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Archives: May 16, 2014

I always did like kick-ass chicks!

Have you ever found money ...

The 9/11 museum was dedicated today---But guess who was missing?

Julie Schenecker found guilty of first degree murder, no possibility of parole

The latest from the League's International Secretariat on Ukraine......

A proposal to name super-storms after climate change-deniers in congress

Crist opening offices in Liberty City and Little Havana. This is good news!

There is a strong rumor that if Rick Scott wins he will come after teachers, law enforcement and oth

"American Bridge launches Koch project" (LOL! Kochs identified as a cult and the GOP braces for it)

Who is the returning UK politician who wants Google to cover up their past?

Florida man escapes cops’ clutches in stolen car but runs into alligator’s jaws

What is the deadline for the DU "Animal Farm" book reading?

Michigan law forces longtime Rep. Conyers to sue to get himself on primary ballot

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 16 May 2014

Report: 48 members of leftist political party murdered in 2 years

Rubio stumbles, falls, keeps digging

This GOP primary debate for Idaho governor is so bonkers, we don’t know where to start

Apparently the "World's Largest" McDonalds in Orlando just turned the sprinklers on strikers

With 2014 elections approaching, Republicans refuse to acknowledge growth of U.S. economy

Rush Limbaugh Just Won A Children's Book Award, With Fake Votes

So Republicans want a #Benghazi freak show? Give them a freak show. (hint: it involves Alan Grayson)


Idaho GOP Primary Debate

How Science Just Proved That Life Sucks

All I can say is....

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! I’m Hatin’ It & a new Kittehs gif!

Thom Hartmann laughingly mocks "democracy & the rule of law!" on Russia's RT channel

Why no news reports of the big traffic jams of the 10 to 30 mil. teabagger's going to Washington..

Fast Food Worker Protests Over Minimum Wage Spread Across the Globe

I cannot get my passcode email to come through on on the Discussionist site.....

The IBEW Is Organizing Workers In One Of The Most Dangerous Jobs In New England

Stonehenge Discovery 'Blows Lid Off' Old Theories About Builders Of Ancient Monument (VIDEO)

does someone have a link to the Clapper - Greenwald debate?

Pigboy Wins Child Book Award By Voter Fraud.

Mike Malloy - NRA Members Are Penis Challenged Freaks

This is not an SNL parody, this is a real GOP primary debate for Idaho Governor

"Wave and Tidal Power Hit First in Remote Communities"

It is getting hard to post on the DU...

I've been the 1 in a couple of 6-1 jury decisions lately.

Fast Food Worker Protests Go Global

Live traffic cameras for D.C.

Anthropologists confirm link between earliest Americans and modern Native-Americans

I'm having a tough time getting on the DU.

Roommates buy lumpy used couch, find $40K in cash

Chinese Country Western. No, it's not a joke. (VIDEO)

As if you needed any more proof how far the Strib has fallen...

The cat and the ducklings

How 3-D Printed Guns Evolved Into Serious Weapons in Just One Year

S.F. casting call for pubic hair documentary

"Busy Boys, Little Ladies" - Wait, What Decade Are We In Again?

Maryland Governor Signs Trans Rights Bill Into Law

Israel occupation marks 66th anniversary of the Nakba by razing more Palestinian homes

Source: Donald Sterling refuses NBA sanctions, threatens to sue

Dow dips to worst day in 5 weeks; bond prices jump

Sign on a Mississippi bakery.

Senate: Firms must protect against malicious ads

So ... Hill Street Blues is now out on DVD ...

The fight for a global minimum wage

Todays GD read

Who enabled NAZI Germany to round up the Jews? Think IBM.

Another red state just caved on Obamacare

Todays GD read

The U.S. Military’s New Normal in Africa

Woman with multiple myloma takes 10,000,000 doses of measles vacine...

The lizard is not impressed.

Merger Plan for DC's Corcoran Gallery Now Final.

A star is born... (Amy Kushnir drops in on Fox News)

These statistics should be shared over and over again

State's Unemployment Below 7 Percent For First Time In Five Years

Liberating Israeli Jews from the dark legacy of the Nakba

Plans for the November Election

Germany nixes gunboat subsidy to Israel, citing breakdown of peace talks

"Breakfast With Curtis". Fantastic movie!

Texas Latinos Have Made Huge Strides in Health Care Coverage

Dallas Morning News Editorial Writers Take Another Shot at the Working Poor

Oprah Winfrey announces Michael Sam TV documentary

GOP House Speaker Straus’ Statement Foreshadows Large Budget Surplus

Oprah Winfrey announces Michael Sam TV documentary

Serra High lawsuit: Catholic school boys competed for up-skirt photos of female teachers

A Discussionist poll....

If The GOP Hates The Poor So Much They Could Deport Them.

Evidence That Cannabis Contains Unique Dietary Essential Nutrients

(NC) Lawmakers trying to stifle protesters?

Christians Are Being Persecuted & No Evidence Would Change His Mind!


Just a reminder: The Mayor of Sacramento is really, really gross (and his wife is too)

Before replying to an OP, I generally ....

NC panel sets new rules for Legislative Building protests

(NC) Legislature adopts new rules on protests

****WCGreen Update -- Thursday, May 15, 2014****


Why India's Elections Matter

Discussionist poll #2. Digging a bit deeper....

Rules of State Legislative Building and Legislative Office Building - (Updated 5/15/2014)

It’s Perfectly Logical to Oppose Abortion and Support Gay Marriage

Bernie Sanders Connects The Dots: If You Vote, Republicans Will Pay For Their Obstruction

Yay! Bill would force members of Congress to fly coach

Idaho veteran might finally get permission to be buried with her wife after marriage ban ruling

Accreditors firm on deadline for closing City College of S.F.

Peru Governor Faces Arrest on Murder Charges

Utah judge may hold AG in contempt over gay adoption

As of 1212 AM EDT, Flood watches/warnings in parts of WA, ND, SD, MN, WI, MI, OH, IN, IL, MO....

LA Times: (Pregnant) Sudan woman sentenced to death after refusing to renounce Christianity -

Sen. Dan Patrick confirms time in psychiatric hospital

Montana: Feds mull repeal of grizzly protections

I Have baby Squee!!! Pictures!!!!

I'm so sad :(

Did the ATF create a loophole in the Hughes Amendment?

Is this real?

Hank Ballard and the Midnighters - "Sexy Ways"

10 Reasons to Love Uruguay’s President José Mujica

10 Reasons to Love Uruguay’s President José Mujica

TCM Schedule for Friday, May 16, 2014 -- Friday Night Spotlight - Australian Cinema

Anyone watching Stephen Colbert right now?

Manufacturing Consent or......?

Associated Press and The Guardian join media push for details on lethal injection mix

Thom Hartmann & Michael Smerconish: The Sorry State of American Talk Radio

Space Hackers Prepare to Reboot 35-Year-Old Spacecraft

Giants rally past Marlins to get Cain first win in months

Star Wars Ep. VII

Israeli arrested in alleged US arms export scheme

What's for Dinner ~ Friday ~ May 16th

Why Jill Abramson Was Fired

Detainees seek court order to preserve newly-discovered videos of force-feeding

Why Obamacare can't lower costs

Alberta Selling Out Endangered Caribou for Fossil Fuels

It’s Now the Canadian Dream

9 Mind-Blowing Facts About Wind Energy

How Wall St. Bailed Out the Nazis

Spying is Meant to Crush Citizens’ Dissent, not Catch Terrorists

More Insured, but the Choices Are Narrowing

Bolivarian Government Defends Venezuelan Basketball Hero against Racist Attacks

California's San Onofre Nuclear Plant Evacuated Due To Brush Fires

A&M professor says studying weather on Mars integral to future manned missions

China, Russia on verge of gas deal

Venezuelan Capital Sees Rise in Violent Street Bands Following Opposition Withdrawal from Peace Talk

Cold-shouldered by West, Putin will hope for some China sympathy

Merchant Banker Monty Python

Do you think in hind sight George Washington would have never added the words "So help me God" if he

Evil Snowden has made it harder to track Terrorists, or something like that.

21 Simple Hacks That Will Significantly Improve Your Life

One of the Most Pervasive -- and Wrong -- Conservative Economic Myths, Debunked

The Privatization Scam: 5 Horror Stories of Gov't Outsourcing to Greedy Private Companies

about Discussionist (talk me down)

Public service fears more job cuts from Commission of Audit

Toon..ozy and mille.. 'so you're saying'

Russia lambasts U.N. report on rights in Ukraine

5 of the Most Dangerous Delusions of the Far Right

Economists Think That Wages Are Going to Rise This Year. They should think again.

St. Thomas Day

Winter and Goose Bones

Interstate Gun Trafficking, The NRA, And The Boston Marathon Bombers

Bill Maher Calls For Elizabeth Warren To Be Hillary Clinton’s Running Mate~~ POLLING DONE

America’s most gerrymandered congressional districts

The Third Coming of Bob Barr

Fox News reporting more on View reunion than American Spring

Insane wildfires arrive months early in SoCal, threaten nuke plant

Germany Reached Nearly 75% Renewable Power Use On Sunday

The Death of Net Neutrality

Today's the Day

Conservatives opposed to Lee Terry (R-NE) mull options for getting independent candidate on ballot

If no one runs in '16 but HRC and Biden, we'll stand for nothing, and we'll lose.

Galapagos emergency over stranded cargo ship

San Francisco protesters target ‘Dirty Dozen’ tech landlords over rise in tenant evictions

Any sign of the 30 million port-a-potties yet?

Will Bernie have the courage to cross the great divide and declare a party???

Getting ready for garage sale this morning

What Do You Think About Secretary Eric K. Shinseki?

Chinese Army Bans All GMO Grains and Oils

U.S. Waited Months to Send Ukraine Spare Tires

Chile: Catholic priests investigated over stolen babies

Chile: Catholic priests investigated over stolen babies

American Spring spotted on the way to DC

At least 21 dead in Vietnam anti-China protests over oil rig

Eric Shinseki, "mad as hell" over VA scandal, is grilled by senators

Detroit creditors dealt setback on art plan

Militarized Humanitarianism in Africa

GM recalls 2.7M more cars; industry on record pace

Conservatives seek to regain control of Republican agenda

Mall Cam: Operation “American Spring” set for May 16, 2014: Target Washington, D.C

The cat "truthers" (Catruthers?) are further proof why we can't have nice things

Russia says will discuss gas price discount if Kiev pays $2.237 bln of debt

Any D.C. Webcams of the massive protest?

Defense contractor, 530 jobs leaving San Diego

Obamacare Caused This Clinic To Close, And Its Doctors Couldn't Be Happier

Limbaugh: Hillary's 'Only And Greatest Achievement' Is 'Being Female'

D'Souza fails to win dismissal of U.S. charges over straw donors

Impossible Choices: Fast-Food Workers Explain Why They're Striking

Bruce Lee vs. Godzilla (my newest Mixcloud project)

Reid Calls Out New York Times On Senate Floor For Firing Jill Abramson

Newt and Karl’s latest trick: Inside their good cop-bad cop routine

Australia's Opposition Leader Just Called A C**t In Parliament

Pentagon punished nearly 500 for sexual harassment

Comcast weighs in on FCC net neutrality debate

Transgender Navy SEAL 'Warrior Princess' comes out

My New Favorite Joke

Judge: Corpsman detonated grenade on purpose

Pentagon punished nearly 500 for sexual harassment

Two Palestinian teens killed at Nakba Day protest in West Bank

Report on VA due within 3 weeks, Shinseki says

A poster on GD is laughing about calling someone a "cunt" for laughs.

NYC Loses Case Vs. UFT Rep; But Won't Let Him Back in Building

CIA seeks time on response to interrogation report

The New York Times Busted Lying Through its Teeth

Looming shadows: The Catholic church and child abuse

heads up

Wanna know why G.W. Bush didn't attend the opening of the 9/11 museum?

One Percent’s latest crybaby shtick: Why Koch brothers can’t whine about Harry Reid

Who is a "Real" American

The Magician and the Parrot

Reports: Donald Sterling refuses to pay fine, threatens to sue NBA

It comes down to 4. Who do you pick, and why?

Forget the White House, Marco Rubio Might Be Lucky Just to Be Reelected

American Spring Appears to Have Sprung a Leak

Too cute!

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders Likely To Flop Against Hillary In Iowa

KRUGMAN: GOP's "Intellectual Evolution (DEVOLUTION) Has Reached A Point Of NO Return"

For 8 Years, She Convinced The World She Was A Boy. Now, She's Making Us Rethink Sexuality

I can totally understand if you think this is stupid....

Scott Brown Has A Cunning Plan

Algorithm appointed board director


Pooling their talents, the Republicans have a new front-runner for 2016: Ayn Rand Paul Ryan

Former Alabama KKK Leader Gets Prison Time For Cross Burning

Hernandez indicted on murder charges but he didn't kiss any men, so Mike Huckabee will pray for him.

Toon: Test for Admins

I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders Likely To Flop Against Hillary In Iowa

‘Big nutball day’ in D.C.: Maddow mocks Bundyesque ‘Operation American Spring’

Accused Boston bomber’s friend suspected guilt, tossed items, agent says

Obamacare Caused This Clinic To Close, And Its Doctors Couldn't Be Happier

Mark Herring Impeachment Inquiry Introduced

Murdoch-owned media hypes lone metereologist’s climate junk science

Kenya's Nairobi hit by twin blasts in Gikomba market

Measles virus put woman's cancer into remission!

Where were they yesterday?

Elizabeth Warren Reveals Inside Details of Trade Talks

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Brainghazi!

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Waiting for the VA

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -The Rest

PBS FRONTLINE: How did the government come to spy on millions of Americans? -- On Line Link

Here’s why some Brazilians want to lose the World Cup

Is Beshear trying to lose Kentucky gay-marriage appeal?

Need a laugh, check out twitter for #operationamericanspring

Gay marriage: Judge rejects attempt to intervene; ruling to overturn Oregon ban may follow

Elizabeth Warren Reveals Inside Details of Trade Talks

Get prepared for live coverage of Operation American Spring live video

Arkansas Equality message from Facebook

The United States Was Built On Inequality - Mychal Denzel Smith Discusses

If you want to get a little chuckle out of insanity, here's one

Advocacy group to ask military for atheist chaplains

Fox 'Newz' strikes again-New Research Shows Wind Farms Cause Global Warming

Harry Reid Calls For Constitutional Amendment To Overturn Citizens United!!!

Now "Unstoppable" Antarctic Ice Melt Will Lead To Sea Level Rise Of 4 Feet Or More

"We are all responsible for equality"

Flood warnings today for DC area - wonder how that will affect the American Spring

Markey, Boxer, Sanders introduce three new nuclear safety bills

American Spring: That's 10 million people, swear to God

The Dirty Secret of a Great Economy

David Sirota: Is Journalism Losing Its Nerve?

In Idaho, A Debate Like You've Never Seen Before

Elizabeth Warren on the secret trade deals..'If Americans knew..

Americans Prefer Democrats as The GOP Is On Pace For Lowest Election Year Approval Ever

Health care or employment-you can't have both

If the Bundy Militia had shown up at the Koch brothers house to protest

Sack cartoon: Nigeria, Coulter, Limbaugh

After Huge Tax Cuts For The Rich, Kansas’s Economy Is Foundering

Daily Kos: Teaching Evolution - How I stopped worrying and learned to love the Jesus

U.S. Fines General Motors $35 Million for Lapses on Ignition-Switch Defect

Angus King endorses Susan Collins

She was not a feminist but she was part of the history of feminism

Indiana Governor Mike Pence Announces Medicaid Expansion Plan

So that's why it was so lumpy: College students find $40,000 in their couch

Thom Hartmann: Who are the Sandy Hook Truthers? (comments section is TOXIC)

Anyone in the Austin area interested in a year old German Shepherd puppy.UPDATED:

Stay away from D.C. at all cost. The traffic is

Pic Of The Moment: Operation American Spring's Live Coverage Has Been Impressive So Far

CNN Fires News Editor Who It Says Plagiarized At Least 50 Stories

Former GOP Senator Who First Hired McConnell Slams Him for Opposing Obamacare

Ukraine: some comic relief

Is American law enforcement supporting "white privilege"

TV Host Grossed Out By Michael Sam Kiss Gets Star Treatment On Fox

NC Judge: Stripping veteran teachers of tenure rights unconstitutional

Ore. Senate hopeful accused of stalking boyfriend

Luckovich: Q. What do Islamic terrorists fear most?

HAHAHAHA, Operation American Idiots claims this is just day one and more people will come

Feld Entertainment, Inc. paid $15.75 Million by Humane Society & Co-defendants

Six Reasons to Be Afraid of the Private Sector/Government Security State

WARNING -- Graphic. Courageous domestic violence victim Terri-Lousie Graham

The unfolding Ukraine crisis signals a new world order

Putting out fires using jet engines

Charlie Crist disinvited by Council of 100 (to appease Scott?) He shows up anyway, calls them out.

Former Secretary of States Hillary Clinton speaking Live on C-Span to the New American Foundation

Image of American Spring Leadership

Congress moves to turn back taxes over to debt collectors

Dragon slaying is its own reward

Supporters mark global day against homophobia, transphobia

Exclusive footage of today's "Patriot" rally in DC

Equality at Home and Abroad

Still my favorite newspaper headline ever - from India, November 2012

Court over rule legislative privilege claim/ state must produce e mails

Druids Reconstructed

Detect known exoplanet with a DSLR and telephoto lens

the “Furred World War.”

Catholic school boys competed for up-skirt photos of female teachers

Stay cool this summer

Operation American Spring really isn't a joking matter -

Taking on the country’s biggest debt buyer, Midland Funding

There's nothing like jumping in feet first

Urban Witchcraft: The Power of Place in the City

Important message from Sen. Bernie Sanders...

"I want you to join in and sing the Star Spangled Banner!"

Another Free Trade disaster as death and distruction continue unabated.


Holllywood's Teenagers Are Falling Under The Spell Of Bizarre Cult

Rick Perry Faces Unusual Criminal Probe in Texas

Obama, Biden having lunch with construction workers

Kansas Republican Suggests Replacing Common Core With Rush Limbaugh ‘Historical Fanfiction’

Austin Energy and Recurrent Energy Agree to Deal to Build Texas' Largest Single Solar Facility

Boeing loses unfair labor case: NLRB rules in favor of union

The US jet fighter that can do it all—maybe

LOL, the teabagging idiots just disowned glenn beck ROFLMAO

women don't fear power, power fears women

The US jet fighter that can do it all—maybe (xpost from NSD)

women don't fear power, power fears women

NY Times: There are no openly gay CEO's

.001 Million Semi-American Quasi-Patriots Converging on Washington RIGHT NOW.

Pfizer Gets It Up For Tax Scams

Ecuador declares emergency over cargo ship run aground in Galapagos Islands

Crazy Erdogan? Turkey's PM Loses his Grip

Patriots!!! Hurry!!! Obama and Biden are at Shake Shack!!! GO OVERTHROW THEM NOW!!!

Hawaii Legalized Same-Sex Marriage 6 Months Ago -- Guess What's Happened Since

Swiss to vote on $25 minimum wage

Oh, the HUMANITY! Operation American Spring is awful!

Operation American Spring falls flat: ‘This is very disappointing,’ Texan says UPDATED 1:43 EST

GOP Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Treated for Depression in 1980s

by Robert Reich

IPs, LGUs urged to protect centuries-old mummies affected by climate change

Creditors sue Energy Future Holdings (formerly TXU) for $665 million

Miami Will Likely Be Underwater Before Congress Acts on Climate Change

Don't Vote for Critz - Say Marriage Equality, Reproductive Rights & Environment Groups

Watergate Conspirator Jeb Stuart Magruder Has Died (Said He Heard Nixon Order Break-In)

Russell Bucklew Wants Videographer to Record 'Tortuous' Execution

oh just fucking priceless (rt coverage of Obama's overthrow)

Tucker Carlson: Men Are Suffering In The Workplace, Not Women

While Operation American Spring is going on, I'm digging holes.

Please, don't do this.

Operation American Spring falls flat: ‘This is very disappointing,’ Texan says

Open carry group will be on Cedar Springs looking for allies

War Criminal Condoleezza Rice Thinks Her Opinion About Benghazi Matters (Video)

Woman Kills Friend Trying to Test His Bulletproof Vest

Freeper reaction to the "Operation Spring" no-show...

Bill O'Reilly Denies Having White Privilege

Skipping Medicaid Expansion Will Cost Texas Community Health Centers $98 Million

Filoli Gardens, Woodside, CA

Free email:

“eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.”

On "Bitch" and other Misogynist language

Free Press activist: Ted Cruz is confused about what ‘net neutrality’ even means

Papantonio: Big Pharma’s Deceitful Practices

Thanks for whatever you guys did with Century Link

What do you think about a major breast cancer forum that uses the term "boobs" to fund raise?

Finally a defense of Seralini's Gm Food study to set the record straight.

Cuero police officer indicted on assaulting wife; defense attorney raises concerns about bias

Some believe same-sex marriage in Arkansas is here to stay. Look at what

Scientist Calls Out Daily Caller's "Complete Distortion" Of Her Biodiversity Study

Greenwald Rips NYT Editor:'Disturbing History' Of Journalism 'Subservient' To Nat'l Security State

RFK, Jr. and Seder: GOP Cannot Accept Climate Science

Global fast food workers strike

Putin Claims 'Gay Nazis' Behind Ukrainian Unrest

In the fine DU tradition - Let us now rename "Operation AmericanSpring"

A Few Arguments Re- the FCC's Proposed "Net Neutrality" Rules

Charles Pierce: No People On Earth More Deserving of Liquid Plum'r Enema Than Upper Echelons of NYT

Obama extends Schwartz appointment to religious freedom council

#OperationAmericanSpring I am at the Capitol Estimating the crowd to be between 15 mil to 34 billion

So out in the garden I pulled up some of the crabgrass I'm at war with. I

Restaurant chain announces sale of Red Lobster

Fast food workers go on strike

I guess polygraph tests work after all

Do you believe that G.W.Bush and Richard Bruce Cheney were "elected" & "reelected"?

The Irish Catholic Promoting Yiddish Literature

#OperationAmericanSpring - hilarious comments

Newtie as the Good Cop has to be one of the funniest gags I've seen in years...

El Nino's threat to major food crop yields

Outrage! Memorial Day "God..." Marathon on EPIX Channel!

Angus King backs Collins for reelection

This Is Why Bernie Sanders Is Pissed - By Charles P. Pierce

I'm not entirely sure what they are trying to say here

National land grab alarming to anglers, hunters, sportsmen and women

Interior secretary commends BLM cops over Bundy standoff

New Records: IRS Targeted Progressive Groups More Extensively Than Tea Party - ThinkProgress

UK, France will run out of home-grown fossil energy in 5 years.

Our Public Lands - Not From Our Cold, Dead Hands

Randi Rhodes Final Broadcast linked here...

Spending On Negative Obamacare Ads Outpaced Positive Ones Significantly, Study Shows

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Ukraine Needs Russia And The West

Why Americans will elect Republicans even though they agree with Democrats

Remember When ...

Residents call on NH police official to resign for calling Obama a ‘f-cking n-gger’

News Anchor Finds Out Devastating News Of Her Friend's Suicide On Air

Oh, duh.

Box Office: ‘Godzilla’ Roars to $9.3 Million at Latenight Shows in U.S.

Randi Rhodes:Rush's ratings are collapsing like an erection without Viagra

American (?) Spring?:“I didn’t see the Civil War-But I’m from the South & we’re still fighting it"

Scottish independence: UK 'could delay independence date'

Acknowledgment and thanks to CBHagman, rdmtimp and Staph ...

Watch: Insane "American Spring" Tea Partier Goes Berserk ‘Where Are You At?!’ (Video)

Rare Footage of FDR Walking Donated to PA

Kitteh who body-slammed mean dog got an interesting offer:

Oil from dead plants? Who needs it?

Colorado River Reaches Gulf.

The Unfathomable Sadness of the "Patriot March" Nothingburger

Thom Hartmann: Let Galt's Junction Secede

Top VA Health Official Resigns Amid Scandal Over Treatment Delays

Thom Hartmann: Big Pharma Pfizer is Changing Nationality

Glenn Greenwald's Website Loses A National Security Blogger

Citeh hit with FFP

I hope your isp is going to fire off a sharply worded letter to Qwest/CenturyLink

You said off ramp? I thought you said boat ramp...

The Worst Argument Ever Made Against Gay Marriage

Disturbing communication from the DCCC

Are four NC lawmakers really committing voter fraud?

Are four NC lawmakers really committing voter fraud?

Nancy Pelosi Rushes Into Living Room To Hear Grandson’s First Talking Point

There they go again; Republicans block energy bill because of wind tax credit.

Reposted for discussion here

The New York Times Shoves Apple's Tim Cook Back in the Closet

10 Jokes Only Engineers Will Understand.


Perry aides enter grand jury room amid veto probe


#OperationAmericanSpring now in front of White House

Favorite headline so far "Operation American Spring Misses Projected Attendance By About 9,999,850."

TLC Suspends Nazi Cabbie for Sporting Swastika Armband (NYC)

This Racist Police Commissioner In Wolfeboro, NH - How...

Well now I've been educated. But I probably learned something other than the intended lesson.

Well, revolutions are really possible anywhere, really.

Former NYS Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno acquitted

"Landlocked" in the Camps by Flooding: Teabaggers unable to Attend Operation American Spring

Lawrence O'Donnell will be back in June

Fast-Food Strike Progress Measured in Pennies, Not Dollars

Apparently Republicans are going to keep saying Benghazi until...

Bosnia and Serbia emergency after 'worst ever' floods

"Did ObamaNazi’s Whip Up A HAARP Storm To Demoralize OAS?"

Judge Rules White Girl Will Be Tried As Black Adult

The Town That Hanged an Elephant

Where could you get $25 minimum wage?

Order champagne, and a drone flies it to you

Should Paid 'Menstrual Leave' Be a Thing?

Perry Como and future of music, question

Republican senator introduces marijuana bill, without smoking

Conservatives seek to regain control of Republican agenda

you can put videos in jury explanations? Well, now, this changes things a bit.

GOP governor’s laughable attempt to use Obamacare while pretending it’s not Obamacare

More people showed up to see President Obama having lunch...than Operation American Spring

Sergeants union leader: Mulgrew ‘out of his mind’

Operation Nobody Came is the greatest fucking thing ever

City, Duke lacrosse players settle

Huge Question concerning the attempt by millions of patriots to overthrow our govt. today..

Charlie Rangel Reflects on a Race Not Going His Way

Heavy fighting breaks out in Libya as troops storm militias in Benghazi

As I read 100 Years of Solitude I am struck by two facts...

TeaBaggers rally under a new flag!!!

To all the teabaggers complaining about the weather in DC today, 2 words:

Music is a universal language

Full moon

Prominent Wikileaks Supporter Rallies To Overthrow Government

Rep. Pelosi: Appoint Alan Grayson to Bengaggy committee

New York Senate Democrats seek statewide ban on fracking waste

Human zoo challenges racism ‘amnesia’

Free subscription to Popular Photography

What would you do if your SO forbade you from going to a bachelorette party?

The Germans Are Coming!

On Real Time with Bill Maher tonight: Dr. Robert Lustig, Ian Bremmer, Kellyanne Conway,

Blowback: Why Getting Tough on Russia over Ukraine Might Backfire

Rush Limbaugh named kids' Author of the Year

Emilia Clark's next projects.

Rare footage shows FDR walking to seat at 1937 All Star game..

Sharpton is covering the OperationAmericanSpring

Rev. Al leads with "Greatest No-Show on Earth"

"It’s Now the Canadian Dream"

“This Is What a Holy Sh*t Moment for Global Warming Looks Like”

Preakness Stakes PP's and my picks

Billions seen at White House.

For all you ASAHers with planets and ascendants in Scorpio

"Jarrett sees immigration, wage bills getting done"

Latest from Cra-cra teabagger ustream; caller says there is a large convoy

Is The Republican Party On A Collision Course With Their Allies At Big Insurance Over Climate Change

BREAKING: Ark. Supreme Court Halts Marriage Equality

Dozens Instead of Millions Show Up For Operation American Spring (Talk Radio News)

Wells Fargo Center Tickets: Can they add any more fees and charges?

Donate $50 or more to FAIR and get a free copy of Glenn Greenwald's new book

De Blasio administration reverses course on green cabs

Police investigate homeless man burnt alive in Colombia’s capital

Colombia defense ministry denies army continues to execute civilians

Millionaires support raising taxes on themselves

Shocking Image of How Wind Farms Ruin the Landscape

Zuluaga continues to skyrocket in new poll

Senator Ball not running again. Good!!!

Siemens plans electrolyzer system to store wind power as hydrogen.

NRC: Indian Point workers mishandled spent nuclear fuel

OAS Parade Slips By Town Unnoticed Once Again

WHERE YOU AT? - for your snarking pleasure

Thought I'd share these,

Where was the fearless leader Col. Riley? l

16-year-old transgender girl has been imprisoned in solitary for a month without criminal charges

Operation American Spring organizer FB posts: racist, sexist, tricornered hat, kids w/guns, CT...

"I'm Still Here" (stolen from GD)

What is Lloyd Blankfein even saying here?

Officials: Man admits being 'Blind Faith' killer

A New Length for Men's Shorts

NY unemployment falls to five-plus year low

Immigration Activists Crash Boehner/Cantor/Coffman Fundraiser

Prominent Oklahoma Republican Caught With Cocaine and Pills

30,000,000 patriots arrive in Washington DC disguised as empty folding chairs!

US ionospheric research facility to close ... Unless a new patron emerges, HAARP will be dismantled

American Spring: The Aftermath

And from our fearless leader:

Florida burglars break into Joey Fatone's home dressed as ninjas

Rain's over!

Florida couple fake kidnapping to cover up crack binge

China Targets 70 Gigawatts of Solar Power to Cut Coal Reliance

High school prank about "mandatory vagina inspection." Ha ha ha . . . /sarcasm

Palin bashes Obama for using social media. Via her Facebook page.

Why does Tweety always step on David Corn?

Animal groups agree to pay nearly $16M to Ringling Brothers

Putting the cart before the horse...

Why Small Modular Reactors Are Part of the Problem, Not the Solution - new report by Mark Cooper

#tbt Nuclear Power - More Cutaways then ever...

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free,”--A Libertarian's

Harley Brown a real clown

What was he really up to?

"Too few Anglican women involved in decision-making processes"