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Gender: Male
Hometown: Wilmington, DE
Home country: United States
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 2,049

Journal Archives

The undecided voters on CNN

From Arizona, seem to be leaning in our direction if I interpret their comments correctly. Many of them seem stoked that we'd have a woman of color as a VP candidate. We shall see as they are tracking their reactions....

The Space Force Chief has COVID

Now L. A. is vulnerable to a Cylon attack. Way to go Typhoid Trump [link:http://|

Trump: I've gotten a real education

... unlike Trump University

But seriously... 210,000 people dead, freezer trucks holding bodies, doctors pleading for help on TV.... None of that was enough for him to take it seriously?

Putin lives in a bubble; Trump stayed in public

From CNN. I guess someone had to stay safe in order to run our country

Over months of the coronavirus pandemic, US President Donald Trump has kept to a busy schedule, packed with campaign rallies and public events. The contrast with Russian President Vladimir Putin could not be more stark: The authoritarian leader Trump admires so much is living in a bubble.


Hope Hicks Resigns (1st time on SNL)


Hope Hicks should resign

Again. Like on SNL:

My yard signs finally came!!

I ordered two of them the day Kamala was announced as his running mate. A friend in a Philly suburb (Media, PA) was complaining about not being able to find a Biden sign, so I told him he could have one of them. Giving it to him tomorrow. The other is going in my Wilmington, DE front yard. Only one other person has a sign in my neighborhood and it's a Trump/Pence yard sign. But I live in a heavily-Democratic area, so it's good here.

Activity to Simulate Schizophrenia

I took part in an awareness activity that simulated what it was like to have schizophrenia. In the activity, we were supposed to have a conversation with a partner while a third person spoke through a paper towel tube into our ear---constantly saying strange and negative things ("You're a failure! He's laughing at you! You make no sense! Why are you even here?"

It reminded me of Trump leaning over on his podium, blithering on and on while Biden was trying to answer questions. Super-distracting. At least Biden could be sure that there was a visible explanation for the voices in his head. The source was the asshole POTUS. If that's any consolation.....

What are "personal taxes"?

That Trump's people say he has been paying? Sales taxes? On all the crap he buys for his golf clubs & hotels--and then books them full of people seeking favors?

I think he better call.....


SNL addressed Trump's finances

When they presented his first press conference (with Alec Baldwin). At 4:20, his "tax attorney" comes on. Makes me laugh hard every time I see it.....

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