's Mausoleum

a question for non USA internet users

NJ State Fair Saturday

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Says He Sleeps In Hugo Chavez's Mausoleum

A Point of View: Is democracy overrated? (BBC) {or, cause or effect ?}


Gay Russian teens communicate in secret to avoid law on 'propaganda'

As a gay parent I must flee Russia or lose my children

FBI agents in Marques probe found sick websites

if Obama wishes to restore faith in US values, he can begin with the following simple measures

I don't like Vladimir Putin

You shall all suffer* with me! Muahahahaha!

We are not alone.

Walmart's 'Worst Nightmare' Competition Has Cashiers And Produce Clerks With $1 Million Pensions

Sense of power inversely related to empathy

In Jamaica, transgender teen murdered by mob

TOR Compromised, 'Secure' Mailer Servers Shutting Down...What It Means?

Jose Canseco's controversial $1 million salary request ... in 1988

The Workers Defense Project, a Union in Spirit

Help Thy Neighbor and Go Straight to Prison

Russia isn't even close to being the most homophobic country.

None of the passengers was charged for the ride.

I’m wrestling with the term ‘bigot’ in relation to Richard Dawkins’ now infamous remark about Islam

Goldman Sachs: ‘Window For Profitable Investment In Coal Mining Is Closing’

Happy K-Day, Everybody!

NC House 110 Rep. Hastings Facing Backlash For Social Network Antics

Anonymous Act of Kindness at Tampa Airport

North Carolina - Where Environmental Laws, Enforcement Go To Die

A Disloyalty Movement? Supermarkets and Customers Drop Loyalty Card Programs

Oops - Hundreds Of Endangered Sacramento River Salmon End Up In Irrigation Ditches

Two questions submitted by Orrex

Arctic Melting Means Chinese Crap Can Reach Europe In Less Time At Lower Cost - Dailan-Rotterdam

beer is an appropriate post-camping breakfast

My next solar lantern

Guilt by free-association

A CHILD was SHOT at the Manchester, NH YWCA this morning.

Here is a Scandinavian and Icelandic countries..since blonds are so abundant

Opinions are like vaginas, Everyone's got ... uh - no, wait

What did Edward Snowden get wrong? Everything

Venezuela devalues currency for first time since 2010

The Company with Lower Prices and Better Benefits than Walmart - it's not Costco

well, i failed at camp cooking this weekend

Why children today don't have the first week of August traditional start of school

Marvelous read: A Beginner’s Guide to the European Debt Crisis & why it effects US.

Israel markets settler homes before Palestinian prisoner release

Seeing red over map of hatred

A deadly transfiguration

5 Types of Conservatives to Ignore:

WTF is wrong with this country?

Egypt’s army says helicopter strike kills 12 suspected militants in northern Sinai Peninsula

This Morning

Snowden's Father Gets Visa To Visit Son In Russia

Funny. Barbie turns 50

Top GOP lawmaker accuses Obama of not defending NSA surveillance program

Arab Muslims-turned-atheists: Out of the shadows and onto the Internet

US Angry Over Release Of Drug Lord After 28 Years In Prison For Killing Of US Agent

Egypt Police To Besiege Sit-Ins Within 24 Hours

We droned the shit out of Yemen. No one talks about it here. But everyone's talking bout it in Yemen

Judge indicates Bay Area transit strike reprieve, supporting Gov. Brown’s request

With lure of religious classes, Iran seeks to recruit Latin Americans

Reince Priebus.. come sit next to me on the conch..

A question about Astrology

"White-on-white" crime

Powerful Russian News Anchor: Gay Hearts Should Be Burned

(Australia) Kevin Rudd pledges same-sex marriage bill in first 100 days if re-elected

Gov. Don Siegelman remains in prison, railroaded for a crime he did not commit.

Abbas Meets With US Envoy Indyk As PA Officials Condemn New Settlement Plans

Why is no one talking about Stellar Wind and Eliot Spitzer?

Work is the new retirement – Saving Social Security

The U.S. Empire Provokes Terrorism

Jennifer Hoelzer, Former Wyden Aide, Unleashes On Obama Administration Secrecy

The "Shadow Resume": A Career Tip for Grad Students

North Korea: Detained US man Kenneth Bae 'seriously ill'

Al-anon checking in here.

Chilly reception for John Kerry in Brazil, Colombia?

JFK customs agents sickened after opening package

I had an encounter with an evangelical today.

Bolt takes out Gatlin at the World Champs in Moscow - 9.77

Pot and highway safety.

Birtherism bites Cruz: Trump says he’s ‘perhaps not’ eligible to run for president

Only three people on twitter have more followers than President Obama

American football coach becomes head coach of Tottenham Hotspur (humour)

Mention 'Obama' and the internet trolls will be on you like a cheap suit. Here's why....

Candidates See Cincinnati as Model for New York Schools.

Gun-control bills could push California to top of firearm-restriction list

Candy Crowley vs. Reince Priebus

Genius or Idiot?

Donald Trump: Sen. Ted Cruz ‘Perhaps Not’ Eligible for White House ‘If’ Born in Canada

Venezuela, Colombia agree to enhance border cooperation

Why Snowden/Greenwald will have essentially no effect.

Spain 'to take Gibraltar dispute to UN'

This Agreement Will Destroy The American Standard Of Living (VIDEO)

In Honor Of Tonight's Breaking Bad Premiere: The Year In Meth

Prosecutors unlikely to indict Kan, ex-TEPCO execs over Fukushima

In North Asia, a growing crisis of confidence in nuclear power

Seeing red over map of hatred- map of hate tweets

See What The Woman Who Heckled Obama Is Saying (VIDEO)

I'm having

Fun Fact

Will No. 1 reactor at Fukushima become a future tourist spot?

Toon: Obamacare

Disabled vet, service dog kicked off boardwalk by police

MO State Fair clown dresses up as Obama and gets run down by bull

I am convinced Snowden is a hero now more than ever

Father erects statue for daughter missing since 2011 tsunami

Suspect arraigned in fatal Staten Island hit and run

Mining Industry Plans Massive Use of Seawater in Arid Northern Chile

50 Unbelievable Facts About The Earth!

How an honest persons learns everyone is wrong

FUCK!!!!!! Putin

Wyden Gets NSA's Top Lawyer to Confirm Secret Interpretations of Patriot Act

System failure: anthropologists on the battlefield

Socialbots being designed to sway elections, influence stock market, attack governments

Someone tell me this about teabaggers

Prez Misses Putt, Despite Impressive Body English

Ludwig von Mises's personal note to Ayn Rand

Toxic Water Detected In Newly Built Well At Fukushima Nuclear Plant

I don't know who the hell this Kirin J Callinan is, but...

CNN must have determined this one isn't pretty enough for her own background music and wall to wall

Damn so Moral Monday had a rally of 10,000 and no media attention

Tell WA state regulators: It's time for PSE to go coal free!

Crypto experts blast German e-mail providers’ “secure data storage” claim

GovernmentAttic FOIAs DIA biowarfare reports from the 1980s

In Jamaica, transgender teen murdered by mob

Here is how I know I'm at the right place:

As long as we're talking about SSI, what about the companies who work for state governments

A flatulence problem while having sex better known as Fuck Putin!

Backlash — Russia’s LGBT Battle Goes Global

Here's Some Of The Funniest / Weirdest Rejected Florida License Plates

I'm announcing my position and response to Russia's LGBT law on my show tonight

Yemenis Call US Drone Strikes an "Overreaction" to Al Qaida Threat

Saudi Arabia Steps Up Efforts to Oust Syria's Assad

NYC Dominican Day Parade marches up 6th Avenue

Atima Omara-Alwala Elected First Black President of Young Democrats (YDA)

Brown-Spotted Yellow Wing

Rare hermaphrodite puppy discovered

Police Seize Nearly 20 Pounds Of Heroin In Inwood Drug Bust

Without Pre-Funding Obligations The USPS Would Profit How Much?

Family starting to arrive for dinner in 15 minutes.

Don’t for a Second Imagine We’re Heading for an Era of Renewable Energy

780 Cuban-Trained Bolivian Doctors Return Home

Sanjay Gupta is lying. He wasn't misinformed. He toed the line for the Surgeon General's job

Last item on Torchwood on the BBCA channel was in 2011??

Why can't more progressives and democrats have the passion as Ed does

Question for DU legal eagles...

I know it's sunday but-

Johnny Weir: I’m prepared to be arrested at Winter Olympics

San Antonio considers shale drilling’s effect on ozone

Need to find a new place to Rent: Looking for DU help.

GOP Strategist: "1st of all, I think Congressman King should get some therapy for his melon fixation

Need a new place to Rent: Looking for DU help

The Shari'a and Islamic Criminal Justice in Time of War and Peace

Bet you have to smile. Goose Parade!

The Martin Luther King that Obama does not want you to remember

Is there an amount of money...

Why gays should serve in the military

Error 404

Record Gun sales in Virginia, coinciding with a crime drop.

Zombies, bluegrass, and a band named Strung Like a Horse

Einstein Was Right: Clutter Is Good

Mocking the President after his speech on NSA reforms and declaring Snowden a "hero"

Those Damned Hippies. They're Saving the Post Office.

Who else is ODing on Breaking Bad today, in anticipation?

Tenn. Judge Changes Child's Name From 'Messiah'

Meet Britain's youngest ever barrister (age 18)

Judge orders cooling-off period to prevent another BART strike

Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd Pledges To Introduce Gay Marriage

Idaho’s poorest fare worst in state’s health care reform

NJ Judge to Hear Gay Marriage Case on DOMA Ruling

Tipping question:

Figs and Meyer lemons

Unlike many of his fellow truckers, Tobin REFUSES to employ Jesus as his "co-pilot".

One of Kali's ranchhands sets up her version of a "roadside vegetable stand".

Optimist Prime:

BE CAREFUL!!! Sometimes "The Talk" can go terribly, horribly wrong. Just wrong.

It may surprise many of you to learn MiddleFingerMom isn't real well-versed in the social graces.

MFM believes there's NOTHING more relaxing than having a few beers while watching some Pole Dancers.

When Did the GOP Lose Touch With Reality? By David Frum:

London recycling bins secretly record half-million smartphone addresses

PIC: BREAKING BAD + Goldman Sachs =

Breaking Bad question (hidden spoilers about previous seasons)

I was re-reading "The Perils of Prosperity" by Leuchtenburg

UPDATE Shameful Missouri State Fair stunt smears Obama

Shameful Missouri State Fair stunt smears Obama

Things That Are Spying on You: Recycling Bins

Vigil planned to protest closing of Brooklyn hospital

Slave maids cost the price of a smart phone

The Border-Industrial Complex

Russian army challenges US Army to tank biathalon

Heres the thing....

Mitch Daniels covertly set out to ban Howard Zinn’s "A People’s History of the United States"

Republicans Are In a Full Blown Panic as the Affordable Care Act Grows More Successful

Spritzer, Sparkling, Soda, Selzer

Gay skater Johnny Weir: I’m prepared to be arrested at Winter Olympics

Oh My - there go the peace talks

"Matt Damon Whines About Getting Brad Pitt’s Rejected Roles"

Pro-Morsi Encampments Fortify For Battle

The Rockies swept the Pirates! The Rockies swept the Pirates! The Rockies swept the Pirates!

Biden To Attend Fundraiser In Iowa, Key 2016 State

Why is that billboard smiling at you? Because it tracks your smartphone MAC address to advertise

Old school WWII towel ads... O.o

Donnie McClurkin Removed From MLK Concert Over 'Ex-Gay' Claims

After Guantánamo, Another Injustice

A Texan Tragedy: Plenty Of Oil, But No Water

"FDL Book Salon Welcomes Radley Balko, Rise of the Warrior Cop"

Edward Snowden Is Viewed As 'Some Kind Of Jason Bourne,' John McCain Says

Low taxes, little government, ridicule – NC has seen it before

United We Fall: Our Egregious E Pluribus Unum =>Where are our Se

Iran to Sign New Nuclear Power Plant Deal with Russia – Minister

If a husband and wife both sign

Peace Talks: The Perfect Alibi For Settlement Expansion In The West Bank And East Jerusalem

Social Conservatives’ 2016 Plea: Double Down!


Day 35 Countdown for Humane Conditions: SHU prisoners in California are not allowed to call home.