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Gender: Male
Hometown: Wilmington, DE
Home country: United States
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 2,097

Journal Archives

I'm glad the Patriots are losing

To Buffalo and are out of it. Not sure why they though Cam Newton would be functional. Ever since he failed to jump on the fumble in that Super Bowl, I've had doubts about him. He can wear his fancy hats and chew his blue gum with his mouth open as much as he wants. As long as the Pats lose.

The Little Drummer Boy--Harry Simeone Chorale


Always gets me.....

O Holy Night--Kris Allen


I actually won tickets to this tour in Wilmington (at The Queen, aka Joe's Wilmington HQ) and it was great

Strange "Epoch Times" related caravan in Delaware today

I was driving near the Hagley Museum (down the road from where Kamala Harris recently stayed) and saw a bunch of State Troopers at the intersection. I figured it was Biden's motorcade going by (again) but it was actually a 20-or-so vehicle caravan of minivans and SUVs with giant signs on top saying "ENDCCP.COM" and then Chinese writing under it. A couple vehicles had "Source of the Coronavirus" under the ENDCCP.COM, instead of the Chinese writing. All the vehicles were from New York or California.

I went to the website and it had a bunch of legitimate complaints about the Chinese Communist Party mixed in with possible conspiracy theories (spying via 5g technology). The only politicians I saw noted were Scott Perry R-Florida and a big ol' picture of Ronny Raygun.

Has anyone else seen this?

Link to a crappy picture of caravan cars from Google (sorry it's blurry):


Van Halen III (again)

I've completed my analysis of Van Halen III (with Gary Cherone) and I've decided that he was drastically under-appreciated and that the problem with the album they created was horrible production (it was produced by Mike Post, best known for TV show themes--such as Law & Order). I watched the whole concert that they filmed in Australia and it totally rocked---the band was sharp and Gary provided a very visible burst of energy. Fans seemed to love the tour. Gary did not have the hang-ups about singing Sammy & Dave's stuff (they apparently wouldn't or couldn't sing each others' stuff). So, free from the drama the band rocked all eras. I wish I could've seen this tour. Studio songs sounded MUCH better live (for example, Without You below--studio and live; I love this song live and would've turned the video off a few seconds in--I especially like the little Beatles deal at the end). They should've kept him and never, never, never should have thought of getting rid of Michael Anthony.


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