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Environment & Energy (Group)

This is a group, not a forum. Groups often serve as safe havens for members who share similar interests and viewpoints. Individuals who post messages contrary to a particular group's stated purpose can be excluded from posting in that group. For detailed information about this group and its purpose, click here.
Title of discussion thread Replies Author Start time Last reply Recs Views
The E/E pocket reference guide [View all] 82 Dead_Parrot Feb 2012 Tuesday 40 82966
Poll: Should Deniers Be Allowed To Post In E&E? (Poll) [View all] 116 hatrack Jun 2014 Jan 2023 16 77443
EV fast charging station tells you when its power is at its cheapest and greenest 10 Think. Again. 5 hrs ago 10 min ago 4 324
Trucking's hydrogen future nears reality overseas 15 Caribbeans Yesterday 4 hrs ago 2 388
How Antarctica's 'landfast' ice is dwindling and why that's bad news 0 Think. Again. 20 hrs ago 20 hrs ago 9 317
Woman pours water on former Alabama rep's head in protest at hearing over EPA toxic coal ash storage 3 OKIsItJustMe Friday 20 hrs ago 5 377
So, is there any account of the huge death toll from the tritium release at Fukushima? 5 NNadir Yesterday 21 hrs ago 2 448
Some (Very) Moderately Good Environmental News. 0 NNadir Yesterday Yesterday 5 434
October 2022 NYT article on how the Dutch are dealing with drought and saltwater intrusion 0 highplainsdem Yesterday Yesterday 6 274
The Effect of High Temperatures on Carbon Sequestration in Natural Wetlands. 0 NNadir Yesterday Yesterday 3 115
A Sankey Graphic on the Origins of Agricultural Methane in China. 0 NNadir Yesterday Yesterday 3 224
I would like to post parts of a very serious interview 3 Brenda Friday Yesterday 1 363
A Synergy to Save the World? UK's Massive Holdings of Civil Plutonium and Romania's CANDU reactors. 0 NNadir Friday Friday 3 247
University of Illinois: Sustainable energy for aviation: What are our options? 4 OKIsItJustMe Friday Friday 3 304
This Researcher Captured Air from the Amazon in Dive-Bombs--And Found Grim Clues...the Forest Is Dying 2 OKIsItJustMe Friday Friday 3 314
Reuters: Biden's IRA drives surge in US imports of Chinese used cooking oil 4 OKIsItJustMe Friday Friday 4 353
Duke University: Water Depth is Key for Boosting CO2 Storage in Southern Peatlands 0 OKIsItJustMe Friday Friday 3 183
Antarctica is missing a chunk of sea ice bigger than Greenland 8 Think. Again. Friday Friday 13 398
Summary Dismissal Of Charges Against Three Anishinaabe Line 3 Protesters 3 hatrack Friday Friday 9 270
Reuters: Ethanol groups slam US EPA advisors for report on fuel's 'minimal' climate benefit 17 OKIsItJustMe Thursday Friday 0 370
Airbus PR: Airbus Direct Air Capture team reaches the finals of the German Future Prize 0 OKIsItJustMe Friday Friday 0 225
Reuters: Island nations blame rich countries for climate inaction at UN assembly 3 OKIsItJustMe Friday Friday 4 154
NASA Earth Observatory - Image of the Day for September 21, 2023: Storm Aftermath in Derna, Libya 0 OKIsItJustMe Friday Friday 1 250
Reuters: California lets insurers factor wildfire risks in rates to widen coverage 0 OKIsItJustMe Friday Friday 2 174
Reuters: S.Africa's Sasol awaits outcome on sulphur dioxide emissions proposal 0 OKIsItJustMe Friday Friday 1 139
Saltwater Wedge Moving Upstream On The Mississippi; 64 Miles Above The Mouth 6 hatrack Friday Friday 11 614
Reuters: Cattle graze in dry reservoirs as drought grips Istanbul 0 OKIsItJustMe Friday Friday 2 164
The remarkable rise of California's grid battery capacity 4 Think. Again. Friday Friday 14 413
Reuters: EU countries agree proposal on new Euro 7 car emissions regulation 0 OKIsItJustMe Friday Friday 1 160
The Independent: Anne told about car plant's plan to go fully electric after Sunak's eco rollback 0 OKIsItJustMe Friday Friday 1 195
Xpost from LBN: UAE oil company executives working with Cop28 team, leak reveals 0 OKIsItJustMe Friday Friday 3 137
DeSantis: Make EVs More Expensive, Drill/Dig/Burn, And He'll "Lower" Gas To $2.00/Gallon 7 hatrack Friday Friday 7 397
Reuters: TotalEnergies to invest $300 million in joint venture with Adani Green Energy 1 OKIsItJustMe Thursday Friday 1 234
Exclude fossil fuel firms from Cop28 if they only want to obstruct, says ex-UN chief 2 Eugene Friday Friday 4 192
'We're in a place to win the battle': Kerry sounds hopeful note on climate (with a big 'if') - Ayman 1 Rhiannon12866 Friday Friday 3 231
The Guardian: Swedish government faces backlash after slashing climate budget 1 OKIsItJustMe Friday Friday 4 241
Reuters: Shell seeks partners for renewable assets in India 5 OKIsItJustMe Thursday Friday 1 190
In 7 Years, 1/4 Of America's AQ Gains Since 2000 Undone By Smoke From Wildfires 3 hatrack Thursday Friday 2 222
Record low Antarctic sea ice is another alarming sign .... 2 Think. Again. Thursday Friday 5 254
Reuters: Europe's power industry warns ageing grids risk green goals 1 OKIsItJustMe Thursday Thursday 1 131
Reuters: China, India lead Asia's biggest hydropower crunch in decades 3 OKIsItJustMe Thursday Thursday 1 235
Reuters: UK net zero policies: What do changes mean? 0 OKIsItJustMe Thursday Thursday 0 135
Lithium-ion battery fire in California energy storage facility 6 Caribbeans Thursday Thursday 4 325
Xpost from LBN: UN chief laments 'naked greed' of fossil fuel interests, countries criticize big po... 0 OKIsItJustMe Thursday Thursday 2 149
Edmunds answers the most asked questions from first-time EV buyers 6 littlemissmartypants Wednesday Thursday 2 400
Sunak Jettisons Climate Goals, Managing To Unite Greens And Auto Manfacturers Against Him 11 hatrack Thursday Thursday 5 382
Reuters: Germany passes law to make energy savings compulsory 1 OKIsItJustMe Thursday Thursday 3 229
Biden launches Climate Corps; pairs new jobs with climate, infrastructure work - Ayman - MSNBC 2 Rhiannon12866 Thursday Thursday 6 280
Jellyfish, Anemones, Sponges Also Bleaching In Florida's Record Ocean Heat 5 hatrack Thursday Thursday 5 274
Reuters: Climeworks eyes Kenya project to capture carbon dioxide from air 1 OKIsItJustMe Thursday Thursday 2 335
The Magic of Lithium Battery Recycling. 1 NNadir Wednesday Wednesday 7 458
Crosspost from Video & Multimedia: Humanity has 'opened gates of hell' says UN Secretary General 0 OKIsItJustMe Wednesday Wednesday 3 250
AP: Lots of indoor farms are shutting down as their businesses struggle. So why are more being built 6 OKIsItJustMe Tuesday Wednesday 5 444
John Kerry addresses the Nuclear Policy Summit. 1 NNadir Wednesday Wednesday 5 252
Wildfire smoke is eroding decades of air quality improvements, study finds 2 mahatmakanejeeves Wednesday Wednesday 4 359
UN: 'No nonsense' Climate Ambition Summit: What you need to know 3 OKIsItJustMe Tuesday Wednesday 2 197
Edward Teller's Startlingly Accurate Take On Atmospheric CO2/Climate From 1959 1 hatrack Wednesday Wednesday 19 408
Federal Appeals Court Heard Arguments Today in Law Enforcement Brutality at Backwater Bridge at Stan 0 douglas9 Wednesday Wednesday 6 261
U.N. Climate Ambition Summit -TODAY (with links to livestreams) 0 Think. Again. Wednesday Wednesday 2 183
Reuters: UN chief puts spotlight on 'movers,' excludes US, China at climate summit 1 OKIsItJustMe Wednesday Wednesday 2 264
Reuters: Extreme plankton bloom creates marine 'dead zone' off eastern Thailand 1 OKIsItJustMe Wednesday Wednesday 3 215
James Hansen et. al: Global Warming is Accelerating. Why? Will We Fly Blind? 0 OKIsItJustMe Wednesday Wednesday 7 300
Exxon doubles down on carbon capture, this time with direct air capture of CO2 on top of CCS. 6 Eugene Tuesday Tuesday 2 396
The Unexpected New Winners in the Global Energy War 3 question everything Tuesday Tuesday 4 423
Revealed: top carbon offset projects may not cut planet-heating emissions 2 Eugene Tuesday Tuesday 2 262
NASA Earth Observatory Image of the Day for September 18: Melting on Humboldt Glacier (Greenland) 2 OKIsItJustMe Tuesday Tuesday 5 405
Join Climate Week NYC!, Livestream Links, Day 2... 4 Think. Again. Tuesday Tuesday 2 252
Reuters: Silfab to set up solar cell factory in South Carolina 1 OKIsItJustMe Tuesday Tuesday 3 266
Crosspost from LBN: Rishi Sunak considering weakening key green policies 1 OKIsItJustMe Tuesday Tuesday 3 284
Reuters: France to seek minimum price for flights in Europe 2 OKIsItJustMe Tuesday Tuesday 1 363
Reuters: Maritime industry explores nuclear power for ships as technology opens up 2 OKIsItJustMe Tuesday Tuesday 3 269
CLEAN CARS, HIDDEN TOLL: EV makers' use of Chinese suppliers raises concerns about forced labor 2 mahatmakanejeeves Tuesday Tuesday 4 288
Miami Will Likely See 134 Days/Year +/- 100F Heat Index By 2050; 660K New Metro Residents 2010-20 4 hatrack Tuesday Tuesday 7 393
Green sea turtles are making a comeback south of Los Angeles 1 sl8 Tuesday Tuesday 7 273
The first Jeep, Dodge, and Ram EVs set to arrive next year 5 Think. Again. Monday Tuesday 5 406
"We'll Just Plant Trees"- How Did Monoculture "Reforestation" Work Out For Canada? 28 hatrack Sep 16 Tuesday 79 2638
BBC: Antarctic sea-ice at 'mind-blowing' low alarms experts 7 OKIsItJustMe Monday Tuesday 11 300
Study finds human-driven mass extinction is eliminating entire branches of the tree of life 10 Jim__ Monday Tuesday 17 613
phys.org: Remote work can slash your carbon footprint, if done right 2 DBoon Monday Tuesday 5 315
From Sun to Power: China's Green Hydrogen Journey in Xinjiang 2 Caribbeans Monday Tuesday 1 221
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