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Delarage's Journal
Delarage's Journal
May 25, 2024

Just waved to the President

President Biden's motorcade just went by me on his way home..... Everyone was driving slowly so I waved and smiled. I love seeing him around... And I hope they saw me!

February 27, 2024

SNL: Limu Emu

The Doug & Emu visits they cover up:


February 19, 2024

SNL: Home Videos

I found this to be hilarious:


November 18, 2023

Queensryche & Dream Theater: Won't Get Fooled Again

I love Queensryche.... and this cover they did with Dream Theater


September 5, 2023

I yelled at a Trumper

Driving to Asbury Park, NJ to see a Southside Johnny show on Saturday (and ended up seeing Bruce Springsteen at MetLife Stadium near NYC on Sunday).

Anyway.....traffic was slow going under an overpass. At the top of the overpass was a giant RV all decked out in Trump flags and various Trump clown car crap. There was a car behind the RV above us and a guy was also standing there. Not sure if they had car trouble or were gathering there on purpose...or what. However, since traffic was moving slow I had time to think of something to say.

Rolled down the window and shouted "Lock him up! He's a fucking traitor! A FUCKING TRAITOR!"

He stood there and looked at me as I shouted, no real reaction. My friend thought he might throw something when we emerged from the other side of the underpass, so I slowed way down (we were already creeping along) and let space develop so I could accelerate quickly out of throwing reach at least. He did not do anything. But I felt better!

August 15, 2023

Psychedelic Furs: Heartbreak Beat

Having an 80's flashback......


August 3, 2023

People sitting in running cars

In parking lots. I'm always surprised at how many I see as I walk back to my car. Usually they're sitting there on their phones (note: this sentence is why English is hard to learn). But back to my point: why don't they go in and wait in the lobby or go with whoever they're waiting for?

June 30, 2023

Market Manipulation for Republican Gain

So much for the so-called belief in "free markets." DeSatan and the Saudis seem to have the same idea (just in time for 2024):

It seems the Saudis are cutting production to raise fuel prices (which will lead to the inevitable "I did this" stickers.


It seems DeSatan is cracking down on migrant workers, which will raise produce prices, which they will blame on "out of control" inflation (currently NOT out-of-control).



The Labor Department reported the consumer price index (CPI) rose 4% year-over-year in May. That’s well off the 4.9% gain in April and a touch below the 4.1% figure economists were expecting.

This is only the latest sign that the Federal Reserve is making solid progress in its ongoing battle against inflation. CPI inflation hit a 40-year high of 9.1% in June 2022, and it has been steadily falling over the past 12 months.
June 25, 2023

Thoughts on Appoquel

For dog allergy issues. My lab mix had a very uncomfortable allergy issue in late spring. I home cook for her and hasn't had such an issue before (a relatively minor allergy issue last spring). So vet thinks it's something seasonal. Used up the Appoquel and was fine for about 5 weeks, now scratching again.

A friend told me Appoquel might be dangerous and suppresses the immune system. Her dog got a shot of Cytopoint and responded equally as well (the Appoquel seemed to act immediately and within a few days all her scratched up skin was returning to normal).

Has anyone tried either or know anything more about their affects? I want her to be comfortable but don't want to kill her, either! Both are expensive, of course.

June 19, 2023

Leaving for Denver on Tuesday

And I have made some plans:

A co-worker and I (out of a group of 7) are using a car-sharing thing to pick up a car at the airport, then making a bee-line to Rocky Mountain National Park (day pass already purchased). We will get there after the timed entry period is over, so hopefully won't be too big of a line to get in. Driving up Trail Ridge Road, stopping at Alpine Visitor Center, then trying to catch the sunset/stargaze. Then we haul ass back to the airport and get a ride to the hotel in the Denver Tech Center.

On Wednesday, we are considering catching a soccer game.

Thursday is open---may go to Linger Restaurant (located in a former mortuary) then hang out on Larimer Square and/or the 16th Street Mall.

Friday: Widespread Panic concert at Red Rocks

Saturday: Flight back home leaves at crack of dawn, so will probably be running on 2 hours of sleep.

Should be tiring but fun!

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